Book VII

Susan Jane (Damron) and Henry Anderson

The Ancestry of Robert Warren Anderson


Family Photographs

Across the South fromVirginia toSouthern Illinois

·  Lawrence and Dorothy Dameron

·  Revolutionary War Patriot, George Dameron

·  Susan Jane Dameron Anderson

·  Henry Anderson

·  Mary Margaret Walker

·  Robert Lee Anderson

·  Robert Warren Anderson

·  Jeffrey Lee Anderson

·  Tristan Lee Anderson

·  Descendants of Lee and Belle (Moyer) Anderson


                        The Moyers of  Switzerland

·  Peter Moyer

·  George Wiley Moyer

·  William Henry Moyer

·  John Windell Moyer

·  Isabelle Moyer Anderson, The Cherokee Connection


Lewis Gulley of  Hawkins County, Tennessee

         ·  Lewis Gulley

·  George W. Gulley

·  Diana GulleyDavis

·  Alice Augusta “Gusta”Davis Moyer


                        James Nugent, Fugitive from Ireland

·  James Nugent

·  Mary Mathilda Nugent Davis, a Clue to the Cherokee


                        The Harringtons

·  Phillip Whitehall Herrington

·  John Franklin Harrington

·  William David Harrington

·  A Love Story

·  Mary Catherine Wynne Harrington

·  Dolores Blanche Harrington Anderson Velde


                        The Wynnes and Prentices

·  Alan Wynne, Died at Sea

·  Joseph Potswell Wynne

·  Robert J. Wynne

·  Zachariah Prentice

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