Priscilla O’Harra Sends

16 Grandsons to War


Old Priscilla O'Harra, widow of John, sent 16 grandsons to fight for the Union during the Civil War. 


Sons of son Joseph and Mary (Corn) O'Harra:

1.  John Timothy O'Harra, veteran status noted on tombstone;

2.  James O'Harra, died in Civil War November 13, 1863 at Vicksburg, Mississippi;

3.  Charles O'Harra, died 1864 in Civil War.


Sons of son Hugh and Ann (Corn) O'Harra:

4.  John Cochran O'Harra,  Company E., First Reg., Ohio Vol. Cav., organized at Circleville, August 8, 1861. Mustered out under Order No. 75, at Louisville, Kentucky, on November 25, 1864., as captain.


5.  Hugh O'Harra, Jr., 6th Regiment, US Infantry (Regular Army), Company A , 45 Ohio Infantry. Enlisted: 16 APR 1861 as private in Company E, 1st Regiment, of Ohio Volunteer Cavalry.

Honorably Discharged: 3 AUG 1861

Re-Enlisted: 30 MAY 1862

Resigned:  17 JUN 1863

Re-Enlisted: 24 MAR 1864

Honorably Discharged: 5 JUN 1865 (Sergeant, Company E, 1st Regiment of Cavalry, Ohio Volunteers), Camp Dennison, Ohio.  (See more of Hugh’s story following).


6. William Henry O'Harra, Co. I, 180th Ohio infantry. Veteran status noted on tombstone.


7.  Thomas Jones O'Harra, Pension Certificate number 1112692 and A. 7. 19. 29  State filed:  Ohio.


Sons of daughter Anna Stacia O'Harra and Davis Shockley Elliott:

8.  William H. Elliott, recruiter;

9.  John W. Elliott, sergeant;

10. Davis Shockley Elliott, Jr., corporal;

11. Benjamin F. Elliott, private;

12. Reuben F. Elliott, private;

13. Joseph S. Elliott, "flag carrier".


Sons of daughter Priscilla O’Harra and Daniel Brantner:

14. John Brantner;

15. Samuel Brantner;

16. Charles Brantner 1898 pension application from state of Washington , No. 1213775.


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