Appendix I The Randall Family

Philip Riley Randall

Philip Riley Randall born 1574 at Allington,Dorset,England, and died6 MAY 1662 atWindsor,Hartford,CT.  He married Joane Fush, born 1578 at DorsetEngland.  Joane died24 AUG 1665 atWindsor, Hartford,CT, at age 87.

Philip emigrated to New England with his father Goodman Randall in Dorchester in 1630 andWindsor in 1635.  He had two daughters,  Phillury and Frances, and a son Philip, and another son Abraham (adopted by George Phelps, see below.)

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2.  Savage Genealogical Dictionary of New England . Philip Randall was bornAllington, Dorset, Engl., 
killed 5-6- 1662,Windsor,CT
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England; Emigrated toNew England in ship "Mary and John" with his father Goodman Randall, in
Dorchester in 1630 andWindsor in 1635.  His two daughters were Phillury md.George Phelps 
(see Phelps notes) 2.  Frances md (1) Joseph Clark, (2) ThomasDewey, (3) George Phelps.
p.1270 His son was Abraham, who adopted a son of George Phelps namely CaptainAbraham Phelps.  
This Abraham Phelps inherited the property of Abraham Randall(value about L140)Stiles says:  
"In 1640 Philip Randall had lot 12 rods wide, south of Holcombe  he built on west side of the street, whereon 
the homestead had previously beenbuilt opposite his father's.This in 1678, he gave to his kinsman Abram 
Phelps (son of George) "that whichwas my dwelling house east side of the street," breadth 12 rods.  Here Captain
Phelps resided.  (a map on p.86 showed location).
5.Central New York by Cutter Vol.1 p.144-5 sheet of Jacob Phelps=DorothyIngersoll.  Philip Randall was 
born inEngland and emigrated toNew Englandin the ship "Mary and John" with father, Goodman Randall 
who was inDorchesterin 1630, and inWindsor in 1635.
6.  Banks Topographical Dictionary p.30 gives Philip from Allington, DorsetEngland settled inDorchester,
MA andWindsor,CT.
7.  Life of George Dewey and Dewey Family History by A M Dewey ----family groupof Thomas Dewey and 
Frances Randall Clark
8.  Directory of the Ancestral Heads ofNew England Families by Frank R Holmes1620-1700       1923
9.  p.cxvll Randall from Saxon ran fair, and ulph, heep
10.  Memorial History of Hartford Vol.2 p.555 ----Philip Randall (1640) fromDorchester, his son Abraham 
married Mary ----  1640, she died 1677.  GeorgePhelps (1638) fromDorchester,MA married 
daughter of Philip Randall, had 3sons; his wife died 1648 and he married the widow of Thomas Dewey
of his sons:
Abraham Phelps md 1665 Mary, dau of Humphrey Pinney
Joseph Phelps md 1673 Mary, dau of John Porter, Jr.
Isaac Phelps md 1665 Ann, dau of William Gaylord Jr.
George Phelps md (1) Philury Randall and at her death he md (2) Francis, sister to (Philury)
Philip Randall (1640) fromDorchester, had a lot granted to him, twelve rodswide.  He built on the west side 
of street and died in 1648.

Frances Randall Clark DEWEY Phelps

Frances born about 1624 at Allington, Dorset, England and died 7 SEP 1690 at Westfield, MA.

Spouse: DEWEY, Thomas, [Coronet] - born: 1603 @England. Frances was married first to Joseph Clark, by whom she had two children, Joseph and Mary who married John Strong.  After the death of Thomas Dewey she married a third time to George Phelps, and had at least three children, Jacob, John and Nathaniel.  George Phelps was on the passenger list of the "Mary and John" 1630Dorchester, MA.

By her third marriage she had had several children, when she lived at Waranoak, nowWestfield, MA.
Source:  Life of George Dewey, Dewey Publishing Co.,Westfield,MA. 1898, pp 228-229.
According to Dorothea Owen, 687 W. Riverside, Springfield, MO 65807, by letter to Dallas Albert Johnson
 on 9 Oct 1992, she was the daughter of Philip Randall, who was a freeman at Dorchester, MA in 1634.  
He died 1661 atWindsor,CT.  His wife was still living at that time but her name is not known.
  In his will he namesFrances' three young sons by her third marriage to George Phelps.

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