Frances “Fanny” Eby

Wife of James Quinn/Queen

Fanny5 (Benjamin4, Michael3, Christian2, Theodorus1) was born about 1815, probably at Perry County, OH. She was married to James Quinn 15 MAR 1834, by a justice of the peace at Perry County.  James was two years younger than Fanny and is listed as born in Ireland. 

Fanny was listed as head of household in the 1850 census with three children living with her:  Elizabeth, 12; James; and Benjamin.  The elder James is enumerated separately in neighboring Fairfield County, OH, as a laborer on the Henry Eckhart farm.  James could be "working out" to provide income for the little family.

Fanny is still head of household in the 1860 census.  Two children who should have been listed in the 1850 census appear in this one:  Sarah, age 20; and John, age 19.  Elizabeth is now 23; James is 17; and Benjamin is 10.  They have a five-month-old little sister named Cornelia.

In the 1870 census, we have Benjamin Queen, now 20, as head of household with his wife Rachel Lowry, 21.  The house also includes Benjamin's mother, Fanny Queen; Benjamin's grandmother, Elizabeth Eby, 79, infirm and blind;  Benjamin's sister Charlotta, 10 (probably Cornelia by a different name);  and Benjamin and Rachel's two month old son Charles, born in April.

James and Fanny’s children were:

            1.         Elizabeth Quinn, born about 1838;

            2.         Sarah Quinn, born about 1840;

            3.         John Quinn, born about 1841;

            4.         James Queen6, born 6 SEP 1844;

            5.         Benjamin F. Queen6, born about 1850;

            6.         Cornelia Quinn, born about 1859 at Perry County, listed as five months old in 1860 census.

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