The Lowrys: Indian Traders?

Rachael’s Family

Rachel’s grandfather James Lowry and his wife are living in Bern twp, Fairfield Co., OH, in 1830 and have at least two sons:  William, about 22; and James Jr., about 20. The

Lowrys came to Ireland, principally to Ulster, with the 17th century settlers from Scotland. Genealogist Clyde Groff of Pennsylvania recalls that Lazarus Lowry came to Lancaster Co., as an Indian trader.  He belonged to, and was tossed out of, the Denegal Presbyterian Church; and fathered five sons, all Indian traders.  One son, Alexander, served in the American Revolution.  Another son was sitting on a keg of gun powder one day when an Indian lit it. Chances are that the remaining Lowrys migrated to Virginia, Groff says.

James Lowry Sr. was born in Virginia sometime between 1770 and 1780. James' wife was also born in Virginia.  James could have been a child of one of Lazarus' Virginia boys, Alexander's brothers.

We have not been successful in latching up Lazarus Lowry's family with ours but chances are there is some connection.  We did visit the Presbyterian Church's historical society in Philadephia during the summer of 1982.  Sure enough the Roll of the Denegal Church in 1776 lists Alexander's family.  Unlike his father, Alexander was in good standing with the church.

Col. Alexander Lowry, had a lengthy biography.  The family settled in Donegal in 1729.  Col. Lowry embarked in the Indian trade with his father and brothers as early as 1744.  His courage, tact, and great energy led him to surmount difficulties which crushed many of his fellow Indian traders, it was said.

At the time the church article was written, Lowry "was in the saddle night and day, organizing his battalion of militia and urging his neighbors to resist British tyranny.  His fortune was large and he did not hesitate to advance liberal sums of money to equip and place the militia in the field for active duty."

Alexander died at his home in Donegal, Lancaster Co., 31 JAN 1805.  He was about 80 years old.  He had married twice and fathered one son, Lazarus, born 27 JAN 1764, and four daughters.  Lazarus inherited a large estate from his father in Pennsylvania and left a large family.

The cemetery records for Donegal Presbyterian Church, Lancaster Co., PA list: Alexander Lowrey, 1726-1805 * Revolutionary Soldier, according to DAR 1943 and Ann Lowrey, 1733-1791.

It would seem that, if we were to connect with this family, it would have to be through another of Old Lazarus' sons (James, John, Daniel or Alexander), one who might have migrated to Virginia.  James Lowrey "moved away" from Lancaster County in 1758, after sustaining great losses to Indian raids.

Research in Indian records uncovered numerous Indian families by the name of Lowery or Lowry in the eastern states.

William Lowry

Rachael’s Father

William is about 22 years old in 1830, living with his parents and brother James in Bern twp., Fairfield Co., OH. Record of his marriage to Jane Kernes is found in Book I of Fairfield Co., marriage records 1835-1851, page 50. Jane was the daughter of John Kerns who shows up in the 1830 census, living in Fairfield County.

In 1850, William, now 37, was a cooper and his wife, Jane, 32, was raising three children:  Martha A., 11; John K. (probably for Kerns), 10; and Rachel, age one.  William's brother James, 35, a merchant, is living with them.

By 1860, William is widowed; John K. is now 20; Rachel is 11; and there is a young son named after his father, William, age eight.

In 1870, William, now 63, is living with his older daughter Martha Lowry Mauler.  William's brother James, now 60, is also living with his niece.

In 1880, William, now 72, is living with his younger daughter, Rachel Lowry Queen, 30, and her husband Benjamin in Thorne Township, Perry County.  William is listed as a cooper, born in Virginia, about 1808.

The children of William and Jane (Kerns) Lowry were:

1.         Martha A., born 1839 atFairfield County,OH; married5 AUG 1858 atFairfield, Robert Mauler.  Robert ‘s brother Johnson Mauler takes young Benjamin Queen to the justice of the peace in 1869 to marry Martha's younger sister Rachel.

As an aside, family members in 1990 remembered an "Uncle John" who was Jennie Queen's uncle who visited the family frequently in the 1920s.  One family member believed that "Uncle John's" last name was Mauler. Others thought it was   Queen.  There are several photographs of "Uncle John", a distinguished, white-  haired men with mustache.  Family tradition says that John had been a drummer boy in the Civil War, and several remembered visiting him at the Soldiers and Sailors Home in Sandusky, OH.  If Uncle John were actually Johnson Mauler, he was Jennie's "uncle" by marriage.

In the 1870 census, the elder William Lowry, 63, is living with his older daughter, Mrs. Robert (Martha) Mauler.  William's old and infirm brother James, now 60, is living with Martha, as well.  The Maulers through the years have also taken in members of Robert's family.

On a visit to Thornville, Perry County, OH in late June of 2000, I visited a small, old cemetery located behind the elementary school.  There was buried Robert Mauler, Grand Army of the Republic (Civil War), Co. D, 187 Ohio Infantry. Since it was approaching the Fourth of July, the grave was freshly decorated with US flag and flowers.

2.         John Kerns, born 7 JUN 1840 at Fairfield County, OH; married 23 MAR 1863 Agnes Ann Mauller; John K. dies 25 JAN 1925 at Omaha, Douglas County, NE;  buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Omaha.  Agnes Ann was born 17 OCT 1846 at Perry County, OH, and died 4 MAY 1914, Florence, Douglas County, NE.  According to an e-mail received from Nancy Mitchell,, on March 12, 2003 the children of John and Agnes were:

            a.         Child Lowry born before 1900;

            b.         Child Lowry born before 1900;

            c.         Emma, born about 1868 in Ohio; married 1885 Charles Clinton Hupp; died before 1944 at Santa Ana, Orange County, CA. Charles was born in 1860 in Ohio; and died before 1944 at Santa Ana. The children of Emma and Charles were:


                        i.          William Clyde, born about 1885;

                        ii.         Cloe, born about 1887;

                       iii.         Blanche F., born 1890; married 14 APR 1914 John A. Burton, born 1891, Nebraska;

                        iv.        Child, born 11 MAR 1892;

                        v.         Child, born 11 MAR 1892.

            d.         Amanda A., born JUL 1869.

            e.         Adelaide “Addie” Ruby, born 5 AUG 1870 at Pleasantville, Fairview County, OH; married 30 APR 1888 at Omaha, Douglas County, NE Walter Albin Pope; died 4 AUG 1945, Long Beach, Los Angeles County, CA; buried at Fall Haven Cemetery, Santa Ana.  Walter was born 1 SEP 1857 at Greenfield, Hancock County, IN; and died 1 APR 1919 Pottawattamie, Iowa.  Addie and Walter were the parents of:

                        i.          Mona Mie, born 31 JUL 1899.

            f.          John Haze, born APR 1878; married 30 SEP 1903 at Omaha, Douglas County, NE. Elizabeth O. Holtzman; died before 1944.  Elizabeth was born about 1883.  The children of John and Elizabeth were:

                        i.          Melvin F., born 1904; married27 NOV 1926 atOmaha, Gladys Kastner, born about 1907.  Melvin and Gladys were the parents of:


                                    (a.)    Delores, born after 1930.


                        ii.          Lelita, born 1908;

                        iii.         Margaret, born 1909;

                        iv.         Helen, born about 1912;

                        v.         Eugene, born about 1922.


            g.         Maybelle, born JAN 1883 at Pleasantville, Fairview County, OH; married 27 AUG 1904 at Avoca, Pottawattamie County, IA, Clyde Elmer Goff. Clyde was born14 JUN 1881 at Okland, Pottawattamie County, IA; and died10 OCT 1934 atSioux City, Woodbury County, IA.  Clyde and Maybelle were the parents of:


                        i.          Child,

                        ii.          Child,

                        iii.         Child,

                        iv.         Harvey,

                        v.         Pearl,

                        vi.         Harry,

                        vii.        Maggie,

                        viii.       Agnes,

                        ix.         Rex.

            h.         Maud, born SEP 1885; married first Henry Newell Brown, born about  1892 and died about NOV 1962; married second 10 MAR 1904 Edwin L. Reeves, born about 1880.  Maud and Henry were the parents of:

                        i.          Fern, who married a Mr. Fisher.

            i.          Dolly, born SEP 1887; married 29 SEP 1908 at Florence, Douglas County, NE, Charles Powell; died after 1944.  Charles born about 1884 in Iowa.

3.         Rachael Jane, born 27 JUN 1850 (more of whom below);

4.         William, born 1852 at Fairfield County, OH.

Rachael Jane Lowry

Wife of Benjamin Queen

Rachael Jane was born 27 JU 1850 in Ohio; married 2 MAY 1869 at Perry County, OH, Benjamin Queen; and died 13 JAN 1915 at Lucas County, OH.

Sometime after 1905, Benjamin and Rachel moved their family to Toledo, Lucas County, and rented a home at 3117 Fredonia St.  Rachel had had thirteen children, seven of whom survived infancy.  One who did not survive was Matilda Frances, born 4 JAN 1872, and who died 5 DEC 1872. (Record of child in possession of Stan Wolfinger, Toledo, 1990).

The 1910 federal census shows Rachel J. Queen, 60, as living with the family of her son-in-law Martin Rizenthaler, Toledo.

Rachael J. Queen death certificate, Vol. 1550, Certificate No. 3705, indicates she died 13 JAN 1915 at Lucas County, Ohio. The certificate also gives birthdate, death date, burial date and location, father's name (William Lowry), cause of death (anemia).  Residence at time of death was 1468 Norwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio.  Informant was Charlie Queen, 1637 Fernwood, Toledo.

A call to "Bonnie" at Forest Cemetery in January 2002 revealed that Rachael was, indeed, buried 15 JAN 1915, in "Old Common", grave No. 6612, Block 70, MT,  49'6".

Her husband Benjamin F. Queen was buried 27 APR 1907, age 58, in "Old Common", grave No. 6074, Block 71, MT 49'6" -- which would be next to one another.

Rachael (Lowry) and Benjamin Queen’s children were:

i.                     Charles William, born 19 APR 1970.  "Charlie" Queen married a woman by the name of "Ross", born about 1875. 1910 federal census for Toledo, Lucas County, OH: Charles W. Queen, 40, head of household; Rossie, wife, 35;

(a.)        Anna, daughter, 18;  

(b.)       Vernon, son, 17

                        ii.          Matilda Frances, born 4 JAN 1872; died 5 DEC 1872. Record of  child in possession of Stan Wolfinger, Toledo, 1990.

                        iii.         Virginia (Jennie), born 20 MAR 1874 (more of whom below);

iv.                 Bertha (Albertie), born 1876; married Henry Richmond. Bertie died shortly after the birth of her and Henry’s second child, Grace Fern. Bertie's brother, Emmett Queen, and Emmett's wife Gertrude, adopted and raised Grace as their child. Grace Fern named her second daughter "Alberta", after her mother.

            Henry raised his son Kenneth himself.  His second wife was named Bell (Arabella).  Henry was Charles Richmond's brother.  Bertie Queen was, of course, Jennie's sister.  Charles and Jennie (Queen) Richmond were good friends with and other travelled with Henry and Bell.

            The 1910 soundex for Toledo (120-0127-0304) lists: H.O. Richmond, 37; Arabel, wife, 36; Kenneth, 9; Grace, 7, and

            Harmon B., female, 77, born New York.

            The 1920 census lists Henry Richmond, 46, born in New York,  with wife Arabella, 33, born in Ohio, as living at 27 25 Summit St.,   Toledo, OH.

            1930 Census for Sylvania, Lucas County, OH lists: Henry O. Richmond, 56; Arabelle L. Richmond, 43; Owen K. Richmond, 8, grandson. Albertie and Henry were the parents of:

(a.)              Kenneth, who married and had two sons:

            (1)        Norman Richard;

            (2)        Owen K., born about 1922 inOhio

(b.)             Grace Fern, born 1906 who married Charles Tanner and had two daughters:

            (1)        Shirley, born19 NOV 1925; and

            (2)        Alberta, born 10 DEC 1929.

v.                   Emmett E., born 223 NOV 1879; married Gertrude M.; and died21 JAN 1963 atToledo, Lucas County, OH.  Gertrude born 1883; died 1957. Emmett and Gertrude adopted and raised Emmett's infant niece Grace Fern, as their child.  One family tradition says that Grace Richmond Queen's birth name was actually "Mercedes".

                                    1910 Federal Census Soundex:  Lucas County, Toledo, OH:

                                    Emmet E. Queen, 29; Gertrude M., wife, 26; Grace F., daughter, 4.

                                    1920 Federal Census, Toledo, Lucas County, OH (living next door                                           to Emmett's sister Grace Ritzenthaler's family): Emmett Queen, 40, polisher, Tube Co.; Gertrude M. Queen, 36; and Grace F., 14.

                                    1930 Federal Census, Toledo, Lucas County, OH: Emmett Queen, 51, married first at age 21, packer, hardware; Gertrude Queen, 47, married first at age 17.

vi.                 Elizabeth (Bessie), born 1 JAN 1882; married Frank John Burrow; born 1885. Bessie Queen married Frank Burrow.  Frank, 65, died of a cerebral hemorrhage 29 MAY 1950.  Bessie, 81, died 25 MAY 1963, of cerebral thrombosis.  Both are buried in Toledo Memorial Park, sec. 21, lot 947, graves 4 and 5. Bessie and Frank were the parents of:

(a.)              Gladys Mari, born10 JAN 1906 atToledo; married Alber Paul Campey, born8 JAN 1904 atToledo. Albert was the son of William and Molly Campey.  Albert was a welder; Gladys was a nurse.  They were the parents of:

            (1)        Jack Raymond, born 1 DEC 1924; married first SEP 1948 Leone Mary Potter; married second  Marcia Elizabeth Inman of Nashville; and married third 27 NOV 1987 Dorothy Virginia Ashford Pettee.  Received following e-mail from Laura A. (Pettee) Garrett, 18 JUL 2000: Hi.  I just looked at some of your gedcom.  I think you have my Mom as Dorothy Elizabeth Ashford Pettee Campey.  My Mom was married to a Jack Campey for a while and we got to meet his very lovely daughter Marsha and her husband Bob Foote, who was way cool.  This is too crazy to be just coincidence.  Would like to correct some information, for example, my Mom's name is Dorothy Virginia Ashford Pettee. My name  is Laura A. (Pettee) Garrett.  Thanks.

                        Jack and his first wife Leone were the parents of:

                        [a.]       Marsha Ann, born25 JUL 1950; married Robert Foote; family lives inWayne,NE.  Marsha and Bob are parents of:

                                    [i.]        Garrett William, born 4 DEC 1969;

                                    [ii.]       Sharon, who married JAN 1991 Jason Curtis;

                                    [iii.]      David;

                                    [iv.]      Sarah Louise.

                        Jack and his second wife Marcia were the parents of:

                        [b.]       Jack Raymond II, born 28 APR 1972.

            (2)        Jerry Paul, born30 MAY 1933 atToledo, married first Joanne; and second Elizabeth. Jerry and Joanne were the parents of:

                        [a.]       Jeff; and

                        [b.]       Jill.

                        Jerry and Elizabeth were the parents of:

                        [a.]       Jerry Paul Jr.

(b.)             Charles;

(c.)              Norman, who died17 JAN 1998. Norman of Temperance, MI, was the host of the first (1990) Queen FamilyReunion.  Norman married first Goldie Korth.  Norman and Goldie served as godparents at the baptism of Ellen Jane Bartelle.  Their own son, Norman Burrow Jr., was baptized during the same ceremony held at their home inSylvania, OH.

            Norman married second Mary C., who died died at age 58 of a cerebral vascular accident.  She is buried at Toledo  Memorial Park, sec. 21, lot 947, grave 2. Norman and Goldie were the parents of:

            (1)        Norman Jr., born 17 DEC 1930; currently (1993) lives in Toledo, OH.  Godparents at Norman Jr.'s  baptism 11 JAN 1931 through Olivet Lutheran Church, Sylvania, Lucas County, OH, were Charles Burrow and Julia Korth.

(d.)             Robert Louis, born 8 AUG 1922 at Toledo; died JAN 1997 in Texas. He was cremated.  Robert married first Eleanor; and second Ruth; and third on 3 NOV 1969 at Oak Harbor, OH, Gloria Jean Hermsen.  Gloria Jean was born 20 OCT 1940 at Toledo.

            Robert and Eleanor were the parents of:

            (1)        James Dennis, born 12 JUL 1943 at Toledo; married three times, the names of the first two wives unknown, the third being Donna Vernig.

         The children of James and his first wife are:

         [a.]       Kitty, born10 OCT 1961; and

         [b.]       Sandy, born23 FEB 1962.

         The children of James and his second wife are:

         [a.]       Danny, born 22 APR 1967;

         [b.]       Wendy, born22 JUN 1968; and

         [c.]       Cory, born 28 DEC 1970.

         The child of James and Donna is:

         [a.]       James Dennis Jr., born 24 FEB 1979.

         All of James Dennis Burrow Sr.'s children from three different marriages were living in Bovery, MN, in 1990.

(2)     Carol Lee, born 9 JAN 1941 at Toledo.  Carol Lee Burrow married twice and is now divorced.  She lives in Minneapolis, MN.  She has five children, but I do not know anything about the husbands/ fathers, as to who belongs to who.  They all are Carol’s children:

         [a.]       Tammy, born 26 SEP 1961; lives in Grand (do not know state), is divorced, and has four children.  Do not know surname.

                     (1)        Robert,

                     (2)        Christopher,

                     (3)        Matthew,

                     (4)        Michael.


         [b.]       Jeanette, born21 JUL 1963; is married, has  three children, and is living inSpokane, WA.  I do not know the name of her husband, nor the names of her children.

         [c.]       Timothy, born24 NOV 1964; is married, has one child, and is living inMinnesota.  I do not know the name of his wife, nor his child.

         [d.]       Ronald, born17 AUG 1966, living in Minnesota.

         [e.]       Kim, born 15 DEC 1971; living inBemidji, MN.

(3)     Pamela Louise, born 16 MAR 1950 at Toledo, OH; living in Temperance, MI; married Duff Raker. Pamela and Duff are the parents of:

         [a.]       Dawn, born 19 JAN 1968; married and divorced and mother of:

                     {1}      Theresa Jay Louise, born5 MAY 1985;

                     {2}      Jesse Thomas, born17 AUG 1987;

                     {3}      Krystal Louise, born  16 OCT 1988.

         [b.]       Dusky, born 19 JUL 1976.

Robert and Ruth were the parents of:

(1)     Norman Eugene, born 29 APR 1962 at Toledo; married Joy, born 4 AUG 1956; living in Fort Worth, TX.  Norman and Joy are the parents of:

         [a.]       Sabrina, born 2 DEC 1987;

         [b.]       Bradley, born22 SEP 1989.

(2)     Richard Edward, born 15 JUN 1964 at Toledo; living in Fort Worth, TX.

vii.                Grace, born SEP 1885; married Martin Frederick Ritzenthaler, born 8 JAN 1884. Grace died at the age of 85 of acute congestive failure on 30 AUG 1971. Her husband had died 1 JAN 1953 at the age of 68.  Both are buried at Toledo Memorial Park, section 35, lot 199, graves 4 and 5.

            Martin and Grace were listed in the 1920 census for Toledo, Lucas county, Ohio:Martin, 34, machinist in machine foundry; Grace, 34;

            Genevieve, 11; and Richard, 4.

            Next door lived Grace's brother: Emmett Queen, 40, polisher, tube company; Gertrude M., 36; and Grace F., 14.

            In the 1930 census forToledo: Martin Rizenthaler, head, 45, married at 21, machinist, tool industry; Grace, wife, 45, married at 21, paper hanger, wall paper company; Richard A., son, 14; Jesse O. Hay, son-in-law, 32, married at 29, railroad clerk; Genevieve  Hay, daughter, 22, married at 19, paster, wallpaper company.

            Martin Frederick Ritzenthaler was the son of :  Martin Ritzenthaler b.Nov.1844, Baden,Germany. His mother was Agatha Zimmerman b.Nov. 1854,Michigan, USA. Thee family setteled in Toledo,OH. Seven children born to Martin and Agatha: Katie, MAY 1873; Roza, DEC 1875; Leo, 1880; Martin Fredrick,JAN 8 1884; Frank, FEB 1885; Alexander, FEB 1889; and Constance, JUL1896. Descendants still reside inToledo.

            Martin and Grace were the parents of:

(a.)              Richard Alexander, born 24 DEC 1915 in Toledo, Lucas County, OH; married in 1936 Hazel Lynnettah Savidge, born 25 JAN 1917 at Callaway, NE; and died 13 APR 1979.  Richard was christened at St. Theresa's Catholic Church in Toledo.  His wife, Hazel, was an Episcopalian.  Richard served in the U.S. Navy and was a research technician.  He died at 63 and is buried at Toledo Memorial Park, section 35, lot 199, grave 1. Richard and Hazel were the parents of:

            [1]        Jacqueline Kay, born 11 MAR 1937 at Toledo;

            [2]        Carolyn Lee, born 19 OCT 1939 at Toledo; married first in 1956 Robert Raymond Keeler, born 27 JUN 1936 at Monroe County, MI; Robert was the son of George Raymond and Lois (Nelson) Keeler. Carolyn was Lutheran; Robert was Catholic.  Carolyn married second Richard Eugene Roberts, born 27 OCT 1936. Richard was the son of James Oliver and Vera Rosetta (Neal) Roberts. Richard served in the U.S. Air Force and was a service manager.  He was Lutheran.

                        Jacqueline and Robert were the parents of:

                        [a.]       Robert Raymond Jr., born 31 MAR 1957 at Toledo; married 1979 Melanie Lynn Glass, born 6 OCT 1961; married second, wife’s name not known. Robert was a Lutheran.

                                    Robert and Melanie were the parents of:

                                    {1}      Jennifer Lyn, born 10 NOV 1979;

                                    Robert and second wife were the parents of:

                                    {1}      Chelsea, born OCT 1990.

                        [b.]       Martin Russell, born 6 NOV 1958 at Toledo;

                        [c.]       Bryan Lee, born 24 JAN 1960; died 25 JAN 1960, at Toledo.

                        Jacqueline and Richard were the parents of:

                        [a.]       Pamela Dawn, born 20 JAN 1961; married Arthur Garn.  Pamela and Arthur were the parents of:

                                    {1}      Amanda, born DEC 1991

                                    {2}      Nicole Allison, born24 SEP 1993

                                    {3}      Tyler Benjamin, born31 MAR  1994;

                        [b.]       Kimberly Jo, born 5 JAN 1963;

                        [c.]       Tracey Lynn, born 25 JUL 1964; married 11 AUG 1984 Brian Patrick Kenney, born 18 NOV 1963 at Toledo. Brian, a Catholic, is the son of Donald and Nancy Kenney.  Tracey and Brian were the parents of:

                                    {1}      Jessica Lynn, born18 JAN 1987;

                                    {2}      Kristen Lee, born7 JUN 1988;

                                    {3}      Heather Marie, born OCT 1991

                        [d.]       Shelley Ann, born 5 OCT 1965; married  SEP 1988 Scott Alan Heuerman, born 13 DEC 1964 at Toledo. Scott, a Catholic, is  the son of Jerry and Susan Heuerman.  Shelley and Scott were the parents of:

                                    {1}      Lauren Ashley, born 17 DEC 1989;

                                    {2}      Brandon Alexander.

                        [e.]       Dawn Darlene, born 1 NOV 1968;

                        [f.]        Jeannette Lee, born 30 JUN 1970; married Robert Dilworth.  Jeannette and Robert were the parents of:

                                    {1}      Ashley Nicole, born JUL 1990;

                                    {2}      Brittany Carolyn, born NOV 1992;

                                    {3}      Harley Betty, born NOV 1992.

            [3]        Diana Lyn, born 15 OCT 1946; married first Lawrence Michael Leggin, born 20 JUL 1947. Lawrence served in the Marines and was an engineer. Diana married second Jerry Roy Mason.

                        Diana and Lawrence were the parents of:


                        [a.]       Laura Lyn, born24 FEB 1966;

                        [b.]       Michael Lawrence, born 10 APR 1970; married 20 APR 1991 Bridgette Smith.

                        Diana and Jerry were the parents of:

                        [a.]       Bridget, born 20 JUL 1991.

            [4]        Richard Frederick, born 3 MAR 1955 at Toledo; married Michele Dennison, born 5 DEC 1955. Richard, a Lutheran, was married twice.  I do not know whether Michele is his first or second wife.  Michele is a Catholic. Richard and Michele were the parents of:

                        [a.]       Diana Quinn, born 12 APR 1988;

                        [b.]       Alexander Frederick, born24 JUL 1990.

(b.)             Genevieve, born 8 MAR 1908; died of cancer, 8 FEB 1994. Genevieve married Jesse Hay.  The couple had no children.  Aunt Genevieve was the Grand Dame of the 1990 family reunion and was able to identify many of the mystery old photographs in dusty albums.

viii.              John R., was born 1 FEB 1887; died OCT 1968; married Ellen, born 1887, died 1963.  Only one family at the 1990 Queen Family Reunion bore the surname Queen and that family was descended from John Queen.  John, 32, is listed in the 1920 federal census, as living at 2855 Elm Street, Toledo, OH, with his wife, Ellen, 32, and sons, Emmett, 9, and Roy, 8. John's death date from Social Security Death Index. 1930  federal census for Toledo shows: John R. Queen, 43, machinist; Ellen, wife, 43; and Emmett O., son, 19, machine shop.

            John and Ellen were the parents of:

            a.         Emmett, born 29 APR 1910 and died 23 MAY 1999 at St.  Petersburg, FL; married Thelma McNutt, born 1914 and died DEC 1975.  Emmett and Thelma were the parents of:

                        (1)        Robert (Bud), born 1934; living inSt. Petersburg,  FL, in 1990.Forest Cemetery records inToledo,  OH, indicate that Robert died18 MAY 2000 and was buried in the urn section of the cemetery (block 2, grave 37) on22 AUG 2000.  Next of kin listed was Donald Queen ofToledo Robert married firstNancy, divorced, and married Ellen.  I do not know which woman was the mother of his children, but I would suspect it wasNancy.

                                    (a.)       Karen, born 23 SEP 1958. Received March 26, 2003: My family also lived in Sylvania (the 70s).  My brother and I both graduated from Sylvania High School.  My uncle, Donald Queen is also doing research on the Queen family.  He lives in Swanton, Ohio. I  have heard about the reunions through Gary Richmond (grandson of  Kenneth Richmond).  He had received some information a few years back and told my  brother about it.  He couldn't figure out why he kept getting invited to the Queen reunions.  When they told me about it   started doing some research and found out that we were related.  My brother John is 43 years old, born November 7, 1959.  He has never been married.  I am the oldest, born September 23, 1958.   I was married on October 1, 1977 to Kenneth W. Wainer.  We were divorced on May 9, 1997.  We had no children.  John and I still live in Toledo. My dad's sister, Judy Letson, also lives in Toledo.  Karen.

                                    (b.)       John, born 7 NOV 1959 (see sister’s notes.)

                        (2)        Shirley, married Jim Richardon.  Died MAY 1976.

                        (3)        Judy, married Arthur Letson;

                        (4)        Donald, born12 AUG 1949 atToledo; married Kathy.  Donald served 1969-1971 in the U.S. Army,  twelve months inVietnam. He and Kathy moved to Swanton,OH, in 1973. Donald, Kathy, and their only child Amy Kathleen were the only persons at the 1990 Queen FamilyReunion who bore the Queen surname.

                                    (a.)       Amy Kathleen.

            b.         Roy J., born 23 NOV 1911; died 7 NOV 1926

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