The Children of John and Priscilla (Slagle) O’Harra

1.         Mary “Polly”, born 1792, Hampshire County, VA; married 24 MAR 1811, Col. John Cochran; died 14 DEC 1864, South Bloomfield, Pickaway County, OH.  Mary sells her inherited land to brother Joseph, 5 SEP 1838;  (Mary is named after mother Priscilla's sister Mary.)

            1860 census, South Bloomfield, Harrison twp, Pickaway Co, OH:

            John Cochran, 71, farmer, $69,550, born PA;

            Polly, 68;

            Catherine Webb, 24, serving;

            Thornton Wallace, 23;

            Priscilla O'Harra, 87 (or 84), born VA 

            Mary and her husband Colonel John are buried in the Harrison Township Cemetery (one half mile south of South Bloomfield, on route 23), Pickaway Co., Ohio, along with three of their children:  John Finley Cochran, died at age 21; Priscilla Cochran, died at age 17; and Mary Cochran, died at 22 days.

            John Cochran's stone honors his War of 1812 service, indicating that he died in 1878. Mary's inscription indicates that she died 14 DEC 1864 at age 73 years. The family is buried not far from the grave of Mary's mother, Priscilla O'Harra, whose stone indicates that she died in 1870 at age 96.

2.                  Francis, born about 1794 at Hampshire County, VA; married 27 DEC 1827 Polly Bowsher.  Francis sells inherited land to brother Joseph 28 MAR 1833. (Priscilla's brother Joseph Slagle of Ross Co., OH, names a son by his second marriage, Francis Burrill Slagle, born in 1822.)

            According to the 1850 census (Indiana, Tippecanoe, Lafayette), Mary was born 1809 in Ohio. Husband Francis is not with them on the 1850 census. Children listed are: John born 1828 OH; Elizabeth born 1834 IN; Andrew J. born 1837; IN; Joseph born 1842 IN; and Josephine born 27 Nov 1847 IN. Josephine is   married to Hiram Hicks in Iroquois County, IL in 1870.

3.         Joseph, born 1796 in Virginia; married 9 DEC 1828 Mary Corn; died 8 JAN 1861, Franklin County, OH. Joseph is named after mother Priscilla's brother Joseph Slagle.  There have not been Josephs in the O'Harra family previously. Joseph names a daughter of his Priscilla.

      A review of land transactions in Franklin County, shows that at the death of his father John in 1832, Joseph O'Harra begins purchasing the family land inherited   by his siblings (1833-1851), in the same fashion as his brother Hugh is purchasing the land (1830-1854) of his deceased father-in-law Timothy Corn.  These O'Harra brothers, married to Corn sisters, must have had quite a competition going          throughout their lives.

4.         Hugh2 (John and Priscilla1), born 24 AUG 1798 in Virginia; married 11 FEB 1833 Anna Corn; died from typhoid fever  9 SEP 1856 at Pickaway County, OH.  Hugh is probably named after one of his father John's brothers. 

            Hugh O'Harra drafted his last will and testament on 1 SEP 1856 and died 9 SEP 1856.  The Daughters of the American Revolution records for Pickaway County indicate that Hugh and his wife were both buried at the Reber Hill Cemetery, Walnut Township, Pickaway County, OH.  In the 1840 census, an elderly Priscilla O'Harra is living with son Hugh and daughter-in-law Anna.

            Hugh's wife Anna and brother Joseph's wife Mary are both daughters of Timothy Corn.  Timothy Corn and John O'Harra both list their birthplaces as Virginia. 

            Fairfield County Courthouse, Lancaster, Ohio (next door to Pickaway): Hugh  O'HARA died. Appt. John C.O'HARA to gdn. to Hugh O'Hara..age 20 yrs old / Jan 26,1858...And Malissa Jane O'Hara age 15 yrs old / Jan 15,1858..And William Henry O'Hara age 13 yrs old/ Oct 1,1858...And Elias Thompson O'Hara age 11 yrs old/Nov 2,1858...And Thomas Jones O'Hara .age 9 yrs old/May 4,1858...chn/o Hugh O'Hara dec'd.. Dated: March 6,1858.

            Hugh's son John C. O'Harra was able to keep the family together after his parents'         death.  The 1860 Pickaway County, OH census, Walnut Township, Circleville         Post Office  listed the following family members as of July 10, 1860:

            John O'Harra, age 24, farmer; Mary, age 20; Melissa, age 17 (to become Mrs. Davis Elliott); William O'Harra, age 14; Elias O'Harra, age 12; Thomas O'Harra, age 10; Hugh O'Harra, age 21, farm labor (and brother); George Hawkinson, 24 (farm labor).

            Sister Margaret had married John Marshall/Markel in 1855.

            A visit to Reber Hill Cemetery found the following listing for Hugh in Sec. 14, Lot 42:  Born 24 AUG 1798, died 9 SEP 1856 of typhoid fever.  Birthplace and  residence Walnut Township.  Remains transferred in from Koch Cemetery. 

            In a sketch concerning son John Cochran O'Harra in the History of Pickaway County, Ohio (p.608), the following is said about father Hugh:

            Hugh O'Harra was born in Virginia in 1798 and was but a child when he accompanied his parents to Ohio. Hugh O'Harra died in 1856, at the age of 58 years, his mother (J.C.’s mother; Hugh’s wife Anna) having preceded him in 1852.

            The children of Hugh O'Harra and wife were:  Margaret, born in 1833; Priscilla,   who died young; John C. of this sketch; Hugh, deceased; Mary E., a resident of  Lockbourne, Ohio; Melissa Jane of Franklin County, Ohio; William H. and Elias T., both deceased (but we know that both had re-located to Findlay, Ohio prior to death, married and fathered children); Thomas J. of Findlay, Ohio; and Gustavus, who died in childhood.

5.         John, Jr., born 15 SEP 1800 Allegheny County, MD; married 12 NOV 1825 Hannah Slagle; died about 1832, Walnut Township, Pickaway County, OH.  Rebecca Kartalia believes that John O'Harra married Hannah Slagle (daughter of  Joseph Slagle and Margaret Monnett) and lists daughters Margaret, Priscilla, Polly and Eliza. This Hannah later married Andrew Corn 27 AUG 1837 in    Pickaway County, OH.  (See John’s father’s notes).

6.         Charles, born 1798 in Virginia (same year as brother Hugh); married first 23 JUN 1825 Mariah Fleming; and second Mary Jane, about 1830. Charles sells    inherited land to brother Joseph 10 JAN 1834.  The 1850 census for Prairie Township, Franklin County, OH lists Charles as 52, with a daughter Priscilla, age 21.  One also notices that Joseph O'Harra has a son named Charles.  (We speculate that Charles is named after one of his father's brothers.  A Charles O'Harra dies in 1817 in Franklin County.  He is a good candidate.)

7.         Hannah, born in Hampshire County, VA. I had not known of the existence of   Hannah Slagle O'Harra until receiving the materials from Rebecca Kartalia.   Rebecca's notes indicate that Hannah: first married Andrew Corn, 27 Aug 1837 in Pickaway County, OH, a son of John Timothy Corn and Ann;  second married Lemuel Evans 26 Mar 1921 in Pickaway County, (Pickaway marriage records).

            Kartalia  also states that this Hannah is ascribed to this family because she has the name of her grandmother, but it is also possible that she is the daughter of Joseph Slagle who married John O'Harra, Jr., first, and Andrew Corn, second.  And    thusly, Lemuel Evans, third.  I personally think this is the case, since others records do not indicate that John and Priscilla were the parents of a daughter named Hannah.

8.         Anna Stacia (Stacey), born 1814; married 17 APR 1834 Davis S. Eilliott; married 1850 at Prairie Township, Franklin County, OH.  Stacy sells inherited land to brother Joseph 12 MAR 1838.  Priscilla Slagle O'Harra had a sister named Anastatia. Priscilla  was living with Stacy and Davis Elliott in Franklin County, in 1850.  She was 75 years old, making her birth year 1775.

9.         Benoni, born 25 AUG 1815, Harrision, Pickaway County, OH; married 15 NOV 1838 Lavinia Arndts; died 5 DEC 1889, Lockbourne, OH. Benoni sells inherited land to brother Joseph 19 MAR 1841.  (Priscilla was about 42 when Ben was born.  See Genesis 35:16-18.  Note that Benoni also names a daughter Priscilla.)

10.       Priscilla, the baby of the family, born 1821 at Pickaway County, when Priscilla is 48 years old.  Priscilla married 1 AUG 1836 Daniel Brantner; and dies 6 OCT 1898 at Springfield, Sangamon County, IL.  Priscilla and Daniel are the parents of  Civil War Soldier Samuel Brantner (see appendices).

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