Mary Catherine Wynne Harrington

Mary Catherine Wynne married William David Harrington 28 NOV 1907. Their journey together is chronicled in William’s notes above. Mary Catherine died on 11 NOV 1940, when her daughter Dolores was 24 years old. 

Mary Catherine is buried at Canaan Church of God Cemetery, two miles from Temple Hill and the site of many old-fashioned campground religious revivals. Her husband William David is buried at Cole Springs Baptist Church cemetery at Temple Hill.  Her parents are buried at the Old Methodist Cemetery, "near Temple Hill."

At the time of her marriage to William David Harrington, Mary Catherine was the widow of James Reeves.  She had three daughters, one of whom was Nora Belle Reeves, born in 1900, who became Mrs. William (Nora) Hendrix.  Mary Catherine's family also called Temple Hill, Illinois, home.  We have no record of the names of other two daughters.


Mary Catherine Wynne, youngest and only daughter of Robert J. and Mary E. Wynne was born near Temple Hill, Pope County, IL on January 21, 1881.  Both her parents and several half-brothers and half-sisters have preceded her to the Glory Land.

On Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 1907, she was united in marriage to William D. Harrington, and to this union three boys were born: Ward Hamilton Harrington, William D. Harrington, Jr., and John Wynne Harrington; and three girls, True Marie Harrington, who died in early infancy, Dolores Blanche Harrington and June Theresa Harrington were born -- and were all present during the last hours of their mother who passed away Monday morning, November 11, at the home of her children in St. Louis, MO.

Becoming seriously ill the latter part of last May, Mrs. Harrington during the latter part of July was taken to the Fisher hospital where she was dismissed as beyond medical relief, and later taken to St. Louis and placed in the Josephine Heatkamp Memorial Hospital for observation and treatment, and from there to the home of a son and daughter where she was ministered to by devoted hands of her children, she passed to Eternal Rest on Monday morning last at 6:37 o'clock.

In her early childhood, Mrs. Harrington was converted and joined the Freewill Baptist Church, and in 1926 transferred her membership to the Universalist Church in Indiana where her husband was pastor.  Early in her life she was united in marriage to James Reeves, and one daughter, Mrs. Nora Hendrix, survives that union -- besides ten grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Mrs. Harrington is also survived by a half-brother, George W. Wynne of Carrier Mills, and a half-sister, Mrs. John F. Richardson of Temple Hill star route; and her aunt Miss Emily Wynne, of the Canaan Church neighborhood -- besides a number of nieces, nephews and a host of friends and more distant relatives.

Life to Mrs. Harrington was sweet, and she literally lived for her loved ones and in the sunshine of their love -- and her hands were ever busy in good works of every nature for those she loved in an abounding devotion full of good deeds and willing service.  The funeral will be conducted from the Canaan Church near Temple Hill, Thursday morning ten o'clock, Rev. Albert W. Hinners and Rev. Othmar Hill officiating. Interment in the church cemetery.

More of the Wynnes in a moment.  First William David and Mary Catherine (Wynne) Harrington’s daughter Dolores.

Dolores Blanche Harrington

Anderson Velde

Dolores Blanche Harrington was born 11 JUL 1916 at Beecher City, Effingham Co., IL.  She married Robert Lee Anderson of Metropolis, Massac Co., IL on 12 AUG 1933.  She was 17 years old.

The couple had three children, the middle child dying at the age of about two years old.

Bob and Dolores had been living in Baltimore, MD for eight years at the time of the birth of their son Bobby in 1942.  Therefore, they must have left Metropolis in about 1934. 

The little family returned to Illinois following World War II.  They were living in Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL at the time of Bob Anderson's death 7APR 1946.  Dolores was 29 years old.  Her daughter Beth was eleven, and son Bobby was three and a half.

The family was eventually to return to the east coast.  Dolores Anderson was employed as secretary to Judge Harold H. Velde of Tazewell County, IL.  When he was elected to the United States Congress, Dolores and children went to Washington D.C., where she was a staff member in the Congressman's office.  After the death of Congressman Velde's wife, Dolores married "The Judge."

Hal Velde was lovingly called "The Judge" by his step-children throughout his life.

Congressman Velde was the chairperson of the House Un-American Activities Committee at the time and was a close friend of Sen. Joseph McCarthy.

Daughter Beth married Richard Grinder when she was 16 years old.  The couple had four children -- Richard, Deborah, Barbara Kay, and Beth Lynn Grinder -- before their eventual divorce.

Son Bobby graduated from Anacostia High School in Washington D.C. and returned to Southern Illinois to attend college at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

After Bobby's married to Dianne Shullaw in 1964, Harold and Dolores Velde re-located to Chicago Heights, Cook Co., IL, and then to Lansing, Cook Co., IL, where Dianne had attended high school and where her mother still resided.

A year or so later, Beth (Anderson) Grinder, now divorced, arrived and settled in nearby Glenwood, Cook Co., IL with her four children.  Beth first married Clem Osika from the area, and later married Stan Amerski, also from the Chicago area.

The Amerskis now also live in Lansing.  Dianne's nieces, Debbie, Kay and Beth Lynn, all graduated from the same high school that she had attended, Thornton Fractional Township High School/South.

Harold and Dolores retired to Sun City, AZ where they were active in their Baptist Church and the Republican Party.  Harold received an appointment from President Ronald Reagan to the Commission on the Aging before his death in 1985.

Dolores returned to Illinois in 1989 to be close to daughter Beth's family.  She died quietly 18 DEC 1991, while a resident at a retirement home in South Holland, IL near Lansing.  Her daughter Beth and granddaughter Debbie were with her at the end.  Dolores had been diagnosed as having Alzheimer's disease.

Her remains were cremated.  Her children planned to disperse some of the ashes at the gravesite of her first husband Bob and some at the gravesite of her second husband Harold.

Dolores' daughter Beth is the romance author Elizabeth Anderson.  She has published several steamy novels, and seems to be enjoying life.  She and Stan Amerski are still married and living in Lansing (2006).

Alan Wynne

Died At Sea

Alan Wynne was the son of Charity Milner and the Welshman Joshua Wynne.  Alan had two brothers, Thomas and Robert.  Thomas Wynne married and became a wealthy planter in Mississippi. Two of his four children survived infancy, matured and married. Robert Wynne married and re-located to Brownsville, TN.  He and his wife had no children but they adopted brother Alan's daughter Adeline Wynne after her father's death.

Charity died 5 JAN 1841.  Her husband had died many years before.  The family lived in Louisburg, NC.

On 11 SEP 1825, Alan Wynne married Sophronia Josephine Poole, the only child of Joseph and Olive (Prentice) Poole of Petersburg, VA.  Alan was lost at sea about 1845 either from shipwreck or pirates in the Gulf of Mexico while returning from Texas to North Carolina. Sophronia died in Louisburg 14 JUN 1867.

Alan and Sophronia had six children:

            Adeline, born 2 APR 1827;

            JOSEPH POTSWELL, born 4 JUL 1828;

            Anne Helen, born 25 DEC 1829;

            GEORGE WASHINGTON, born 19 MAR 1831;

            James Chesley, born 25 NOV 1832; and

            William Winfield, born 9 MAY 1834.

Joseph Potswell Wynne is our ancestor.  But George Washington Wynne's children are responsible for the collecting of the Wynne genealogy available here.

G.W. was married twice -- Georgian Blanche Wynne Wiley was a child of his first marriage and George Bennett Wynne was a child of his second marriage.  Both were ardent family historians.

Joseph Potswell Wynne

Joseph Potswell Wynne, born 4 JUL 1828 was married twice and fathered ten children, including:

            ROBERT J., born 6 SEP 1851 (1843 on tombstone);

            James Alan, born 28 MAY 1857;

            Ida S., born 24 AUG 1865;

            Mary Ann, born 18 FEB 1867;

            Joseph Warren, born 13 MAY 1870; and

            Emily Jane, born 28 JAN 1873.

The remaining four children died in 1864 of pneumonia and typhoid fever shortly after their father moved to Illinois.

Robert J. Wynne

"Robert J. still lives in Metropolis, Illinois," writes family historian Georgian in 1901.  "His first wife was Miss Rosanna Cole who died leaving one son named George Washington.  His second wife was Miss Mary E. Hollifield, married 11 FEB 1880.  They have one child, Mary Catherine, who is now Mrs. William D. Harrington."  We do not know the name of Robert’s third wife, although family tradition says there was one.

Mary Hollifield Wynne’s 4 MAY 1925 obituary indicates that she was survived by her husband R. J. Wynne.  However, the dates on Wynne's tombstone say he lived between 1843 and 1920.

The obituary further informs us that "the death angel" called on Monday, May 4, in the "Canaan neighborhood".  Mary apparently died of old age, the article says, because she would have been 86 years old the coming June 3.  She was survived by her husband, R.J. Wynne; a daughter, Mrs. W.D. Harrington of Waltonville, IL; and Mrs. John Richardson of Karnak, IL.

Robert J. Winn (1843-1920) and Mary E. Hollifield Winn (1839-1925) are buried at the Old Methodist Cemetery, "near Temple Hill".

We know nothing of the Hollifields, although the name was seen in census records for the area. Additional information on the Wynnes, we are told, can be obtained from the Historical Department of the University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill. Family historian Georgian Blanche Wynne Wiley provided it to the school before her death in 1944.

Robert J. and Mary (Hollifield) Wynne were, of course, the parents of Mary Catherine Wynne, wife of William David Harrington.

We have one more line to explore, that of the Pooles and the Prentices, even though the accuracy of the research has recently been called into question by an Internet correspondent.

Zachariah Prentice

Zachariah Prentice was born in the early 1700s, somewhere in Connecticut. His son Christopher was born in 1726 -- so this gives us a clue as to how early in the 1700s, Zach was probably born.

According to materials collected in 1901 by Georgian Blanche Wiley (half-sister of George Bennett Wynne, both of whom were half-cousins of Robert J. Wynne), Zachariah had five children:




            Olive; and

            Zachariah Jr.

Zachariah Jr. "went west" and was not heard from again. Ranson and Christopher each married and had large families.  Betsy married, had three children, lost her husband, and married again.  In 1822, Betsy's family was living in Bloomfield, Genisee Co., NY, and

Zachariah's widow was living there, too.

There was a Zackeriah Prentice listed in the 1790 federal census for Woodbury, Litchfield, CT. There was also a Christopher Prentice listed in the 1790 federal census for Woodbury, Litchfield, Connecticut, but some researchers apparently think he was the son of a Valentine Prentice.  What we have proven is that there were many Prentices in the area at this time.

Christopher Prentice

Cousin Georgian Blanche tells us that Christopher Prentice was born in 1726 and that he married and had a large family. He died 14 APR 1819 at the age of 93.

Christopher fought in the American Revolution and in several Indian wars.  He lived to bury all of his large family except three children:


            Abigail; and


These three all married, had children and grandchildren, and lived in Bethlehem, Litchfield Co, CT in 1822.

John Prentice

Christopher's son John is allegedly our ancestor.  All we know about him is that he was the father of Olive Prentice who married Joseph Poole of Petersburg, VA, and re-located there.

Olive Prentice Poole

All we know of Olive is that she married Joe and gave birth to Sophronia Josephine Poole who married Alan Wynne.  You read about Alan earlier.

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