Descendants of

Frank and Jennie (Queen) Bartel's

Daughters Grace Wolfinger and Bessie Kronsberger

Frank and Jennie (Queen) Bartel were the parents of:

a.         Benjamin Claude, born29 JUN 1896 (more of whom in next section);

b.         Grace, born 17 NOV 1900 at Toledo, OH; died 29 JUN 1979 at Toledo (SS Death Index); married Joseph Wolfinger, born 19 APR 1896; died NOV 1966, at Toledo.  Joe and Grace were the parents of:

            (1)        Charles, born9 FEB 1917; married Corrine; died MAR 1976 atToledo. Charles and Corrine were the parents of two daughters.

            (2)        Stanley, married Dorothy who died in late 2002;

            (3)        Virginia Mary, born 5 DEC 1921 (Ellen Bartelle’s “twin cousin”) at Sylvania, Lucas County, OH; married 1 APR 1942 Alfred Edward Davis, born 8 APR 1920 and who died in 1993.  Virginia and Al were the parents of:

                        (a)        Thomas Charles, born8 NOV 1946

                        (b)        Linda Lee, born 4 DEC 1948

            (4)        Ralph “Buddy”, married Patricia who died in FEB 2003.  Ralph and Patricia were the parents of:

                        (a)        Debbie Wolfinger who married Ken Jetter.  Debbie and Ken were                                           the parents of:

                                    [1]        Chris

                                    [2]        Brandy

            (5)        Peggy, born19 MAR 1932; married21 OCT 1950 John F. Zydel, born 12                             APR 1928. Peggy and John were the parents of:

                                    [1]        John Joseph, born13 FEB 1955 atToledo; married OCT 1975 Kathy Wieszhon.  John and Kathy were the parents of:

                                                [a]        John Edward, born20 MAY 1977;

                                                [b]        Mark Andrew, born 12 DEC 1978

                                    [2]        Joseph Edward, born22 MAY 1961 atToledo; married30  SEP 1995 Lori Beth Malkin, born2 FEB 1962.

            (6)        Joseph William, born19 NOV 1935 atToledo; married Mary Kathryn  Young, born12 MAY 1937; died30 AUG 1995 atToledo from amyloidosis after being ill for about a year. Joe and Mary Kathryn were  the parents of:

                        (a.)       Karen Yvonne, born 4 NOV 1956; married 1 MAR 1980 Roger Crylyn Miller, born22 MAR 1957.  Karen and Roger were the parents of:

                                    [1]        Ryan Michael, born25 MAR 1983;

                                    [2]        Alexis Ann, born5 MAR 1985;

                                    [3]        Ross Andrew, born 7 APR 1990.

                        (b.)       Kristy Jo, born27 JAN 1958; married first Paul Gittleman.  Kristy and Paul were the parents of:

                                    [1]        Stephanie, born19 FEB 1981.

Kristy Jo married second Jim Momeny.  Kristy and Jim were the parents of:

                                    [1]        Brent, born21 NOV 1982.

                        (c.)       Kathy Marie, born27 JAN 1958;

                        (d.)       Kenneth William, born1 MAR 1961;

                        (e.)       Kevin Joseph, born15 OCT 1964;

                       (f.)        Kerrie Jo, born 15 APR 1969; married14 NOV 1989 Brian Hardman.

c.         Bessie, born in 1905 atToledo; married Ferdinand L. Kronsberger, born 11 OCT 1902, died 13 MAR 1989 at Flint, Genesee County, MI; Bessie died 5 SEP 1930, at Toledo.  Ferdinand Kronsberger buried his first wife Bessie Bartel, age 25, in 1930, inToledo Memorial Park along with their infant son Gerald.

            1930 census forSylvania, Lucas County, Ohio: Ferdinand L. Kronsberger, head, 27, married first time at 20, machinist, Paper Bag Mfg. Co.; Bessie F. Kronsberger, wife, 24, married first time at 18; Richard O. Kronsberger, son, 5   1/12; Otto C. Kronsberger, father, 54, tester, Float Mfg. Co.;

            Living next door to Bessie's mother and stepfather are: Charles C. Richmond, head, 54, married first time, 34, bundler, Paper Bag Mfg. Co.; Jennie J., wife, 57, married first time at 18; Ellen J. Bartell, stepgranddaughter, 8.

            Ferdinand buried his second wife Sophia F. Wilson Kronsberger next to her in the same lot following her death22 FEB 1961 at age 65. Also buried on the Kronsberger lot is Jennie Queen Richmond, Bessie's mother, who died at age 82, 4 SEP 1956.   Jennie was buried 6 SEP in Sec. 2, lot 646, grave no. 2 --Toledo Memorial Park.

            OnJune 29, 2000, the ashes of Jennie's granddaughter Ellen Jane (Bartelle) Shullaw were buried "with her grandmother" as she had requested.  The urn is placed between the grave of Jennie and the grave of Jennie's daughter Bessie, where Ellen remembers "picnicking under the tree" with her grandmother as a child.

            Ferdinand Kronsberger married a third time and is buried inMichigan beside that wife.

            Ferdinand and Bessie were the parents of:

            (1)        Richard O., born in 1928; died11 NOV 1992 atWest Palm Beach,FL.  The family lost touch with Dickie after he grew up.  The family reunions began in 1990 -- and  the question always arose, "How do you suppose we could get a hold of Dickie?" The following obituary appeared in aToledo newspaper in the fall of 1992:

Richard O. Kronsberger, died11 NOV 1992, atWest Palm Beach, FL, age 68.  Kronsberger retired in 1979 from the civil service, having served the U.S. Navy with the Sea Lift Command, and also having served in the Korean conflict.  He is survived by his wife Hazel; son Richard Louis Kronsberger; daughter-in-law Gina; grandson Roger; and granddaughter Cheryl of Royal Palm Beach, FL. Kronsberger is also survived by a stepson Henry Allison ofToledo,OH; step-granddaughters Leah and Lauren Littleton ofToledo; and step-grandson Michael Allison ofWest Palm Beach, FL.  He was preceded in death by stepson Roger Littleton. Richard was also survived by his step-brother Jack Wilson ofCalifornia.

            (2)        Gerald, born and died5 SEP 1930.

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