Appendix E – The Noble Family

Thomas Noble

Thomas Noble, the immigrant ancestor, was born as early as 1632, inEngland, and died inWestfield,Massachusetts, February 20. 1704, aged at least seventy-two years. He was an early settler atSpringfield, Massachusetts, coming thither fromBoston, where he was an inhabitant,January 5, 1653. He had an account at the store of John Pynchon inSpringfield, and the account book shows that he visitedEngland soon after removing fromBoston.

In 1664 he with others was given leave to set up a saw mill on a "brook below Ensign Cooper's farme overAgawam River." He was an assessor of the town. He had lands granted to him inWestfield, in July, 1666, on condition of settlement, and the grant was renewedJanuary 9, 1668. He settled there as early asJanuary 21, 1669, and was on a committee to decide the boundary lines. His homestead was about two miles and a half from the present center of the town. He served as constable, and took the oath of allegiance,January 23, 1678. He joined theWestfield Church,February 20, 1681, and was admitted a freeman, October 12, 1681. He was fined five shillings at one time for traveling on a fast day.

His home was exposed to Indian attacks during King Philip's war.Rev. Dr. Davis says "One night during family prayers, Gray Lock (an old Indian), stepped up and pulled the string and let the door swing open, and as soon as all was quiet, he would pull the string again. Mr. Noble was persuaded by his friends to move into town. Gray Lock said he had several opportunities of killing most of his children at a shot, but did not want scalps as much as captives." OnMarch 2, 1696, Thomas Noble was chosen county surveyor. He was a tailor by trade. His will was datedMay 11, 1697, and provedSeptember 5, 1704.

He married,November 1, 1660, Hannah, born inSpringfield, August 17, 1643, only daughter of William and Joanna (Scant) Warriner. She joined theWestfield church,November 11, 1680. She married (second),January 24, 1705, Deacon Medad Pomeroy, ofNorthampton.

Children: John, born March 6, 1662; Hannah, born February 24, 1664; Thomas, born January 14, 1666; Matthew b.1668; Mark b. 1671,Elizabeth, born February 9, 1673; Luke, born July 15, 1675; James, born October 1, 1677; Mary, born June 29, 1680; Rebecca, born January 4, 1683.

A copy of the will of Thomas Noble, executed almost seven years before, and proved about seven months after his death, recorded in the office of the Hampshire Probate court [Vol. III, pp. 119-20], together with the inventory, is given below:

"The last will and testament of Thomas Noble ofWestfield, in yeCounty ofHampshire, in ye Province of the Massachusetts Bay inNew England, being weak in body, but of perfect understanding.

"Impr, I commend my soul into the hands of Christ my blessed Lord and Savior, and my body to a Christian burial, in full faith of a blessed resurrection, through the rich grace of God in Christ my Savior.

"Item, I give unto my son Thomas, that parcel of land lying in the farm purchased from Mr. Jno. Pynchon, from the gate beyond the house entering into the field bounded by the plowing land, the way to Springfield, John Noble’s land and the drain all along to the swamp.

"Item, to my son Matthew, a tract of land in the same farm, lying by a ditch easterly, and bounded at both ends by the river.

"Item, I give unto my sons Mark and Luke, my little meadow, lying against the orchard of Noah Cooke, and that home lot that I have bought, and they have raised frames upon.

"Item, I give the lot that the town gave me on the top of the hill agt my house on the same farm, to all my six sons for a pasture. "Item, to my son James, a parcel of land and house upon it, on that farm that is fenced in, being six or seven acres more or less.

"Item, I bequeath the rest of this my farm lying bounded upon James northdly, Thomas on the east, Matthew on the southdly, ye river on the westrly sides, to all my sons, i. e., to my sons John, Thomas, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and James, equally to be divided amongst them by my brother James Warriner, and John Hitchcock of Springfield, and by Capt. Isaac Phelps of Westfield.

"Item, I give to my son James, all my land in the plain, on this side the hundred acres, and the lot by the way to Pochastuck.

"Item, I give to my son John, the rest of my lot in ye fort meadow.

"Item, I give unto my beloved wife, Hannah Noble, an acre of land reserved out of my son John's home lot; also half my dwelling house, that is to say, that end next the street, and halfe the land and orchard and barn we dwell on, and the other halfe of the house lot and barn to my son James, as also the thirds of all that I here will to my sons, and after her decease, I give my son James the whole of the house, house lot, and barn, and the acre reserved out of my son John's home lot.

"Item, I give unto my four daughters, Hannah, Elizabeth, Mary, and Rebecca, œ20 apiece, to be paid them by my sons (viz.), Thomas, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and James, to Mary and to Rebeccah about half a year after their marriage, and a cow apiece at their marriage. And in case any of my children should dye, not leaving any issue behind them, then my will is that the legacies that I here give them, be equally divided among the surviving, and also, I order these my sons to find my wife fewel wood, and two load of hay every year, so long as she shall remain widdow.

"Item, I give unto my wife also a cow and an heifer, also all my household goods, which household goods I would have her at her pleasure dispose of to my two youngest daughters.

"Item, my team (one yoak of oxen excepted), I give unto my three youngest sons, Mark, Luke, and James. And for the well and faithful execution of this my last will, I ordain and make my beloved wife Hannah Noble and my son Thomas Noble joynt executors, to defray all my lawfull debts, and for that end leave one yoak of working cattle, a yoak of fatt oxen, and the money in the Bay due to me, and all other dues, the which, when my debts are defrayd, the remainder I would have to go to pay my daughter's portions. But in case the same should be too little to clear my due debts, that then they are to raise what is sufficient out of the legacies I have here given to my children, to do the same. In witness whereof I set to my hand and seal this eleventh day of May, Ano Dom., 1697. THOMAS NOBLE and a [SEAL]." "Signed & sealed in the presence off EDWARD TAYLOR, VICTORY SIKES, JAMES WARRINER." InSpringfield, Sept: 5th, 1704.

An inventory of the estate of Thomas Noble, Senr ofWestfield, deceased, taken Februry ye 18th, 170 3/4: Impr. œ s. d. To a house and barn and homestead in the town plott, 035 00 00 To an acre of homelot land in the town platt, 013 00 00 To ninety acres of land in the farm, 270 00 00 To fifty acres of upland or thereabouts called the pasture, lying against the farm, 005 00 00 To the old buildings upon the farm, 002 00 00 To two and one halfe acres of land with a frame upon it cald Mark's homstead, 010 00 00 To two acres of homelot land near the Widw Dewey's, 005 00 00 To a yoak of three yeares old steers at œ5, 005 00 00 To two cows, and one calfe at œ5; and a heifer and 2 steers at œ3 15s., 008 15 00 To a horse at œ2 10s. and six swine at œ2, 004 10 00 To a cart at œ1 12s., and plow and plow chain at œ1 5s., together with half other implements belonging to the team œ1 14s.; and ye halfe of a timber chain at 13d., 004 14 00 To axes, hatchels, howes, and forks at 18d., and hay knife and pease hooks 4d., 001 02 00 To wareing apparel œ3; and armes, and ammunition œ1 15s.; and bed, bolster, and 2 pillows at œ2 16s., and a rugg and blanketts œ1 10s., 007 11 00 To 4 toe ruggs œ1 4s., and a blankett 4s.; 2 down beds and 2 bolsters at œ1 2s., 002 10 00 To two pillows 7s., and curtaines and valiants 15s., and 4 bedsteads and cords œ1 3s., 002 05 00 To 1 dozn of napkins, and 2 table cloathes, and 3 towels, œ1 8s.; and 5 pillow beers 8s., 001 16 00 To nine sheets œ1 15s., and 3 large pewter platters œ1 4s., and 6 plates a 15s., 003 16 00 To old pewter 13s. and a tankerd, and 2 porringers and salt cellar 8s., 001 01 00 To brass kittles and skillets and warming pann, 001 16 00 To an iron pot and kittles œ1 2s., and tin and earthen ware 6s., 001 08 00 To pott hooks, trammels and fire irons and chafen dish 13s., 000 13 00 To barrels, tubbs, chaires, and wheels, and some other small things, œ1 15s., 001 15 00 To pailes, bowls, dishes, trenchers, spoons, and cann 13s., 000 13 00 To wheat, peas, rye, indian corn, and oates œ7 9s. 6d., 007 09 06 To wool, flax, and sacks, œ1 5s.; and chests, boxes, hookes, and hatchels œ1 15s., 003 00 00 To a shovel, frying pann, and bridle, and sadle 13s.; and provision in ye house œ1 10s., 002 03 00 To scieths, sickles, and scieth tackling 6s., 000 06 00 To beetle rings, and wedges, and other small things, 5s., and 2 bb of turpentine at œ1 10d., and linnen, and woolen yarn, 8s., 002 03 ?? Totall, œ448 06s. ?? pr Isaac Phelps, Nath?? Wellar, Jos. Sexton.

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Matthew Noble II

MATTHEW NOBLE, s. of Thomas, was b. abt. 1668, and d. inSheffield,Mass., abt. 1744, ‘. abt. 76. He put himself under the watch of theWestfield church,Aug. 19, 1694, and together with his wife, joined the same,Nov. 3, 1728, after their removal toSheffield, the church at the latter place not being then organized. The precise date of his removal toSheffield has not been ascertained. It is known, however, that the land in that township, which, in 1725, had been divided into lots by John Ashley and Ebenezer Pomeroy, was very soon occupied by settlers, who came in, and planted themselves upon the river bank. Matthew Noble died intestate.

The proceedings of the court of probate, in the settlement of his estate, are as follows:

"Hampshire Prob. Rec. III: 249. At a Court of Probates holden atNorthampton within & for theCounty ofHampshire for the Probate of Wills & granting Adm?? in sd County on the Second Tuesday of Febry, being the 12th Day of sd month Anno Dom. 1744, pr John Stoddard Esq. Jud. Cur. Dict.

"Power of administration on all & Singular the Goods, Chattels, rights & Credits of Matthew Noble, late ofSheffield, in theCounty ofHampshire Decd, is granted unto Elisha Noble of sdSheffield, & Bond is taken for his performance of sd Trust, Feby 15th 1744.

"At a Court of Probates holden at Northampton within & for the County of Hampshire for the Probate of Wills & granting Letters of Administration within Said County, on the Second Tuesday of July being the 9th Day of said Month, Anno Domini 1745, pr John Stoddard, Judge of said Court.

SHEFFIELD March ye 5th 1744-5. An Inventory of the Goods of Mr. Matthew Noble, in sdSheffield, lately Decd.

New Tenor. It. a Plow Share @ 3/6 Drag teeth @ 10/7 1/2pd & 11 Harrow Teeth @ 3/9 œ0 17 10 1/2 3 Cart Bands & 2 Cart Boxes 6/10 & 2 Iron wedges @ 2/ a Cart Clevis 1/ 9 10 a Feather Bed, Pillows & Bolsters @ œ1 10/ a Bed Covering @ 4/6 with a Blanket @ 6/ 2 0 6 It. One old bed Covering and 1 with a bed Blanket @ 1/6 two bedsteads @ 4/ 1 Bedstead wth beds 3/6 10 It. a Bed Cord @ 2/ a Chist @ 2/6 one Iron Hook @ 4d a Brass Kettle @ 22/6 an Iron pot 9/8 1 17 6 It. one Iron Kettle @ 2/10 wth one Pewter Basin @ 4/ one Do @ 1/ 3 Pewter Platters @ 7/ each 1 18 10 It. one brass Skillet @ 1/2 Pewter Platters @ 3/6 2 Do @ 2/ each 2 do @ 1/6 one Cup @ 1/6 13 0 It. one Qt. pewter Cup @ 3/ one ppt Cup @ 6/ 4 Spoons @ 1/ one Chamberpot 1/6 6 It. 2 lb Old Pewter @ 2/ a warming pan @ 5/ a fraithin pan @ 2/6 a Tramil @ 6d 10 It. earthen Ware @ 1/ a pr Shears @ 1/2 knives wth one fork @ 6/ 4 Worn Boals @ 6/6 9 It. 3 Wooden Trenchers 3d 4 Chairs @ 2/ a Bath or Tub & big Cask 2/6 To Haylerss @ 3/ 7 9 It. a Tromall @ 2/6 a fire Shovel and spade @ 9d a Pitch fork @ 1/6 & Tongs 1/3 6 0 It. a Great Wheel & reel @ 4/ wth peck measure @ 8d one Sieve @ 3d 4 11

It. a Bail for a Pail @ 4d a Tub @ 4 pence ye ?? of a pr Hatchells 3/9 a Chest 2/6 6 11 It. a Chest @ 1/ w?? 2 under Beds @ 1/ each a Barril @ 1/ a Box @ 1/ a Set of old Curtains 1/ œ 5 0 It. one Wooden Bowl @ 2/ with Drawing knife @ 2/ & a Broad Ax, @ 1/ 5 œ10 18 14

The above is a true Inventory of the Estate of sd Mr. Noble. ELISHA NOBLE, admr

JAPHETH BUSH, JOSIAH WESTOVER, JAMES ROBB. HAMPSHIRE ss.April 10th 1745, Japheth Bush, Josiah Westover, & James Robb, personally appeared & make Oath that in Apprizing the personal Estate of Mr. Matthew Noble ofSheffield contained in this Inventory, they acted honestly & Impartially according to their best Skill & Judgment.

He m.Dec. 10, 1690, HANNAH DEWEY, b.Feb. 21, 1672, daughter of Thomas and Constant (Hawes) Dewey. The time of her death has not been ascertained, though she was alive,July 9, 1745.


Joseph, b.Oct. 8, 1691; m. Abigail Dewey. Hezekiah, b.May 14, 1694; m. Ann Roberts. Matthew, b.Sept. 19, 1698; m. (1) J. Stebbins; (2) M. Ashley. Solomon, b.Dec. 23, 1700; m. (1) H. Betts; (2) Z. Dewey. Elisha, b.Feb. 9, 1703; m. Abigail Warner. Obadiah, b.Oct. 19, 1705; m. Mary Bosworth. Hannah, b.Oct. 11, 1707; m. Daniel Kellogg. Hester, b.June 6, 1710; m. Moses King, to whom she was pub.Nov. 12, 1730, per. son of David and Abigail King, b.Nov. 20, 1706. Rhoda, b.Apr. 21, 1716; [recorded inSpringfield,Mass.] Rhoda, b.Apr. 17, 1717; m. Ebenezer Smith ofSheffield,Mass., and d.Sept. 4, 1737.

Source: Noble Genealogy, Pages 236-38, Author: Lucius Boltwood, Call Number: R929.2 N752.

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