Lewis Gulley

Of Hawkins County, Tennessee

Lewis Gulley may have come to Tennessee from Johnson County, North Carolina.  At least the similarity in Gulley names and dates in that county and Hawkins County would lead one to believe so.

Lewis Gulley purchased 100 acres of land in Hawkins County on 26 AUG 1805, for $200, on the waters of Robertson's Creek.  He later bought 23 acres more adjoining this property on 21 MAY 1810 for $100.  On 10 APR 1811, he picked up an additional acreage for $75 on the same creek.

Some of the land was sold off in 1852 by Lewis Gulley's four sons:

            Pleasant N.;

            Willey R.;

            Alfred J.; and

            GEORGE W. GULLEY.

The 1830 federal census for Hawkins County, TN, lists two familiar families in close proximity:

  • Lewis Gulley: one male between 40-50 years; one male between 15-20; two males between 10-15; and one male between 5-10. Plus, one female, between 40-50; and one female between 10-15.
  • John Arnott, one male between 40-50; two males between 15-20; two males between 10-15.  Plus, one female between 40-50; one female between 15-20; two females between 5-10.

A son of Lewis Gulley and a daughter of John Arnott will eventually marry.

The 1840 federal census for Hawkins County, TN, lists four familiar families in close proximity:

  • Lewis Gulley: one male between 50-60; two males between 20-30; one male between 15-20; and one male between 5-10.  Plus one female between 40-50. No female children at home.
  • Son George W. Gulley is now married and head of own household:  One male, between 20-30; one male under 5. Plus one female between 20-30; two females under 5.
  • John Arnott: one male between 50-60; and three males between 20-30. Plus one female between 500-60 and one female between 15-20.
  • Living very nearby we have an Eli Davis: one male between 40-50; one male between 10-15; and one male between 5-10. Plus one female between 30-40; one female between 5-10; and one female under 5.

I am wondering if our Briant Davis could be a son of this Eli.  No way of knowing at this point.

The following was posted on an Ancestry.com message board (written to someone other than me):


I don't have an exact match for you, but here's what I've learned during the past year.

  • Lewis was born in 1783, lived and died in Hawkins County TN, probably in or near Bulls Gap. He may have been born in Johnston City NC. He died about 1849.
  • Lewis was married to Jane Rolin (Rowland?) and their children were Pleasant, Willey, Alfred J. (my gg-grandfather) and George Gulley. Alfred J. moved to Bledsoe County TN, and was a farmer there. He married Elizabeth Mooney.
  • Lewis's father was probably John Gulley, who was born 1725- 1740, possibly in Edgecombe-Northampton NC area. His wife was Martha. He died in 1793, probably in Johnston County NC.
  • John's sibling's included Robert (d.1814, married Sally Bridges - offspring possibly included Mead Gulley, whose offspring probably included Lazarus). John's siblings also included William Gulley (1736-37, died in Duplin County NC in 1822, married Bathany Hinnant), and possibly also Elizabeth Gulley.
  • His father may have been another William Gulley, born about 1704.

I'm descended from this Lewis, and have visited the Gulley Cemetery in Bulls Gap. Many of the graves are marked by simple rocks and stones, and many of the more formal gravestones from this time period are illegible.


I received the following e-mail, April 14, 2002 which I have taken as my source for Lewis Gulley's marriage:

I am writing on behalf of my cousin Joyce Miller who is a descendant of Lewis Gulley and Jane Rowland who were married in Wake Co, NC per Ancestry.com: Spouse: Gulley, Lewis; Rowland, Jane; Marriage Date: 14 Feb 1807.

Joyce is descended from their son Pleasant Nathan. I see from your entry at Ancestry you needed the marriage for Lewis.

                                                                                                                        Win Wood    

George W. Gulley

Our line is descended from Lewis Gulley’s son George.  George W. Gulley is listed as a blacksmith, age 39, in the 1850 census for Hawkins Co., TN.  He was born in 1811 in that county.  His wife Anna, daughter of James Arnott of Hawkins County, is 38 -- born in 1810.

George and Anna Gulley have six children in 1850:

            DIANA, 14;

            Eliza, 10;

            Margaret, 8;

            Martha, 6;

            Nancy, 4; and

            Elizabeth, two.

The Gulleys were also listed in the 1860 census for Overton Co., TN.

George and Anna Gulley and their daughter and son-in-law, George and Dianna Davis, removed to southern Illinois.

1870 federal census, Glendale precinct, township 12, range 5, Pope County, Illinois:

            George W. Gulley, 59, farmer, born Tennessee;

            Anna, 58, keeping house, born Virginia;

            Nancy J., 22, no occupation, born Tennessee;

            Casander, 18, F, no occupation, born Tennessee;

            Caroline, 16, at home, born Tennessee.

We find George Gulley in the 1880 census for Pope Co., IL.  He is listed as 69 years old, white, widowed, a farmer, born in Tennessee, both his parents having been born in North Carolina.  The following children are part of the old man's household:

            Eliza, 38;

            Trissa, 23;

            John, 27; and

            Alonzo Davis, 7, a grandson.

It would seem that Alonzo was the son of George and Dianna (Gulley) Davis.  We know that the couple had at least one daughter, as well:  ALICE AUGUSTA DAVIS.  It was Alice Augusta who later married John W. Moyers of Golconda, Pope Co., IL.

John W. and Alice Augusta Moyers were, of course, the parents of Belle Moyers.

Burial records for the Glendale Cemetery, Pope Co., where Diana Gulley Davis is buried also listed several Gulleys -- none of whom match up with the children listed above. 

The entire George and Anna (Arnott) Gulley family were:

            Diana, born 8 JUL 1835;

            Eliza Jane, born 14 JUL 1839;

            Margaret, born 19 SEP 1841;

            Martha A., born 28 NOV 1843;

            Nancy J., born 9 MAR 1845;

            Elizabeth, born about 1848;

            Trissa, born about 1857;

            Cassandra Parlee, born 6 MAR 1851;

            John Lorenzo, born 20 MAR 1856.

Diana Gulley Davis

Diana Gulley was born 8 JUL 1835 in Tennessee; married 5 SEP 1854 George Washington Davis in Hawkins County, TN; and died 11 MAR 1873 at Pope County, IL, age 37 years, eight months, and three days. Source:  Burial records, Pope Co., IL. Marriage date from Hawkins County Tennessee Marriage Records --1854.

Don Anderson of Metropolis, IL, notes in 1996 that Diana Arbell Gulley, according to family tradition, was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian. 

Other researchers (GenCircles: Cindy's Southern Roots) have listed Diana's middle name as "Darthula"

George and Dianna (Gulley) Davis moved to southern Illinois, by way of Overton County, TN, at the same time that Dianna's parents, George and Anna (Arnott) Gulley re-located there. -- sometime between 1860 and 1861.

1860 federal census for Oakhill, Overton County, TN:

            George Davis, 27,

            Dianah, 24,

            Mary A., 4, and

            Alice A., 3.

Also, next door:

            George W. Gulley, 50, blacksmith, born TN;

            Anna, 41, born VA;

            Robert, 21, born TN;

            Eliza J., 20, born TN;

            Margaret, 18, born TN;

            Martha A., 16, born TN;

            Nancy, 14, born TN;

            Cassandra, 7;

            Caroline, 6; and

            John L., 4.

1870 federal census for Glendale Precinct, Pope County, IL:

            George Davis, 35, farmer, born TN

            Dianna, 35, born TN

            Mary A., 14, born TN

            ALICE A., 12, born TN

            Manon J., male, 9, born IL (making family's arrival in Illinois about 1861)

            Robert W., 4, born IL

            Emma J., 11/12ths, born IL.


            George W. Gulley, 59, born TN

            Anna, 58, born VA

            Nancy J., 22, born TN

            Cassander, 18, born TN

            Caroline, 16, born TN

            no John?

1880 federal census for Union precinct, Pope County, IL:

            George W. Gully, 69, born about 1811, born in TN, both parents born in North Carolina;

            Eliza, 38, daughter, keeping house;

            Trissa, 23, daughter,

            John (He's Back), 22, and

            Alonzo Davis, 7, grandson, born in Illinois. 

We will learn more of George W. Davis family in a moment.  First let’s follow his daughter, Alice.

Alice Augusta “Gusta” Davis Moyer

Aged Widow Died Last Sunday Night:  April 28, 1926 edition, Republican Herald, Metropolis, IL

Mrs. Gusta Moyer, widow, died at her home, 1007 East Fifth Street, at 11:30 o'clock Sunday night.  Funeral services were delayed until today pending the arrival of a son from Baltimore, MD.  The funeral arrangements were in charge of W.P. Baynes.  Rev. Roy Kelthley conducted religious services.  Burial was in Odd Fellows cemetery.

Mrs. Moyer was born October 3, 1858, and was sixty-seven years, six months and twenty days old at time of death.  She leaves three sons and three daughters, namely:  K. Moyer of Chicago, Barny, living in California, John Baltimore, MD, Mrs. Lee Anderson and Mrs. Will Hayes, both of Metropolis, and Mrs. Nola Jones of Pekin, IL.

Wednesday, May 5, 1926, the Republican Herald, Metropolis, IL

Mr. and Mrs. John Moyer of Baltimore, Md., who were here to attend the funeral of Mrs. Gusta Moyer, returned home Saturday.

K.A. Moyer of Chicago, who was here last week to attend the funeral of Mrs. Gusta Moyer, returned home Thursday.

Mrs. Nola Jones of Pekin, Ill., who attended the funeral of her mother, Mrs. Gusta Moyer, returned home Saturday.

Card of  Thanks

We wish to thank the many kind friends and neighbors for courtesies and sympathy extended us in our great bereavement in the death of our beloved mother, Mrs. Gusta Moyer.  We especially wish to thank the minister for his comforting words of love and hope; the singers of the beautiful songs; those who gave flowers, the many for use of cars and all who in any way so tenderly and lovingly attempted to lighten our sorrow.  We will always remember you with gratitude:

            Curran Moyer, Chicago

            Barney Moyer, San Francisco

            John Moyer, Baltimore, MD.

            Mrs. Harry Jones, Pekin, IL.

            Mrs. Lee Anderson, Metropolis

            Mrs. Will Hayes, Metropolis

"Gustie" Davis is listed in the Pope County, Illinois marriage records as marrying John W. Moyers on 25 JUN 1882.

Alice Augusta's date of death is recorded in her daughter Belle Moyers Anderson's Bible -- 25 APR 1926.  Alice Augusta's husband, John Windell Moyers had died 23 years earlier on 15 SEPT 1903 (same source). 

Let’s take a jump back and catch another limb of the Family Tree – that of the Nugents.  Then we will see how they graft into the Davis and Gulley clans.

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