The Renschler/Rangler Family

Jacob Rangler: Resident of Kirby Dead

Jacob Rangeler, a pioneer resident of Kirby, died at his home, in that village, Tuesday morning, at 2:30 o'clock from dropsy.  Mr. Rangeler was born July 26, 1828, having reached the age of 78 years, 5 months and 12 days.  He was married to Catherine Krider in 1851 and who died in 1897.  They were the parents of six children, all of whom are dead, except one daughter, Mary, wife of Beecher Ensminger, residing two and one-half miles west of Kirby.  Mr. Rangeler was again married to Mrs. Anna Long in 1901 who survives him.  The funeral will occur Thursday morning at 10 o'clock from the Church of God in Kirby, and burial will be made in the Schoenberger cemetery.

Jacob Renschler, or Rangler, is buried with his first wife and two of his daughters at Schoenberger Cemetery, a mile or so outside of Kirby, Wyandot County, Ohio.  His stone reads:  Jacob Rangler, born July 29, 1831, died Jan. 8, 1887.

Beside him is his daughter Charlotte's stone:  Charlotte born Sept. 30, 1856, died June 22, (illegible year).

Beside these two stones is a third, an oblisque with two names carved on it:  Catherine A., wife of Jacob Rangler, died Aug. 8, 1899, aged 70 years, 21 days. And on the same stone, Eliza Dempsey, died Nov. 1898.

This Pennsylvania Dutchman came from a long line of Renschlers. But his wish was for he and his family to be Ranglers, and thus they are.

Eliza Ann Rangler Dempsey

On my trip to Wyandot County, I was not totally unprepared for the name "Rangler" instead of the name "Renschler" at the Schoenberger Cemetery.  I had visited the Upper Sandusky Community Library earlier in the day and had found a 3 DEC 1896 edition of the Wyandot County Republican with a shorter description of daughter Eliza Dempsey's death:

"While Mrs. Hugh Dempsey of Findlay was visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Rangler of Kirby, she took ill very suddenly on Monday night of last week and died at one o'clock Tuesday morning.  Deceased formerly resided in this city.  She was a very industrious, good wife and mother and her death is deplored by those who knew her.  She was forty-four years and one month old at her death and leaves a husband, five children and many friends to mourn her departure.  The youngest child is fifteen years of age.  The funeral took place at Kirby last Thursday."

After her marriage to Hugh Dempsey, by Rev. Albert Ensinger, Eliza and her husband lived on a farm until they moved to Upper Sandusky, Wyandot County, in 1879.  Hugh was for a number of years a member of the Upper Sandusky police force and owned the Hutter House hotel for a time.  The family eventually moved to Findlay, Hancock County, OH in 1889.

Eliza died at a relatively young age, 44, under rather gruesome circumstances.  Death came 26 NOV 1896, while she was back in Wyandot Co. visiting her ailing mother in the village of Kirby.

Mrs. Dempsey, it was reported in the Upper Sandusky newspaper, died very suddenly at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Renschler.  She had arrived in Kirby the previous week in answer to a telegram notifying her that her mother, who had been an invalid for several years, was in critical condition suffering from dropsy.

Eliza stayed at the home of her parents a day longer than she had originally planned, retiring to bed at eleven o'clock on a Monday apparently in the best of health.  About midnight, her father heard her coughing, went to her room, but found her sleeping and did not arouse her.  He returned to his bed, but soon her coughing became more violent, so he went to see her again.  This time, blood was flowing from her mouth.  She was unconscious as the older man carried her to the sitting room.  She died without ever regaining consciousness.  It was believed that a blood vessel had ruptured in her lungs during sleep.  Death came quickly.

Funeral services were conducted at the Church of God and the body was buried in Schoenberger Grove in Salem twp.

Eliza's oldest daughter, Carrie Catherine, was 22 years old at the time of her mother's death.  She was married to William F. O'Harra.

Eliza's husband Hugh survived his wife by more than 25 years.  Their children grew, married, and had children of their own.  Many continue to live in northwestern Ohio.  One branch of son Joe's family -- granddaughter Joan Donoho, husband, and sons, lived in Willow, Alaska before Joan’s death.

This writer and her family -- the branch extending from daughter Carrie Catherine, live in Anchorage, Alaska.

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