Augusta Ankele

Wife of Herman J.A. Bartelle

In 1905, the Bartel family was experiencing severe stress.  Admission records for the Toledo State Hospital show that Mrs. Augusta Bartel, of 621 Nevada Avenue, was admitted as a patient on 13 OCT 1905.  She was 55 years old at the time of admission.  Her diagnosis was "involutional melancholia," a depression which sets in during menopause in women who have not experienced mental illness previously.

Listed as a "Protestant," Augusta was to die at the hospital 12 MAR 1938, at the age of 87 or 88 years, of "senility."  She had been a resident for more than 32 years.  Her death certificate indicates that her illness began in 1901.  Augusta was buried on the hospital grounds.  A notation was found on an Internet listing of Ohio Cemeteries in January 2002 which informed us that persons buried at the Toledo State Hospital (Sunshine) were removed to Forest Cemetery, but that there was no record of those interred.

The names of Augustaís parents were listed as "unknown" on her death certificate. Through her son Albert's death certificate, however, we learn that Augusta's maiden name was Ankele.

One family tradition says that Augusta was committed after she witnessed the death of her daughter in a kitchen accident.  Her dress had caught on fire.  No one at the 1992 Family Reunion (except this writer's mother)  remembered the daughter or her name.  Some doubted her existence.

However, this writer has a 26 JUL 1965 letter from Grace Wolfinger, Augusta's granddaughter, which says:

"My mother was married to Frank Bartel.  He was born in this country, had two brothers and one sister.  His father and mother came from the old country," Grace wrote.  "My mother (Jennie Queen Bartel Richmond) had eight children, only three lived to be of any age," she added.

Another family tradition said that Herman committed his wife so that he could seize their property and return to Germany.  Augusta's hospital record indicates that she was a paying patient, however; so it is possible that the property was sold to pay Augusta's medical expenses. The record also lists her address as 621 Nevada Street, Toledo.

It was fortuitous that Albert reported his mother's maiden name prior to his death in Denver.  A search of the Ohio records for 1900 provided only one county with Ankele families -- Licking Co., City of Newark.

In 1900, Augusta would have been 50 or 51 years old.  In 1900, there was a Charles Ankele, 53, and his family listed in Newark.  Charles was born in "Germany."  Also in Newark were Jacob Ankele, 57, and his family. Jacob was also listed as born in "Germany."  Augusta, Charles and Jacob could be siblings, but this is just speculation.

Herman and Augusta were the parents of:

1.         Frank J. Frank and Jennie (Queen) Bartel are living on Mount Rose Avenue, Adams twp., Lucas Co., OH, in the 1900 Toledo census.  Frank, 25, is employed as a hammerman.  This is the only record we have been able to find   which mentions Frank, although we have searched county, state, and federal records, Toledo newspaper files, Lutheran Church records and records for the Toledo Public Schools.  We have not found reference to the correct Frank Bartel.

            The family does have a formal photograph of Frank Bartel, Emmett Queen (Jennie's brother), and Henry Richmond (whose brother would later marry Jennie).  The three men must have been close friends. Another formal photograph 1905, pictures Jennie with son Ben, daughter Grace, and infant Bessie. There is no Frank at the Reunion.  (This is about the same year that Frank's mother Augusta was committed to the State Hospital.  Bad year.)

            It is believed that Frank left the family about this time, re-married and continued to live in the east Toledo area with his second wife and her children.  Frank maintained no contact with his own children, although his brother Albert visited the family from time to time.  Frank Bartel's children grew to maturity without him, married and produced many descendants.

2.         Albert. "Uncle Albert" was remembered as living in Windsor, Canada, for a time prior to his death in Denver, CO.  Windsor is located across the lake from Detroit, MI.  Albert spelled his surname "Bartell."  He never married. Albert's death certificate from Denver tells us that he had been in that community for less than a   month prior to becoming ill with broncho-pneumonia and brochial asthma.  He died 20 OCT 1941 at St. Anthony's Hospital, was a returned to Toledo, Ohio, for burial.  The certificate lists Albert's usual place of residence as 504 Beaubien Street, Detroit, MI, and his occupation as a core maker for Ford Motors.  The document further states that Albert's father was Herman J.A. Bartell and that his mother's maiden name was Ankele.

            The certificate lists Albert has born in Ohio, 31 AUG 1887, and that he was 64 years old at the time of his death.  If Albert were born in 1887, he would have been only 54 years old at the time of his death.  I believe that Albert was actually born in 1877, three years after his brother Frank.

            Albert Bartell is buried at the Willow Cemetery, Oregon, OH (single grave No. 417-C), the same cemetery where Herman Bartel is buried (single grave No.  1598).  Oregon is located outside Toledo.

3.         Robert. No record has been found for son Robert, "who died here (Toledo) in a "home," according to niece-in-law Fern Bartel in 1980.  It was Fern who provided Robert's first name. The letter from Grace Wolfinger also indicates that her father had two brothers, and a sister. We have assumed that Robert was the youngest of  the boys. I have found a marriage notice for a Robert R. Bartel in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, Sentinel, when this Robert obtained a license 15 AUG 1902 to marry Frances E. Hartshorn.  I have no reason to believe or not to believe that this might be our relative.  Our Robert would be a marriageable age in 1902 and Fort Wayne is not far from Ohio.  Still no reason to believe this is our man.

4.         Daughter.  This is the mysterious daughter who, my mother says, died in a kitchen fire accident, an accident which destroyed her mother's ability to cope with life and landed her in theToledo State Hospital for 32 years. The letter from Grace Wolfinger confirms that there was a daughter. We do not know her name.  I would not be surprised if it were not "Barbara."  My grandmother (Ben Bartel's  first wife Alma) once made mention to me that she had suggested the name "Barbara" when my mother was born.  Her mother-in-law Jennie Bartel Richmond, threw a fit and wouldn't hear of it -- for no stated reason. Later, my grandfather and his second wife Fern named a daughter Barbara.  Apparently, Grandmother Jennie had calmed down about the name.

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