Appendix G – The Dewey Family

Thomas Dewey, the Immigrant

Thomas Dewey, the immigrant ancestor, came from Sandwich,county Kent, England. He came to Massachusetts Bay with the Rev. John Warham's group in the summer of 1630 or later and first resided inDorchester.

He removed toWindsor in 1635. He was a freemanMay 14, 1634. He was granted 8 acre lot inDorchester, 1 December 1634. Granted 2 acres of mowing ground,5 July 1635. Granted 4 acres,Lot #64, in Meadow beyond Naponset. On 12 August 1635 "Thomas Duee" sold to Richard Jones five parcels in Dorchester: "4 acres of ground with my house and all thereto belonging, also 8 acres of ground of my great lot, also ten acres of meadow on the side Naponset, and 4 acres of meadow on the other side, and 2 acres of meadow in the fresh marsh."

In the Windsor land inventory Thomas Dewey held on 28 February 1640 five parcels which he had received by grant: seven acre home lot; four acres and a quarter in Great Meadow; a planting lot over the Great River, eighteen rods wide; thirteen acres and a half in the Northwest Field; and a parcel of sixteen acres (the last two parcels annotated in the margin "sold to Thomas Stouton"). The same inventory (including additions after 28 February 1640) showed that Thomas Dewey had purchased several pieces of land: from Eltweed Pomeroy, a parcel of meadow; from William Hosford, an acre and eighteen rods in Norwest Field, and six rods in the Great Meadow; from Thomas Stayres, three acres and a quarter, and a parcel in Norwest Field; from John Mason, a lot over the Great River (in exchange for five acres in the Great Meadow); of Nicholas Denslow, half an acre in Norwest Field; and of Michael Try, three-quarters of an acre in the Great Meadow.

The inventory of the estate of Thomas Dewey, taken 19 May 1648, totalled £213, of which £118 was real estate: "one house and barn with the home lot, in quantity about one acre & quarter," £40; seven acres of meadow adjoining the house lot, £20; four acres and a quarter in the Great Meadow, £13; three acres and a quarter in the Great Meadow, £10; five acres, eight rods and a half in the Great Meadow, £15; and "two parcels of upland about 29 acres & half," £20.

The distribution of the estate was made on17 October 1648: to the relict, £60; to "his eldest son by name Thomas Dewy," £30; and to the other five children £20 apiece [Manwaring 1:7; Dewey Gen 226]. The children were listed as follows: "Six children, 4 boys, 2 girls: one girl Mary Clark 12 years old; one son Thomas Dewye 8 years [old]; Josiah Dewey 7 years old; Annah Dewey 5 years old; Isreall Dewey 3 years old; Jydidiah Dewey 3 quarters of a year old."

At Hartford Court on 4 June 1663 three men judged "the difference of the land of Thomas Dewey deceased for an equal division amongst the children of the said Dewey," and they agreed that "Thomas Dewey the eldest son" should have five acres and a quarter in the Great Meadow (accompanied by the marginal notation that this was sold to Samuel Marshall), one acre and fifty-three rods of meadow (accompanied by the marginal notation that this was sold to John Strong), and "a quarter part or four acres and half in a parcel of swamp land as it is to be divided betwixt him and his three brothers Josia, Isrell, Jededia."

He was born around 1613 and died atWindsor 27 April 1648. He married Frances Clark22 March 1638/9 atWindsor. She was the widow of Thomas Clark, and she had one daughter with him, the Mary Clark in Dewey's estate distribution. Francis married George Phelps (3) inWindsor November, 1648 and had three children with him.

Children born atWindsor:

i THOMAS, b.16 February 1639/40; m.Dorchester 1 June 1663 Constant Hawes.

ii JOSIAH, bp.10 October 1641; m.Northampton 6 November 1662 Hepzibah Lyman.

iii ANNA, bp.15 October 1643; m.Northampton 18 May 1671 John Woodward.

ivISRAEL, bp.25 September 1645; m.Northampton 20 August 1668 Abigail Drake, daughter of Job of Windsor.

v JEDEDIAH, b.15 December 1647 [Grant 30]; m. by 1672 Sarah Orton (eldest child b.Westfield 28 March 1672; in the 1688 testamentary deed of Thomas Orton ofFarmington is a gift to "my three daughters Mary Root, Sarah Duee and Elisabath Lewis."

Pay attention now:  Our Margaret Noble is descended from two of Thomas Dewey’s sons: Thomas who married Constant Hawes and Jedediah who married Sarah Orton.  The Hawes Family is explained in Appendix H and the Orton Family in Appendix J.

MAY THE 19TH, 1648. An Inventory of Thos. Dewys Estate. Imp. R. S. L. S. D. One howse and barne Wth the home lott, in quantity about one acre & quarter, to the foot of the hill 40 0 0 Ite: one prcell of meadow adioyneing thereunto, about 7 acres 20 0 0 Ite: another prcell in the great meadow 4 acres & one quarter 13 0 0 Ite: another prcell in the great meadow 3 acres & one quarter 10 0 0 Ite: another prcell in the great meadow about 5 acres, 8 rodde & halfe 15 0 0 Ite: two prcells of vpland about 29 ac. & halfe 20 0 0 Ite: one yoake of oxen 15 0 0 Ite: two mares & a colt 18 10 0 Ite: two cowes and on young beast 12 0 0 Ite: one soue & two piggs, 1 0 0; Ite: 2 stocks of bees, 2 10 0 3 10 0 Ite: 5 acres of corne uppon the grond 5 0 0 Ite: 7 other acres of corne vppon the grond 5 0 0 Ite: in bedding, bedsteed and lyning 9 10 0 Ite: his weareing cloathes, 5 10 0; Ite: pewter, 1 8 0 6 18 0 Ite: a chest, a boxe, a cubberd 0 11 0 Ite: one fowleing peece, suord, pouder & bullits 1 15 0 Ite: Wedges, & betle rings, 0 4 0; Ite: axes, spads & other tools, 1 10 0 1 14 0 Ite: pots kettells of brass & iron 7 0 0 Ite: hempe & flax, 1l; Ite: a saddle & pillion, 1l 4s 2 4 0 Ite: meal, trow, tables, payles & small things 2 1 0 Ite: a table board, 0 6 0; Ite: a syth, 0 5 0 0 11 0 Ite: part in a sawe & shott mold 0 6 0 Ite: a cart, plowe, harowe, howes and other things 3 10 0 Som 213

The distribution of the estate was by the Courtethe 17th October 1648, as appeares by the Records of that Courte and provision made for the childrens portions at ye Courtethe 6th of June 1650, fol. 9. David Wilton. Robert Winchel. Syxe children, 4 boyes, 2 gerlls; one gerl Mary Clark 12 yeare old; one sone Thomas Dewye 8 yeare, Josiah Dewey 7 yeare old, Annah Dewey, 5 yeare old, Isreall Dewey 3 yeare old, Jydidiah Dewey 3 quarters of a yeare old. In vol. 1, p. 168, Records of the Particular Court: The distribution of the estate of Thomas Dewey of Wyndsor, deceased, was by this Courte as followth: To his Relict 601 60 0 0 To his eldest sonne by name Thomas Dewy 30 0 0 And to the other five children 20l a peece 100 0 0 190 0 0 The daughters portion of 20 l to bee paid her at the age of 18 yeares, and the severall sonns portions to bee pd. to them at the age of 21 yeares; the Relict giving in suffitient security to the children before her marriage againe for theire severall portions.

At the Particular Court held June 6, 1650 -- It is agreed and concluded betwixt this Courte in the behalfe of the children of Thomas Dewey and Geo: Phelps of Wyndsor that the whole of the land both meadow and upland mentioned in the said Deweys Invento: amounting to the sum of 78l, shall bee sequestred for the children[s] severall portions so farr as it goes and the remainder being 52l he Ingages himselfe to give in to the Courte sufficient security for the payment thereof according to the will of the Courte. The howse and peece of land belonging to it valued at 40l the said Phelps accepts uppon his wives parte of the estate.


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Thomas and Constant (Hawes) Dewey

THOMAS DEWEY, 2d, Cornet, son of Thomas, 1st, b.Feb. 16, 1640, atWindsor,Conn.; d.April 27, 1690, ag. 50, at Westfield, Mass., where he was a miller and farmer in Little River District; was at Windsor as late as Jan. 18, 1660, as he had then paid 6 shillings and was seated "in the long seats" in the meeting house; moved to Northampton, Mass., where he was "granted a homelot, (Nov. 12, 1662,) of 4 acres upon condition that he make improvement of it within one year after the date hereof and possess it 3 years; more likewise, a lot of 12 acres in some place where it may not hinder homelots;" was connected with a mill in Aug. 1666; moved to Waranoak, then a part of Springfield, and under the direction of a settling committee appointed in Feb. 1665; first mentioned, July 6, 1666, as third in a list of twenty grantees of land; his part being 30 acres "on condition that they come there to dwell in their own persons by the last of May (1667) next; to continue there for five years and endeavor to settle an able Minister; his lands, with the others, were laid out April 24, 1667, on the South Side the Westfield river, and confirmed Jan. 9, 1668, with the following, being the first settlers on Main street, Westfield: George Phelps, Isaac Phelps, Capt. Aaron Cook, Mr. James Cornish, Moses Cook, THOMAS DEWEY, Thomas Noble, David Ashley, Mr. John Holyoke, John Osborn, John Ponder, John Ingersol and Hugh Dudley. From now on he became an influential citizen of the new town, as is evidenced by the positions of trust he was called upon to fill.

The year 1672 saw the completion of the second mill in town on Two Mile brook, Little River district, by Joseph Whiting and the three Dewey brothers, Thomas, Josiah and Jedediah, and in December the town agreed to allow them the toll of one twelfth part of the corn they ground. Thomas was a member of the settlement committee, a Fence Veiwer, a representative to Boston 1677-9, selectman 1677 and 1686, licensed by the court "to keep a Publique house of Entertainment," Sep. 26, 1676; took the freeman's oath Sep. 28, 1680; on a committee to locate the county road to Windsor, March 30, 1680, with Samuel Marshfield and Thomas Cooper of Springfield and David Ashley of Westfield; appointed cornet of Hampshire Troop at the General Court July 8, 1685; joined the Church May 9, 1680.

He was chosen "warden for the town ways" Feb. 2, 1686; and with John Sackett, Isaac Phelps, John Root, and Samuel Root was appointed "to measure the breadth of the town at the north end that we may have our bounds fully set at the south end," Mar. 7, 1687; was on a committee, chosen Mar. 9, 1688, with Capt. Mosely, his son Samuel Dewey, Mr. Sexton, John Sackett, and Nathaniel Williams "to settle the Common Fence."

The following is the "Inventory of Cornet Thomas Dewey's Estate:" œ sh. "The house and homestead, 180 0 the house and homestead on ye west side ye way, 70 0 22 acres in ye meadow, 88 0 6 acres in ye neck, 20 0 a tract of land at ye old mill pond, 70 0 a tract of land at ye Great Marsh in Springfield bounds, 40 0 a tract of land at ye east side of ye mountain, 5 0 20 acres about ye New Mill, 10 0 a 1/16 part of the ketch, 20 0 the two mills, 90 0 2 yoke of oxen, 20 0 1 yoke of steers, 8 0 3 cows 12, 0, 5 young cattle, 10, 0, 22 0 2 yerling calves 2, 0, a spring calf 0, 10, 2 10 4 horses 20, 0, a mare and 2 colts 5, 0, 25 0 7 sheep 3, 0, 12 swine 9, 0, 12 0 cart plows sleds and all tackling for the team, 8 0 3 axes 3 hoes and peck ax, 1 8 a parcel of carpenters tools, 1 4 sickles forks sythes spade peas hooks beetle and wedges, 1 10 bed stead feather bed curtains & valience, 5 0 a trundle bed-stead cord & down upon it, 1 5 bedstead cord and down bed, 2 0 2 chaff beds and bedsteads, 3 5 coverlid curtains and vallience, 4 0 a bed rug and white rugg, 1 10 2 woolen and 2 tow ruggs, 3 10 6 bed blankets, 3 0 10 pair of sheets, 10 10 2 pair trundle bed sheets, 1 10 6 feather pillows, 2 0 7 pair of pillow bears, 2 0 6 bolster 2, 10, Leaden ware 4, 0, 6 10 Leaden wooden earthen ware with other small things, 2 0 Brass and iron ware, 5 0 tramel tongs cob irons slice and gridiron, 1 10 branding iron sheep shears, 0 8 hatchets stilliards smooth iron and frying pan, 1 0 part of a barll of rum, 3 0 tow thread and box, 0 15 Bibles and other books, 1 10 14 chairs 1, 15, table linen and towels 4, 5 15 tables barells and other wooden lumber, 2 10 3 wheels and a reel, 8 10 arms and amminition 8, 10, 14 bags 3, 0, 11 10 pillion pillion cloth portmantle ladle bridle pistols holster and trooping furnature, 9 10 wearing clothes, 8 0 œ793 12

This inventory was sworn to by the widow of said deceased and administration is granted to said widow and to the eldest son of sd. deceased named Adijah and next son Samll, they giving bond of 1400 sh. for security of sd. estate. Attests: -- Samuel Partridge Clerk. "Feb. 19, 1690-1. This inventory of the Estate of Thomas Dewey above mentioned is here recorded in these records from the original on file. Attests: -- John Holyoke Clerk."

He m.June 1, 1663, atDorchester, Constant Hawes, dau. of Richard and Ann (who came toDorchester,Mass., in ship "Freelove," Capt. Gibbs, 1635, with dau. Ann 2 1-2 years old, Obadiah, 6 months; he was 29 and his wife 26 years old; he d. in 1656, ag. 50; signed the church covenant in 1636 and granted land in 1637 and 46), b.July 17, 1642, atDorchester; d.Apr. 26, 1703, by town records, but her tombstone reads: "MRS.|CONSTANT| DEWEY DYEd|ON APR THE|27 1702 AGED|58 YEAR CORT|THO DEWEY|WIFE." She joinedWestfield Church March 24, 1680.

BORN ATNORTHAMPTON: Thomas, 3d, b.March 26, 1664. Adijah, b.March 5, 1666. Mary, b.Jan. 28, 1668. BORN ATWESTFIELD: Samuel, b.June 25, 1670. Hannah, b.Feb. 21, 1671. Elizabeth, b.Jan. 10, 1676. James, b.July 3, 1678; d. Feb. 27; 1682. Abigail, b.Feb. 14, 1681; James, b.Nov. 12, 1683; d.May 5, 1686.Israel, b.July 9, 1686.

Source: Dewey Genealogy , Pages 75-81, Compiled by Louis Marinus Dewey,Westfield,Massachusetts, 1898.New England Families, Vol. I, Genealogies and Memorials, Page 476. Pioneers ofMassachusetts, Page 138.

Jedediah and Sarah (Orton) Dewey

JEDEDIAH DEWEY, Ensign, son of Thomas the Settler, was b.Dec. 15, 1647, atWindsor,Conn.; d. May --, 1718, ag. 70, atWestfield, Mass.; m. atFarmington,Conn., and lived there a short time after. The lands atWindsor, belonging to him, were sold in his twenty-first year to John Grant and Lieut. Fyler.

In the same year he is mentioned atWestfield,Mass., which was then being settled under the direction of a committee appointed by the town ofSpringfield for that purpose, Captain John Pynchon being chairman. On page thirty-six of the Westfield Proprietors' Records we find the following, under date ofAug. 27, 1668: "There was granted by the Committee to Jedediah Dewey, fifteen or sixteen acres of land (viz.), the remainder of Weller's lot and a homelot." About two years after (1670) he received a grant of "a homelot of six acres on the fort side," and it was probably then that he removed.

During the year 1672 "a saw and corn-mill" was erected on a brook then called Two Mile brook (which connects Southwick ponds with the Westfield river), by Thomas, Josiah, and Jedediah Dewey, and Joseph Whiting; they were "to give a twelfth part of the corn they powdered" and were "granted forty acres of land for the use of the mills."

It was not until after the quiet that succeeded the defeat and death of the Indian warrior King Philip, that the settlers began to move much from the "compact dwelling," that they then were ordered to form, and commenced to make grants "two miles without the meeting house;" in other words, outside the stockade which enclosed an area of about two miles in circumference around their fort, which stood near the confluence of the Westfield and Little rivers; then in February, 1687, he, with other proprietors, received a grant of twenty acres "two miles without the meeting house;" served in the various town offices of the period; selectman in 1678, '86, '95, '97, '99; first mentioned as ensign in 1686; was made a freeman, Jan. 1, 1680, and joined the church Sept. 28 in same year; was a wheelwright and lived on east corner of Silver and South streets, at Westfield, Mass.

He m. about 1670, SARAH ORTON, ofFarmington,Conn., dau. of Thomas and Margaret (Pell), he was probably son of Thomas, of Charlestown, Mass.; Mrs. Sarah Dewey joined Westfield Church, March 24, 1780; was baptized Aug. 22, 1652, at Windsor, Conn.; d. Nov. 20, 1711, as per old red sandstone slab, facing south, in old burying ground on Mechanic street.

CHILDREN BORN ATWESTFIELD: 1. Sarah, b.March 28, 1672. 2. Margaret, b.Jan. 10, 1674. 3. Jedediah, 2d, b.June 14, 1676. 4. Daniel, b.March 9, 1680. 5. Thomas, b.June 29, 1682. 6. Joseph, b.May 10, 1684. 7. Hannah, b.March 14, 1686; probably d.Feb. 14, 1714, having m. about 1712, Samuel Ashley, 2d, son of Samuel and Sarah (Kellogg). 8. Mary, b.March 1, 1689; d.June 19, 1740. 9. James, b.April 3, 1692. 10. Abigail, b.Nov. 17, 1694.

He was the only one of the sons of Thomas Dewey the Settler to make a will, which follows:

Jedediah Dewey, of Westfield, being of perfect mind and memory, thanks be God, considering ye mortality of my body and knowing yt it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament and principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul unto ye hands of God who gave it and my body to be buried with Christian burial at ye discretion of my friends, hoping that at ye resurrection I shall receive ye same again by ye almighty power of God. And concerning such worldly estates as God hath pleased to bless me with in this life, I give, Demiss and dispose of as follows:

Imprimis Item. I give to my son Jedediah ye house and lot where he now lives, there being about twelve or thirteen acres of the land and also my six acre lot at Mun's Meadow and also my four acre lot in ye Neck, bounded by ye land of John Sacket westerly.

Item. I give to my son Thomas ye lot which I bought of Mr. Cornish, being about ten or eleven acres and also my lot south of ye road as we go to Two Mile Brook. I give to Thomas all but five acres, which five acres Joseph is to have, running through ye ten acre lot and yt which I bought of Deacon Noble. Also I give to Thomas my three acre lot by Two Mile Brook near where ye mill was formerly.

Item. I give to my son Joseph my twelve acre lot in ye meadow lying and bounded by ye land of John Sacket easterly and also five acres of my land south of ye road against Daniel Bagg's houselot, also I have given him my black mare which he has already received and also about thirty acres of land lying by ye Squawfield, for which I have received about twenty pounds.

Item. I give to my son Daniel all yt land given to some of my sons by my honored Father Orton, lying in Farmington bounds, south of Hartford Road; my sons having given me right to dispose of it they having ye share at home of my land in Westfield; and also I give to Daniel twenty lbs. of my estate which he has already received.

My daughters which are by ye disposing hand of God deceased, have already had near thirty lbs. apiece of my estate; also give to their children surviving, forty shillings apiece six lbs. to my daughter Sarah's three children and ten lbs. to my daughter Margaret's five children. My daughter Hannah having received something considerable at her marriage as her sisters had, but being taken away by ye providence of God and her children both, I think it will not be expected that I should add anything further upon her account.

Item. I give to my other two daughters Mary and Abigail forty lbs. apiece out of my moveable estate.

Item. I give to my son James my seven acre lot bounded by ye land ofDavid Ashley westerly. Item. I give to my son James my house and homestead where I now live and my two acre lot by ye meeting house and also my three acre lot in ye neck bounded by Pixley's land easterly; also I give to my son James eight acres of land by ye mountain at ye hinter end of it next to Daniel Bagg's marsh I give to James tools sufficient for his use about his trade and my black gun; the rest of my land in ye field and with out ye field I give to my four sons in Westfield to be equally divided amongst them the rest of my moveable estate I give to all my surviving children to be equally divided amongst them and I do constitute my sons Jedediah and James to be my executors of this my last will and testament, hereby ratifying this my last will and testament.

In witness hereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 4th day of April, 1715. Signed, sealed and delivered by ye said Jedediah Dewey to be his last will and testament.

Witness: David Ashley, Samll Taylor, Joseph Root.

We the subscribers being legates to ye estate of Our Honored Father Jedediah Dewey ofWestfield, deceased, do unanimously agree that the within written will or form shall stand good and we do humbly desire the Judge of Probate to ratify and confirm the same.May 25, 1718. Jedediah Dewey and James Dewey, two of ye persons aforesigning, appd before me, underwritten Judge of ye Probate of Wills, etc., for sd. County, and acknowledges ye aforesaid instrument to be their act and deed which I approve and allow of, provided all persons concerned consent to and acknowledge ye same.

Source: Dewey Genealogy , Pages 454-57, Compiled by Louis Marinus Dewey,Westfield,Massachusetts, 1898.

Ensign Jedediah Dewey, son of Thomas Dewey, was bornDecember 15, 1647, inWindsor,Connecticut, died May, 1718, inWestfield, Massachusetts. The lands inWindsor belonging to him were sold in his twenty-first year, and that same year he is mentioned atWestfield, which was then being settled under the direction of a committee appointed by the town ofSpringfield for the purpose. OnAugust 27, 1668, he was granted fifteen or sixteen acres of land, and about two years later, in 1670, he received another grant of six acres. At this time he probably moved. In 1672, he with his two brothers, Thomas and Josiah, with Joseph Whiting, erected a "saw and corn-mill" on a brook, then called Two Mile brook. They were granted forty acres of land for the use of the mills, and were to give to the town one-twelfth of the corn which they ground. During King Philip's war the settlers of Westfield remained most of the time inside the "Compact Dwelling," which they had been ordered to form for protection against the Indians, and it was not until 1687 that they began to receive grants of land and to build houses outside the two-mile limit thus enclosed. In February, 1687, Jedediah Dewey, with other proprietors, received a grant of twenty acres without the meeting house. He served in the various town offices of the period; selectman in 1678-86-95-97-99; mentioned as ensign in 1686; was made a freeman,January 1, 1680; joined the church,September 28, 1680. By trade he was a wheelwright. He was the only one of the sons of Thomas, the immigrant, to make a will, which was provedMay 25, 1718. In it he mentioned sons Jedediah, Joseph, Daniel and James; the children of his daughters Sarah, Margaret, and Hannah, deceased; and daughters Mary and Abigail. He married, about 1670, Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Margaret (Pell) Orton. Thomas was probably the son of Thomas Orton, ofCharlestown,Massachusetts. Sarah Orton was baptizedAugust 22, 1652, atWindsor, and joined theWestfield church,March 24, 1680. She died atWestfield, November 20, 1711. Children, born at Westfield: Sarah, March 28, 1672; Margaret, January 10, 1674; Jedediah, mentioned below; Daniel, March 9, 1680; Thomas, June 29, 1682; Joseph, May 10, 1684; Hannah, March 14, 1686; Mary, March 1, 1689-90; James, April 3, 1692; Abigail, November 17, 1694.

Source:New England Families Genealogical and Memorial: Third Series, Volume III, Page 1530

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