James Quinn

Grandfather of Benjamin Queen

The James Quinn/Queen, Sr., family was listed in the 1830 Perry County census.  In that census, James Sr. is the head of a household which includes a son, age 10 to 15 (Fanny's husband James Jr.); as well as three younger sons, a daughter and a wife.  Names and specific ages were not listed in 1830.

Since James Jr. was later listed as born in Ireland, the Quinn family must have arrived in this country between 1815 and 1820.  It is quite likely that the family was of Scotch-Irish (Northern Protestant) descent.

Quinn is among the twenty most common surnames in Ireland, found in every county, but more frequently in Ulster where curiously, Protestant families of the name tend to distinguish themselves by spelling Quin with one "n".  This is not a hard and fast rule, however. In the early records the surname appears as both Quinn and Queen, but since 1870, has always appeared as Queen.

James Queen

Brother of Benjamin Queen

On a visit to Thornville, Perry County, Ohio in late June 2000, I visited a small graveyard located behind the elementary school.  I was looking for Queen family graves, and found one, possibly two.  There was a single oblisque with the name Annie Queen, born 19 NOV 1845, died March 1898, on one side.  On the other side of the stone was the name James Queen, born 6 SEP 1844, but with no death date.

I believe Annie died and husband James had both his and her names engraved on the stone.  I do not believe that James was buried here, because it appears as though he has re-married by 1900.

In the June 24, 1880 federal census for Thornport, Thorn Township, Perry County, Ohio:

James Queen, 35, day laborer; Ann Queen, 34, wife, keeping house; Daniel H. Queen, 16, son, laborer; Allen W. Queen, 15, son, laborer; Benjamin F. Queen, 13, son, laborer; Margaret A. Queen, 11, daughter, at home; Susan Queen, 9, daughter, at home; Frances Queen, 7, daughter, at home; George W. Queen, 5, son, at home; Mary E. Queen, 2, daughter, at home; and  Mary Mauler, 69, mother-in-law

 I found the 1900 federal census for Thorn Township, Perry County, Ohio: James Queen, born Sept. 1844, age 55, as head of household, born in Pennsylvania, occupation "tin peddler" (He owned a mortgage-free house); and Lidah E. Queen, born Aug. 1881, age 18, wife.

There was also next door: George W. Queen, born July 1874, age 25, head of household, born in Ohio, occupation "day laborer"; and  Sarah E. Queen, born June 1875, age 24, wife.

Down the road a piece, were two more Queens, living in the household of: Gilbert Shell, 24, a "fisherman" by trade; Mary Shell, 22, his wife; Anna M. Shell, age 1, his daughter;

Angeline A. Queen, age 16, his sister-in-law and "servant"; and Virgil R. Queen, one month, his nephew.

An informant also wrote, I have reason to believe that this is the brother to Benjamin Queen married to Rachel Jane Lowry.  I have the 1870 Census of Richland Twp. Fairfield Co., OH page 18. Johnson Mauller and wife Mary have James and Ann Queen living with them with the following children Daniel, Allen, Benjamin and Margaret.   Living next door was Samuel Mauller and Hulda, with Mary and Jane.

Benjamin F. Queen

Benjamin Quinn6 (Fanny Eby5, Benjamin4, Michael3, Christian2, Theodorus1) was three months old when he first appeared in the U.S. census for Perry Co., OH, in 1850.

Benjamin married 2 MAY 1869 at Perry County, OH Rachael Jane Lowry.  Rachael was born 27 JUN 1850 in Ohio and died 13 JAN 1915 Lucas County, OH.

We believe the Benjamin Queen family re-located to Toledo, Ohio in about 1905 -- an extended family photograph taken about that time shows the entire group in front of the old family farm house (near Thornville, Ohio).  Perhaps the photo was taken because the place was being sold.

We located Benjamin through his wife Rachael's death certificate which stated that her burial place was Forest Cemetery, Toledo, Ohio.

A call to "Bonnie" at Forest Cemetery in January 2002 revealed that Rachael was, indeed, buried 15 JAN 1915, in "Old Common", grave No. 6612, Block 70, MT, 49'6".

Her husband Benjamin F. Queen was buried 27 APR 1907, age 58, in "Old Common", grave No. 6074, Block 71, MT 49'6" -- which would be next to one another.

Benjamin was 58 years old at the time of his death, according to cemetery records.  His death record, (found in the Lucas County Probate Court Death Records, Vol. 5, page 199), was even more specific:  58 years, two months, and 13 days.  The record also indicates that he was a carpenter by trade and died as a result of blood poisoning.  Residence at the time of death was 1826 Roy St., Toledo.

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