The Descendants

of Lee and Belle (Moyer) Anderson

John D., born 24 OCT 1910, Metropolis, Massac County, IL; married Dot (I think); couple did not have children; John D. died FEB 1966 at Metropolis.

Robert Lee, born 17 AUG 1912 at Metropolis; married 12 AUG 1933 Dolores Blanche Harrington; died 7 APR 1946 Chicago, Cook County, IL.  Children:

            Mary Elizabeth (Beth), born APR 1935; married first Richard Grinder; second Clem Osika; and third Stanley Amerski.  Beth and Richard Grinder were the    parents of:

                        Richard “Rick”, lives in the Northwest, has one daughter:

                                    Janelle, born about 1987;

                        Deborah, husband’s name unknown, has two sons:

                                    Robert, born about 1975;

                                    Eric, born about 1978;

                        Barbara Kay, husband’s name unknown, has two daughters:

                                    Kristen, born about 1980;

                                    Jennifer, born about 1983;

                        Beth Lyn married Tony Carl; couple has one daughter:

                                    Hannah, born about 1996.

            Dolores Isabel, born 15 FEB 1939; died about 1941;

            Robert Warren, born28 OCT 1942,Baltimore,MD; married first11 JUL 1964 Dianne Bartelle Shullaw; married second 1 APR 1977 Rosemarie Nasti. Bob and Dianne were the parents of:

                        Alice Katherine, born24 NOV 1964; died25 NOV 1964,Carbondale, Jackson County, IL;

                        Jeffrey Lee, born21 MAR 1968,Elmendorf AFB Hospital, Anchorage, AK; Jeff is the father of:

                                    Tristan Lee, born 4 DEC 1995 atAnchorage,AK.

            Bob and Rosemarie were the parents of:

                        David Lee, born 28 SEP 1981, Anchorage, AK.

Mary Alice, born 22 JUN 1914, Metropolis, IL; married a Mr. Haer and moved to the Baltimore, MD area.  She and husband were the parents of:




Norman Dale, born 9 NOV 1916, Metropolis, IL; Dale married and moved to Baltimore, MD.  Dale became involved in a county government scandal of some sort which involved Vice President Spiro Agnew. I believe Dale had a daughter named:


Harry Russell, born 12 MAY 1919 at Metropolis; died 29 APR 1988 at Metropolis. Harry was convicted of attempted murder as a young man and spent several years in the Menard prison in Illinois.  He learned the barbering trade and became a barber in Metropolis after his release.  He married later in life.  He and his wife had no issue.

William Donald, born 19 JAN 1924 at Metropolis; married 7 NOV 1924 Mary Elizabeth Sanders. Don and Mary were the parents of:

            Karen Lee “Kay”, born10 NOV 1946; married27 JAN 1967 William Raymond “Billy” Comer.  Billy and Kay are the parents of:


                        Kevin Bret, born19 JAN 1968 atPaducah, McCracken County,KY;

                        Brian Keith, born19 FEB 1970, atPaducah, married 16 DEC 1988 Pam  Jeffords.  Brian and Pam are the parents of:


                                    Benjamin Lee, born17 SEP 1989;

                                    Bradley Wayne, born 30 DEC 1994.


                        Kimberly Ann, born13 JUN 1974 atPaducah, married26 AUG 1998 William Scott “Scott” Jackson. Couple lives inPaducah.

            Donna Sue, married Keith F. Kossow;

            Beth Ann, married 23 APR 1982 Larry Clanahan.  Beth served two terms as Mayor of Metropolis).  Except for a brief interval, she has worked in the city hall since she was in high school.  Larry is an officer for the Illinois Department of  Corrections at the Dixon Springs Boot Camp. Couple are the parents of:

                        Chance Anderson Clanahan, born 21 FEB 1983;

                        Chase Austin Clanahan, 29 JUL 1987.

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