Appendix B The Charles Family

John Charles

John Charles, first listed as living at Charlestown, MA, moved to New Haven, CT, in 1636, and was there one of the signers of the "Fundamental Agreement" in June 1639.  Jacobus notes that he "evidently was licensed early to sell wine", was on one or more occasions a master of a sailing vessel, and seems to have been prone to litigation, suffering from various charges brought by his neighbors.  He died at Branford in 1673, his wife, perhaps a sister of John Moss, apparently having died before him.  He left an estate of 91 pounds, 2 shillings to his heirs, his children being:  Mary, who married John Tichenor; a daughter who married John Peat; Delivered, who married Jonathan Rose; Sarah who married William Backus, Jr., and John Jr.


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