The French Connection

The Burrell Family

There is a Monnett Family Genealogy published early in the 1900s which focuses on two inter-related French Huguenot families, the Monnetts and the Hillarys, all the more inter-related because two Monnett sons married two Slagle daughters and one Hillary son married another Slagle daughter.  This becomes interesting because John (O'Harra) O'Harrow marries one of the other Slagle daughters and is mentioned in slight passing in the volume.  Disappointingly slight passing.  However, Francis Burrill Slagle, in recalling his grandparents Jacob and Hannah Slagle on page 480, notes the following regarding their children:


·        John Slagle lived and died near West Union, either in Kentucky or Ohio;

·        Jacob Slagle killed by Indians near Columbus, Ohio;

·        Elizabeth Slagle marries a Pierce;

·        Ann Slagle marries Thomas Monnett;

·        Aley Slagle marries the Rev. Jeremiah Monnett;

·        Priscilla Slagle marries John O'Harrow; and

·        Anastatia marries Thomas Edminston.


The mother of these children is one Hannah Burrell, daughter of  Francis Burrell, Jr. The Burrells are of French Huguenot background. Hannah marries the German Catholic John Jacob Slagle.

A number of family researchers have sought out the history of the Burrells.  To the best of their abilities, it appears:


Generation 1:


Pierre Burrell

Born 1669 – Picardy, France

Died 1729 – Maryland

Married 6 SEP 1690

Elizabeth Charoussin

Born 1670 – Poitou, France

Died 1720 - Maryland


Information from publications of the Huguenot Society of London, Vol 5, Part 3. C.W. Baird History of Huguenot Emigration to America, Vol. 2. Both of the above references from application to Huguenot Society, a copy of which was  provided me by Rebecca Kartalia. Additional information as to sources, came from Jane Burrell (letter July 2, 2002) of Lenexa, Kansas.  She writes:  "As for our kingpin immigrant ancestors, Pierre and Elizabeth, records may be found in the French Huguenot Society as well as books published in London regarding the Huguenots who settled in England and those who renounced their French citizenship in order to travel to the colonies. I found the records in the FHL in Salt Lake City."


Generation 2:


Francis Burrell, Sr.

Born 1691 – England

Died 1741 – Prince George Co., Maryland

Married 7 NOV 1709


Born abt 1694 – England

Died 1754 – Maryland


In January 1997, Jane Burrell indicates that all children born to Francis and Jane Burrell were born in Prince George Co., Maryland (St. John's Parish).


Generation 3:


Peter Burrell

Born 8 SEP 1710 – Prince George Co., Maryland

Died abt 1751 – Frederick Co., Marylalnd

Married abt 1728

Mary Elizabeth Knight

Born abt 1712 – Frederick Co., Maryland

Died abt 1774 – Frederick Co., Maryland


Information came from Jane Burrell family group sheets written January 1997. In addition, Ruth Burrell-Brown in her 1990 Burrell-Burrill Genealogy, writes of Peter Burrell: "Born at Pisataway, Prince Georges, Maryland September 8, 1710, he married circa 1728, Mary (or Elizabeth) Knight born at Frederick circa 1712.  She may have been the daughter of James Knight.  She died at Frederick circa 1774.  He died in 1749."


Generation 4:


Francis Burrell, Jr.

Born abt 1730 – Prince George Co., Maryland




Information from family group sheets prepared by Jane Burrell January 1997.


Generation 5:


Hannah Burrell

Born abt 1753 – Frederick, Washington Co., Maryland

Died 1818 –  (now)West Virginia

Married 1768


Jacob Slagle


Born 19 AUG 1751 – York Co., Pennsylvania

Died 15 DEC 1800 – Hampshire Co., (now) West Virginia

Rebecca D.  Katalia published her "Slagle Trails and Descendants of Jacob Slagle (CA 1740s-1800s, in VA)" in 2000. Pertaining to Hannah, Ms. Kartalia states that she married Jacob Slagle in 1768 in Frederick (?) County, Maryland.  She was born about 1750 in Maryland, the daughter of Francis Burrell and Mary Knight (?).  [Jane Burrell in her 1997 family group sheets indicates that Mary Elizabeth Knight was born and died in Frederick County, Maryland (1712-1774).]


Widowed in 1800, Hannah married a Jacob Hoffman in 1816.  She died in 1818 and was buried in Hampshire County, West Virginia, on the Slagle home property.

Ms. Kartalia source notes also indicate that Hannah was probably of Huguenot lineage. According to this source, Hannah's father, grandfather, and great grandfather would have been Francis, Peter, and Francis.

In the Burrell/Burrill Genealogy (compiled by Ruth Burrell-Brown, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1990), Ms. Burrell-Brown states:  "In searching for the ancestry of Hannah Burrell, wife of Jacob Slagle of Hampshire County, Virginia, long before and till 1800, and whom she married in Frederick County, Maryland, about 1775 or 1780; she was clearly a daughter of Francis Burrell of that and Washington County, who had the survey of 1742.  He was called both Francis Jr. and Francis Sr. in the records and was undoubtedly the son of Peter Burrell, born September 8, 1710, the son of Francis Burrell and Jane, his wife of Prince George County, Maryland.  Peter died in Frederick County in 1751 and Francis was a creditor of his estate.  A son of Francis named Richard, left a will there, naming sons Peter, Richard, Francis, Benjamin, et al., and later about 1800 the brothers of Hannah Burrell Slagle, Francis, Benjamin and John appear in Cumberland, Maryland.  The Monnette Book, by Orra Eugene Monette.  Kindness, John E. Burrell, Jr., Kansas City, Missouri.


"This is an old English family and the immigrants came from old England to New England, and then to Maryland Colony.  The Monette Book, by Orra Eugene Monette."


Jacob Slagle was mistakenly listed as the son of Jacob Slagle Sr., a son of Christopher Von Schlegel in the" Monnet Family Genealogy", by Orra E. Monnette, published in the early 1900s.  Rebecca Kartalia maintains that this relationship is impossible through conflicting death dates and geographic locations.  However, she leaves open the possibility that Jacob was the son of another one of Christopher Von Schlegel's male offspring, possibly Christian.

Regardless of his parentage, a number of relatives have joined the Daughters of the American Revolution AND the National Society Sons of the American Revolution through this Jacob Slagle:  "John Jacob Slagel, Jr. (Slagle) enrolled under Capt. Jacob Good, for the Flying Camp 1776, from Frederick County, Maryland. Vol. 18, p. 44, 46. Maryland Archives.) Slagle was a private.

We have joined, too:  DAR No. 830291.


Generation 6:


Priscilla Slagle

Born 20 AUG 1775Washington, Maryland

Died 9 JAN 1870 – Harrison township, Pickaway Co., Ohio

Buried Harrison Township Cemetery, Pickaway Co., Ohio

Married about 1791

John O’Harra

Born abt 1760 – Virginia

Died 19 DEC 1832 – Pickaway Co., Ohio

Buried Reber Hill Cemetery, Pickaway Co., Ohio


Generation 7:


Hugh O’Harra

Born 24 AUG 1798Virginia

Died SEP 1856 – Pickaway Co., Ohio

Buried Reber Hill Cemetery, Pickaway Co., Ohio

Married 11 FEB 1833

Anna Corn

1 MAY 1811 – Virginia

Died 11 NOV 1852 – Pickaway Co., Ohio (typhoid fever)

Buried Reber Hill Cemetery, Pickaway Co., Ohio


Reber Hill Cemetery records state that Ann O'Harra is buried in  Section 14, Lot 42.  Born 7 MAY 1811, Anna died 11 NOV 1852 at age 41 of breast cancer.  Her remains were "transferred in from Koch Cemetery" along with those of husband Hugh, a one year old child named Priscilla, and a four month old child named Benonia G.


Generation 8:


William Henry O’Harra

Born 1 OCT 1844 – Pickaway Co., Ohio

Died 17 JAN 1881 – Findlay Hancock Co., Ohio

Buried Maple Grove Cemetery, Findlay, Ohio

Married 13 NOV 1866

Margaret Lovina Ward

Born 11 MAR 1845 – Hancock Co., Ohio

Died 27 DEC 1917 – Hancock Co., Ohio

Buried Maple Grove Cemetery, Findlay, Ohio


Generation 9:


William Frederick O’Harra

Born 26 JAN 1868 – Findlay, Hancock Co., Ohio

Died 29 JUN 1941 – Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio

Buried Maple Grove Cemetery, Findlay, Ohio

Married Carrie Catherine Dempsey

Born 31 DEC 1874 – Upper Sandusky, Ohio

Died 6 FEB 1952 – Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio (pneumonia)

Buried Maple Grove Cemetery, Findlay, Ohio


Generation 10:


Alma Mary O’Harra

Born 16 JAN 1902 – Findlay, Hancock Co., Ohio

Died 5 SEP 1976Indio, California  (cremation)

Married 24 JUL 1920, Detroit, Michigan (D – 1929)

Benjamin Claude Bartel

Born 29 JUN 1896 – Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio

Died 7 MAR 1961 – Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio

Buried Toledo Memorial Park, Sylvania, Lucas Co., Ohio


Generation 11:


Ellen Jane Bartelle

Born 5 DEC 1921 – Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio

Died 16 JAN 1999 – Lansing, Cook Co., Illinois

Buried (ashes buried at paternal grandmother’s gravesite,

Toledo Memorial Park, Sylvania, Ohio)

Married 18 OCT 1944, New York City (D - 1957)

Wayne Jackson Shullaw

Born 4 SEP 1918 – Wyoming, Stark Co., Illinois

Died 31 May 1984 – Tavernier, Florida (cremation)


Generation 12:


Dianne Bartelle Shullaw

Born 14 AUG 1945New York City, New York

Married (1):  11 JUL 1964, Calumet City, Cook Co., Illinois (D – 1972)

Robert Warren Anderson

Born 28 OCT 1942Baltimore, Maryland


Couple had two children:

Alice Katherine Anderson, born 24 NOV 1964, died 25 NOV 1964

Buried Carbondale, Jackson Co., Illinois

Jeffrey Lee Anderson

Born 21 MAR 1968, Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, Alaska


Married (2): 24 MAY 1977, Anchorage, Alaska

Charles Lewis O’Connell

Born 8 APR 1942 – Kalispell, Montana


Couple had two children:

Jennifer Ellen O’Connell

Born 29 NOV 1977, Anchorage, Alaska

Jessica Dianne O’Connell

Born 3 AUG 1980, Anchorage, Alaska


Generation 12:


Jeffrey Lee Anderson

Born 21 MAR 1968, Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, Alaska

Married 14 FEB 1990, Redding, California (D - 1998)

Brigette Tristan McFadden

Born 22 JAN 1969Anchorage, Alaska


Jennifer Ellen O’Connell

Born 29 NOV 1977, Anchorage, Alaska

Currently resides Bellevue, WA (2006)


Jessica Dianne O’Connell

Born 3 AUG 1980, Anchorage, Alaska

Married 21 DEC 2003, Anchorage, Alaska

Donald Wayne Schmitz

Born 11 JAN 1978Brighton, Colorado


Generation 13:


Daughter of Jeffrey and Brigette (McFadden) Anderson:

Tristan Lee Anderson, born 4 DEC 1995, Anchorage, Alaska

Daughter of Donald and Jessica (O’Connell) Schmitz:

Myah Mathilda Schmitz, born 3 JUL 2005, Juneau, Alaska

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