Out of London

The Jimmie Jackson Family

The James Jackson family is quite interesting to this writer in that so much of their history in contained in court documents.  James B., the patriarch and original immigrant, was a man of some substance at the time of his death.  His children and grandchildren took a land case all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court.  The case itself is interesting, but the genealogical data it provides is invaluable.  TheJackson family was a prolific lot.

James3 (George I2, Jeffris1) and his wife Elizabeth were the parents of six children.  We are descended from son George II.  George’s life, or more specifically the trials and tribulations of his widow Margaret, are also documented through court papers related to his estate.  It is a sad story of a widow trying to make it after her husband’s death, and failing to do so.

We believe that James was the grandson of one Jeffris Jackson1 and his wife Alice. Jeffris and Alice are listed as the parents of George2 , born 1757 in Stepney,London,England. George is listed as the father of our James B. Jackson3.  This information comes from records held by the Church of the Latter Day Saints.  The reliability of the information is unknown.

James B. Jackson's marriage to Elizabeth Jennett Towne 10 SEP 1820 is recorded atSt. Martin in the Fields,Westminster,London,England.  This record is also found in the archives of the LDS church.

But our story really begins with the arrival of James and Elizabeth and their family toAmerica in about 1826.

An entry for son-in-law William Peterson in Comments and Biography Pertaining to the Settlement and Progress of Stark County, (M.A. Leeson, Chicago, 1887), provides a few more clues and dates. It reads:

“James Jackson was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1796; married Elizabeth Town of London, when 25 years old; six years later came to America and settled in Duchess County, N.Y.; and in 1841 moved to Peoria County, IL., and to Stark Co., IL, in 1852.  Here James Jackson died in 1870 (actually it was 1871) in his 75th year, and his wife in 1876, in her 82nd year, leaving seven children, of whom four are living -- Mrs. Mary Jackson Woodin Peterson being the youngest, wife of William Peterson.  Their children includeFlorence, Mary, James W., Belle, Albert M., Henry A., and Orion E.”

An inquiry was sent to the Duchess County Genealogical Society,Poughkeepsie, NY, on24 OCT 1990.  A response was received21 AUG 1992.  None of the censusJacksons in the area were found to be related to this family.

There was, however, record of two James Jacksons, both former subjects ofGreat Britain, who were naturalized inNew York County -- one on15 SEP 1840 and the second on 30 OCT 1840.  The researcher believed that whichever James Jackson was ours, he  probably was naturalized in New York City and moved to theMidwest from there.

James and family did move to theMidwest and prospered.  He died2 JUL 1871, in Valley twp., Stark Co. at the age of 75 years.  Jimmie was relatively well-off and known in the area as a successful cattle dealer. His estate at the time of his death included about 130 acres and:

            one bay horse, four years old

            one sorrel horse, five years old

            one dark roan horse, nine years old

            one bay horse, ten years old

            one flea-bitten gray, seven years old

            one gray horse, 18 years old

            one bay pony, six years old

            one bay mare, four years old

            one road mare, three years old

            one sorrel horse, five years old

            one brown mare, three years old

            one red cow and calf

            one red yearling heifer

            84 head of hogs and 80 pigs

            two lumber wagons

            two hay racks

            one wheel barrow

            one sulkey hay rack

            one double carriage

            one single carriage with pole

            one roller

            one pair of bobsleds

            one grind stone

            one hide

            one double shovel plow

            one cider mill

            one harrow

            one tanning mill

            one scouring plow

            one corn planter and sleigh

            115 bushels of winter wheat

            480 bushels of rye

            420 bushels of oats

            400 bushels of corn in crib

            four pitch forks

            one cross cut saw

            one saddle and bridle

            one single harness

            one set light-double harness

            one set heavy double harness

            another heavy double harness

            three barnyard shovels

            one McCormick mower

            58 tons of Timothy hay

            412.5 more bushels of oats

            two beds of bedding

            one poket?

            one cook stove

            one stand

            one wash stand and one writing stand.

The total came to $3,603.60 value.

James' first choice as executor of his estate was Samuel Jackson who, at the time of the writing of the will in 1869, lived inPeoria.  But at Jimmie's death in 1871, Samuel lived inChicago.  He was unwilling to serve.  We assume Samuel was James' brother or cousin.

When Samuel refused to serve, James' widow Elizabeth chose son Joseph. James' estate papers list five children:  Joseph Jackson, George Jackson, Elizabeth (Mrs. John) Powers, Rachel (Mrs. Jonathan) Taylor, and Mary (Mrs. William) Peterson.  A son David was deceased.

A dispute arose several years after James' death (1896) among the heirs of his children over the dispersal and sale of James' property.  Great grandson Leroy Shullaw kept the clipping.  That clipping indicated that the heirs eventually lost the case in Illinois  Supreme Court.  Another article related to the same matter would indicate that the heirs won. The latter is included below. It is followed by the first article.

Stark Co. News,20 FEB 1903

Jackson Land Case

The sale of theJackson land by the Master in Chancery P.M. Blair, last Saturday, was well attended and high prices prevailed for all the tracts. The total amount of the sale was $32,230.50 which is over $7,000 more than the land was appraised at.  Most of the land lies in Valley township, east of thevillage ofStark, and is rich farm land.

The different tracts sold as follows:  The Powers seventy acres in section 27, and also forty-two acres of theDawson land, adjoining on the east, was sold to John M. Gehrt, of Speer; the seventy acres brought $109.25 per acre, and the other tract $97 per acre.  The "Margaret Jackson" seventy-six acres, adjoining on the west, and the Powers sixty-four acres, northwest of that, also in section 27 was sold to David Shearer; the first tract brought $100 per acre and the latter $80.  The Wickham eighty in section 23 was sold to James and John Wickham for $97 per acre.  Two small timber tracts in Essex township were purchased by S.M. Adams and Simon Cox, the first named paying $9.00 and the latter $20.00.

Among those from a distance who attended the sale were William Peterson, ofTopeka,Kansas; David Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. James Wasson and Ada Fox, all ofPerry,Iowa; John C. Jackson, Dunlap; Edward Aukten, Princeville; P.E. Mann, Peoria; H.C. Pettit, Chillicothe; John Gehrt, William A. Gray, Speer; David Shearer, J.A. Hammond, John W. Walters, G.W. Scott, A.W. King, Cortie Cox, all of Wyoming, besides numerous others from the east side of the county as well as others from a distance.

In 1898 John C. Jackson and others filed a bill in partition against the holders of the land who had purchased from the children of "Jimmie" Jackson.  Their contention was that Joseph, George, Rachel and Elizabeth Jackson were only given a life estate by the will and had no right to sell the property; that it should go back to their children and grandchildren, some forty in number.

The circuit court of Stark county decided in their favor.  The case was then appealed to the Supreme Court, which court found virtually the same as the lower court, with the exception that the statute of limitations had run against one of the complainants.

James H. Rennick, ofToulon, was the attorney engaged on the case on the side of the complainants.  For the successful termination of the suit of his clients, John C. Jackson et al., great credit is due Mr. Rennick's untiring labors, delving into the statutes, looking up intricate law points, etc.  His contentions all thru were practically sustained successively by the Master in Chancery, the Circuit Court and the Supreme Court.  It was owing to his advice that the bill in partition was originally filed; and this was the starter of gaining for his clients thousands of dollars which rightfully belonged to them but for which they had a hard fight to get.  On the opposite side of the case were engaged eight or nine attorneys.

The members of the bar concede that the case is one of the most intricate ones that ever came up inStark County, and may be said to fairly bristle with legal points.

H.C. Pettit, ofChillicothe, an attorney who was instrumental in having it carried to the Supreme Court, lost 76 acres to his clients by so doing. The circuit court had allowed Pettit 140 acres of the land, but the Supreme Court cut this down to 64 acres.

An undated article retained by Roy Shullaw, with some words on the edges missing, reads:

Law Suit Over $60,000 Worth

(Of Farm) Lands Decided by Supreme Court

(The Supreme) court of Illinois has _____ opinions in a long list of _____ among others was the very ______ known as Peterson et (al v.) ______ et al.  This suit is from ______ and is of more than ordinary interest because of the parties, many of whom are well known, the large amount involved, and the very interesting legal points decided.  It seems

that Patrick Cain, who came toPeoria in 1841 and made money draying in this city, then went to Stark county, bought land and grew wealthy.  In the fall of 1897 he bought 134 acres of land near Stark, paying therefore $7,000.  The trade included a store building onNorth Adams street in this city.  He bought of a Mrs. Elizabeth Powers.  In December, 1898, John C. Jackson and others filed a bill for partition in Stark county against Patrick Cain, James Dawson and others.  They claimed that neither Mr. Cain nor Mr. Dawson nor a Miss Wickham had any claim or title to the land, claimed by them, some 300 acres.  The suit also included 150 acres of other land.  All of this land is fine, rich, prairie land, worth about $60,000 at the present time.  It was claimed that the land was originally owned by James Jackson, one of the pioneer settlers of this section of the state, who lived and died near Stark and near the northern boundary of this county.  Mr. Jackson, or "Jimmie" Jackson as he was called, was well known to the early settlers of this county as a large cattle dealer.

Mr. Jackson made a will in 1869.  The will was written by Alfred M. Gibbons, an attorney who formerly lived atChillicothe, and a brother of our George Gibbons.  Mr. Jackson died in July, 1871.  In his will he gave the land in dispute to his four children -- George, Joseph, Rachel and Elizabeth Jackson.  Elizabeth afterward married a Mr. Powers and Rachel, a Mr. Taylor.  The will contained this clause:  "To them only and the heirs of their bodies, share and share alike."

After his death in 1872 all of the children came into court and had the land partitioned claiming to own the fee.  This suit was brought by Martin Shallenberger and decided by the late Judge S.D. Puterbaugh. After the land was divided Rachel and Joseph in 1875 conveyed 90 acres to James L. Dawson, who had possession, paid the taxes and claimed to own the land up to the time he died -- some twenty-six years.

When Mr. Dawson bought the land, land was cheap, but he paid $3,500 for it at that time.  Another 80 acres of this land was sold in 1887 to Ella Wickham, and possessed by her and taxes paid ever since.  Mrs. Powers paid the taxes on the 134 acres set off to her and which she sold to Mr. Cain, for over thirty years claiming to own it.

Naturally when the grandchildren and great-grandchildren filed their bill and insisted that neither Patrick Cain, James Dawson or Ella Wickham had any interest in the land after all these years it caused consternation. The case after dragging along in the courts and coming up at different times before Judges Shaw, Worthington and Puterbaugh, was finally decided in September, 1900, by Judge L.D. Puterbaugh, the son of the judge who first passed  on the case.  'The court held with the claimants and against Cain, Dawson and Miss Wickham.  The court held the four children had a life estate and all of them having died it went to the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, some forty in number.  This took the land altogether away from Cain, Dawson, and Miss Wickham.  They had contended that the  partition of 1872 was conclusive of the rights of the parties; also that Mrs. Powers' share went to them, she never having had any  children or heirs of her body, and that their claims were barred by the statute of limitations.

In the meantime both Cain and Dawson died.  Their heirs and Miss Wickham took up the case to the supreme court.  The supreme court in a long opinion delivered by Mr. Justice Cartright, held that the heirs of Cain and Dawson and Miss Wickham were right and reversed the circuit court and remanded the case.

One of the interesting legal questions decided by the opinion is as to when the fee vested as to that part willed Mrs. Powers.  It was held by the circuit court following the opinion in the case of Perry Frazier vs. the Supervisors of  Peoria county, decided in 74 Ill. 282 that the fee was in abeyance, or as it is said in law Latin, "In Nuhibus," until the death of Mrs. Powers.  But the supreme court distinguished this from that case and said it vested at the time James Jackson died.  This is the first time that this point has been raised and decided by the supreme court of this state.  The effect of the decision is to give Miss Wickham and the heirs of Patrick Cain and James Dawson nearly all the land they claimed and bought and thought they owned for years.

The decision is quite a victory for attorneys Covey, Mann & Covey, who represent the heirs of Cain, Dawson and Miss Wickham.  There were a large number of attorneys on the other side, including Judge Wilson of Kewanee, Martin Shallenberger, Judge Wright, Judge Thompson, Frank Thomas, J.C. Pettit, W.H. Rennick and others.  Mr. Rennick, a brother of P.G. Rennick, the revenue collector of this district, had an attorney (fee?) of $2500 allowed in the case, ____ he loses by this decision.

Elizabeth Towne

Wife of James B. Jackson

Reference to Elizabeth (Jennett) Towne found in records of theChurch ofLatter Day Saints:  (Batch Co23239, Dates 1786-1800.  Source call no 375001 film, printout 0820541 film.)  Elizabeth was the daughter of David Towne and was married10 SEP 1820,Saint Martin in the Fields,Westminster,London,England, to James Jackson.

We can follow James and Elizabeth’s family through the U.S. Federal Census.

15 OCT 1850 census, Peoria Co., IL (p. 255): James Jackson, 56, farmer, bornEngland; Elizabeth, 46, born England; George, 29, farmer, born England; Joseph, 23, farmer, born England; David, 20, farmer, born England; Elizabeth, 16, born New York; Rachel, 15, born New York; and Mary, 13, born New York.

10 JUL 1860 census, Valley, Valley twp., Stark Co., IL, James Jackson 65, farmer, $12000/1700, born England; Elizabeth T., 65, born England; Elizabeth, 27, born NY; John Parr, 24, laborer, born Ireland; William Gill, 24, laborer, born Ireland; Clark Worden, 23, farmer, born NY; Mary Worden, 23, born NY; John Moore, 25, laborer, born Ireland; Michael Jackson, 24, laborer, born Ireland; and James Insh, 23, laborer, born Ireland.

26 JUL 1870 census, Valley twp., Stark Co., Wyoming post office, IL (all on what seems to be same property) William and Mary Peterson's family; John and Elizabeth Power; and Jonathan K. and Rachel Taylor; and James Jackson, 74, farmer $7500/$10000, bornEngland;Elizabeth, 74; Michael Cullen, 22, farm hand, bornIreland.

Not too far down the road we find the Joseph and Eleanor Jackson family. And over inAkron twp., Peoria Co.,West Hallock post office, IL: George and Margaret Jackson's family.

In the 1880 census, we only have the Petersons and the George Jackson's still in the area.

Court papers filed 15 DEC 1898, indicate that Elizabeth J. Jackson died at the home of her son George Jackson in Peoria Co., on 2 NOV 1876.

James and Elizabeth were the parents of:

I.          George4, born 17 APR 1821 (more of whom later);

II.         Joseph4, born 23 SEP 1826 near London; married Eleanor Taylor, born 16 APR 1830 in Pennsylvania and who died 29 OCT 1899;  Joseph died 17 NOV 1898 at Perry, Dallas County, IA. Joseph and Eleanor were the parents of:

1.                  Jeanette5, born OCT 1851 inIllinois; married in 1871 Joseph H. Wasson, born JUN 1849 inNew York. The family was listed in the 1900 census as living in Perry,spring Valley Township,IA.  Wasson was a locomotive engineer. They were the parents of:

A.                 Clarence, married Clara Johnson.  They were the parents of:

a.                   Joseph William, who was the father of

(1)               Auburn, who was the father of

            (a.) Debbie  (an Internet informant).

b.                  Faye, and

c.                   Jack.

B.                 Fred, born MAR 1874 inIllinois, was a brick and stone mason;

C.                 Halsey, born SEPT 1875 in Illinois, was a locomotive engineer;

D.                 Nealy,

E.                  David, born JUL 1879 inIllinois, worked for the railroad and married Leucetta who was born in 1878 inMassachusetts;

F.                  Edith,

G.                 Josie, and

H.                 Nina.

            2.         David, born 1854 in Illinois;

            3.         Mary, born 1854 in Illinois;

            4.         Alice Marion, born 6 DEC 1856 at Wyoming, IL; married David Piester 16 OCT 1875 at Lawn Ridge, IL; and died 29 OCT 1930 at St. Joseph, Buchanan County, IA. Piester was born 7 MAR 1846 in New York, the son of Tobalster Peister and Betsy Wilsey.  A farmer, Piester died 7 JUN 1923 in Blancard, Page County., MO, and is buried in Houser Cemetery, Iowa. References for David and Alice from Jacquelyn Greever: Missouri death certificate; Piester Bible, dated 6 DEC 1886;  Iowa death certificate; obit, Page Co., Democrat;  Clarinda, IA, obit, Blanchard Herald, Blancard, Page Co., IA.  Alice and David were the parents of:

                        A.        Henrietta May, born 1 AUG 1876 at Laprairie, Marshall County,  IL; married 25 FEB 1903 Leroy E. Holmes at Northboro, Page County, IA; died 13 JUN 1940 at Westboro,Atchison County,   MO. Holmes was born 16 OCT 1875 at Monroe, Green County, WI, and died 24 JUN 1957.

                        B.         Nettie Martha, born 9 DEC 1877; at Laprairie, Marshall County,  IL; married 20 APR 1907 John D. Holmes at Casper, Natrona County, WY; died 2 OCT 1916 at Wheatland, Platte County, WY.  This Holmes was born4 JUN 1883 atGreen County,WI, and died1 NOV 1931 atBoise,ID. Nettie and John were the parents of:

                                    a.         Donald David, born 27 OCT 1913;

                                    b.         Lorna Martha, born 27 APR 1916..

                        C.        Minnie Ann, born 12 DEC 1879 at Westboro,Atchison County,  MO; and died16 AUG 1880;

                        D.        Sidney Sherley, born 11 JUL 1881 at Westboro,  Atchinson  County, MO; and died10 AUG 1881;

                        E.         Georgia Alice, born 5 SEP 1882 in Atchison County, MO; married SEP 1903 Edward Million Greever at Westboro; and died 11 FEB 1972 at Kansas City, Jackson County, MO. Greever was born 13 APR 1878 at Rock Port, Atchison County, MO, and died 27 MAR 1951 at Tarkio. Greever was a farmer.  Georgia and Edward were the parents of:

                                    a.         Delbert Piester, born 4 JUN 1904;

                                    b.         Zerita Martha, born 4 DEC 1905;

                                    c.         Wendell Dale, born 10 MAR 1911;

                                    d.         C.B., born 21 SEP 1912 at Westboro; married Delphia May Flinn 17 OCT 1943 inDenver,CO; and died8 JAN 1959 at Denver.  Delphia was born27 NOV 1910 atEckley,CO, and died29 NOV 1993 at Littleton, Denver County, CO. C.B. Greever was career military. Delphia was the daughter of Theodore Flinn and Belva Wildman.

                                    e.         Edward M., born 18 JUN 1914, at  Westboro;  married 31 DEC 1935 Willis Willabelle Garst, born 20 AUG 1916 at Watson, Atchison County, MO; and died 8 AUG 1993 at Phoenix, AZ.  Edward is buried atSunland Memorial Park,Sun City, AZ.

                                    f.          Georgia Etta, born 25 JUL 1917;

                                    g.         Alice Marie, born 7 AUG 1919; and

                                    h.         Charles Melvin, born 29 JUN 1923.

            5.         Frances, born in 1859 inIllinois and married a man named Oman;

            6.         Flora, born 1862 in Illinois and married a man named Haverley;

            7.         Halsey, born 1864 in Illinois;

            8.         Josephine, born May 1866 inIllinois; married 1888 Michael Boyle.  Boyle was born FEB 1856 inWisconsin. Josephine and Michael were the parents of:

                        A.        Allan, born JAN 1890 in Iowa; and

                        B.         Homer, born JUL 1891 in Iowa.

            9.         Martha (Minnie), born JUN 1870 inIllinois and married a man named Miller;

            10.       Mattie, born 1873 inIllinois and died in 1874.

III.       David4, born about 1830 in  England; is only listed in the 1850 census, and must have died prior to 1860. Brother Joseph names a son David in about 1853.

IV.       Elizabeth4, born about 1834 inNew York; married John Powers who was born15 SEP 1896 atStark County,IL.  Elizabeth died 1 FEB 1898 at Stark County; 1870 census, Valley twp., Stark Co., Wyoming post office, lists on adjourning property with her parents, two sisters, their husbands, and their families: John Powers, 33, farmer, born Ireland; Elizabeth, 35, keeping house, born NY.

V.        Rachel4, born about 1835 inNew York; married Jonathan K. Taylor4 JUN 1854  at Peoria County, IL and died 1882.  Taylor was born about 1827 inNew York and died before 1898. Rachel and Jonathan were the parents of:

      1.         Elizabeth J., born 23 JUL 1856 atPeoria County, IL; married Joseph Wiar 25 DEC 1872; died23 MAR 1940.  Joseph was born26 OCT 1849 inOhio orPennsylvania and died7 SEP 1928 at Deadwood, SD.  Elizabeth and Joseph were the parents of:

                  a.         Helen, born17 SEP 1874 at Peoria,IL; died 1 JAN1940;

                  b.         Frank Joseph, born 25 JAN 1876 at Peoria, IL; married 14 NOV 1900 Emma Mary Hurd; and died 15 JUN 1919 at Twight, Butte County, SD.  Emma was born6 JUL 1881 atBattle Creek, Rock County, NB; and died24 JAN 1972 atTacoma,Pierce County,WA.  Frank was a rancher, a member of the Christian Church, and was killed in a sheep shearing accident. Emma was a mother, a housekeeper and a Presbyterian.  Frank and Emma were the parents of:

                              (1.)       Glen Joseph, born 3 JUN 1901 at Long Pine, Brown County, NB; married 8 SEP 1933 Mary Gladys Ashe at Tacoma, WA; died 9 JUN 1939 at Tacoma.  Mary Gladys was born13 OCT 1908 atRutland,VT; and died 11 APR 1997 atTacoma. Glen Joseph drowned off Vashon Island.  He was baptized5 OCT 1919 in the First Presbyterian Church,Sturgis,SD. He was a salesman by profession.  His 20-month-old son was later adopted by Floyd W.  Mitchell.  Glen Joseph and Mary Gladys were the parents of:

                                          (a.)       Thomas Eugene (Wiar) Mitchell, born10 OCT  937 atTacoma; married11 OCT 1958 Joyce Marie Steele atTacoma. Joyce was born 30 APR 1938 at Seattle, WA. Tom attended the University of  Puget Sound, is a salesman, a Catholic, and lives in Kent, WA. Tom and Joyce are the parents of:

                                                      (a.)       Todd Patric, born10 JUL 1959

                                                      (b.)       Christine Terese, born10 JUN 1961

                                                      (c.)       Glenn Thomas, born17 JUL 1962; married 21 JUL 2000.

                                                      (d.)       Sandra Denise, born11 OCT 1966

                              (2.)       Gladys Marie;

                              (3.)       Jessie Elaine;

                              (4.)       Joseph Franklin.

                  c.         Harriet Rachel, born 14 AUG 1877 at Westboro, Atchison County, MO; married William Logwig;

                  d.         Maude Pearl, born 17 JUL 1879 at Atchison County, MO; married Homer Likens 4 OCT 1900; died 31 MAY 1963 at Hot Springs, SD;

                  e.         James Bradley, born 5 DEC 1881 atAtchison County,MO; married Susan Crosley;

                  f.          Ome, 1881/1888; and

                  g.         Lenora Ada, born 30 AUG 1888, born 30 AUG 1888 at Bassett, Rock County, NB; married 1 JAN 1908 Elmer B. Rogers at Fairfax, SD; died 26 JAN 1966 at Chadron, NB. Elmer was born 4 NOV 1886 atScranton,IA; and died7 NOV 1973 atRapid City,SD.  He was buried atChadron,NB. Nora and Elmer were the parents of:

                              (1.)       Sarah Elizabeth, born 28 NOV 1928 at Butte, Boyd County, NB; married 31 DEC 1928 Theodore Barden at Sturgis, Meade County, SD; and died 30 JAN 1993 at Spearfish, SD. Theodore was born 14 JAN 1903 at Fedora, SD; died 12 AUG 1966 at Sturgis, SD. Sarah and Theodore were the parents of:

                                          (a.)       Donna Lou, born20 OCT 1929 at Sturgis,SD; married25 AUG 1948 Victor Greenwaldt

                                          (b.)       Elmer Clark,20 MAR 1931 at Twilight, SD; married21 OCT 1951 Wilma Chasing Hawk;

                                          (c.)       Robert Theodore, born11 OCT 1933 at Twilight, SD; married 7 APR 1957 Minnie Orra (Punky) Secrest;

                                          (d.)       Francis Delane, born17 FEB 1939 at Sturgis,SD; married first 223 JUN 1963 Mary Jo Hackworth; marriedsecond FEB 1966 Lorraine Gladys Patzer;

                                          (e.)       Twin Boys, born 15 APR 1936 at Sturgis,SD; died                                                           at birth;

                                          (f.)        Earl Byron, born 25 FEB 1941 at Sturgis, SD; married1 OCT 1969 Sherry Litzenberger; died11 JAN 1999 atYakima,WA;

                                          (g.)       Roger O’Neill, born6 NOV 1943 at Sturgis,SD; married 5 APR 1969 Terry Voncil Hale ;

                                          (h.)       Dianna Lee, born8 NOV 1946 at Sturgis,SD; married15 JAN 1966 Frank Charles Loup.

      2.         Eszelda, born about 1860 inIllinois; married Frank Wiar; died before 1898. Eszelda and Frank were the parents of:

                  a.         Rhoda (Mundell),

                  b.         Isabelle.

      3.         Jonathan B., born about 1862 inIllinois;

      4.         Alonzo, born about 1865 inIllinois;

      5.         Lenora, born about 1865 inIllinois; married James Keenan; died 12 JUN 1887;

      6.         Ada, born AUG 1869 in Illinois; married William Fox; 1900 census for Perry City, Spring Valley township, Dallas County, Iowa lists: William Fox, age 30, born January 1870 in Iowa, parents born in Iowa; Ada Fox, age 30, born August 1869 in Illinois, father born in New York, mother born in England; A. or O. R., Taylor, age 22, born July 1877 in Iowa; and


a.                   Eva Fox, age 7, born August 1892 inIowa;

b.                  Earl Fox, age 6, born December 1893 inIowa.

VI.       Mary4, born about 1837 inNew York; married first10 NOV 1859 Clark

Wooten/ Worden/ Woodin/ Wootin.Clark born about 1837 and died at age 23 on29 SEP 1860 (buried inWyoming, IL cemetery); married second 18 OCT 1863 William Peterson atStark County, IL. William born about 1842.  Family lived inStark County, IL at least until 1880, but eventually re-located toTopeka,KS by 1903.  Mary and William were the parents of:

1.                  Florence, born about 1864 atStark County;

2.                  Mary, born about 1866 atStark County;

3.                  James W., born about 1868 atStark County;

4.                  Belle, born about 1870 atStark County;

5.                  Albert M., born about 1873 atStark County;

6.                  Henry, born about MAR 1880 at Stark County,  (Family sketch in Leeson History of Stark Co., lists child as "Henry A.". 1880 census gives name as "Emery A.", age 5, and lists a younger Henry, born in March, 1880;

7.                  Orion E., born about 1877 atStark County,  (Could also be "Arron" or "Aaron".)

George Jackson

George4 (James3, George I2, Jeffris1)  was born in London, England 17 APR 1821, came to America with his parents; married Margaret Colthar 3 JUL 1858 at Stark County, IL; died at Lawn Ridge, Marshall County, IL, 27 MAR 1889; and is buried at the Fox Cemetery, Valley Township, Stark County. 

Joseph Jackson (George's brother) signed an affidavit that George was at least 21 and Margaret at least 18 years of age at the time of their marriage.  It would appear, however, that George was about 12 years older than Margaret. When the couple married, he was 36 and Margaret was 24, already the mother of two year oldLydia.  The census ages vary.

Census records pertaining to the family include:

1870 census,West Hallock post office,Akron twp., Peoria Co., IL (p. 18):

George Jackson, 50, $8,000/$800, born England; Margaret, 35, born OH; Lydia, 14, born OH; Harriet, 14, born IL; James, 9, born IL; John, 6, born IL; Elizabeth, 5, born IL; Isobel, 3, born IL; Washington, 2, born IL; and Thomas, 1, born IL.

On previous page (17) we have the family of Jacob Shullaw, 44, with his three year old son Franklin -- destined to marry Isobel above.

1880 census, Akron, Peoria Co., IL (p. 328): George Jackson, 56, farmer, bornEngland

Margaret, 43, keeping house; James, 17; Lydia, 23; Harriet, 21; John, 16;Elizabeth, 14;

Bell, 11;Washington, 11;Thomas, 10; Henry, 4; and Charley, 2.

The Jacob Shullaw family, including son Benjamin F., 12, have moved to Valley twp., Stark Co., IL.

George Jackson died27 MAR 1889, according to various court papers filed regarding the disposition of his estate, 9 APR 1889,  and the Great Jackson Land Claims filed 15 DEC 1898.

He died at Lawn Ridge, located inMarshall County.  He was a resident ofAkron,Peoria County, at the time.  The family property and history seems to have occurred in the corner of the world wherePeoria County,Marshall County, andStark County,Illinois, intersect.

The economic circumstances of the George Jackson family took a major turn for the worse hear the end of his life.  The records are painful. The man was obviously trying to save what he could for his family before he died.

In the Matter of the Estate of George Jackson:

March 16, 1889 – Isaac C. Edwards files a complaint that he suspects that George Jackson ofPrinceville Township,Peoria County,IL is about “to depart from this State with the intention of having his effects removed from this State.  He is about to remove property from this State to the injury of the said Isaac C. Edwards.  He is about to fraudulently conceal, assign or otherwise dispose of his property or effects, so as to binder or delay his creditors.  George Jackson apparently owed three hundred dollars to Isaac.

March 18, 1889 – The Sheriff of Peoria County attaches George Jackson’s real property and places some of George’s personal property in the hands of his son Thomas Jackson for safe keeping.  This property includes such items as some corn, ten hogs, a pregnant three-year-old bay mare, twelve cows, a bob sled and a buggy.

Nine days later onMarch 27, 1889, George Jackson dies at Lawn Ridge, Marshall County, IL (across the county line fromPeoria County.)  We do not know his cause of death.

April 9, 1889 – Margaret Jackson petitions the court inPeoria County to appoint her administratrix of the estate of George Jackson.  George’s personal property is estimated at $2,000 in value and his real estate is estimated at $15,000 in value.

April 19, 1889 – A $4,000 bond is posted in Probate Court,Period County, by Margaret E. Jackson, Jacob Shullaw, William Peterson, and James Jackson.

Jacob Shullaw is a neighbor of theJacksons.  Jacob’s youngest son Benjamin Franklin (Frank) Shullaw eventually marries George’s daughter Sarah Belle.  Frank and Belle were this writers great grandparents.

William Peterson is George Jackson’s brother-in-law.  Peterson married George’s youngest sister, Mary.  Peterson must have been pretty well-off, because it was he who eventually bought out a number of the relatives after the death of his father-in-law James Jackson.  However, everything eventually got re-distributed as a result of the Great Jackson Land Claims case.

James Jackson in these proceedings was George’s son.

April 25, 1889 – Margaret Jackson petitions for Letters of Administration.  Margaret is granted her request and signs the Administrator’s Oath.

April 15, 1889 – The Administrator’s Bond of $4,000 is approved and ordered filed and recorded.

May 2, 1889 – Margaret Jackson certifies a “correct inventory of the Real and Personal Estate of George Jackson.

May 2, 1889 – Widow’s Relinquishment and Selection document developed and “signed.”  Margaret requests $1,016.32 worth of personal effects.

June 15, 1889 – Appraisement Bill filed re: George Jackson estate and Widow’s Reliquishment and Selection filed.  Inventory filed (land plus $2,377 itemized chattel property.)

August 5, 1889 –Blacksmith authorized payment of $17.70 fromJackson estate, with itemized billing going back toMay 19, 1885.

September 2, 1889 – Doctor claims $102.25 worth of medical bills for theJackson family, offset by $32.25 worth of in-kind contributions, such as some apples, carrots, an eight pound lamb.

October 26, 1889 – Claims filed from various creditors amounting to a total of $78.24.

December 7, 1889Sale conducted as the late residence of said deceased in said county. About $559.00 was realized.

January 3, 1890 – David Hodges files an old claim from October 1888 against theJackson estate in the amount of $191.95.

Two years and two and one half months pass.

March 8, 1892 – Isabelle Owens, administratrix of the estate of Austin Bouton, petitions thePeoria County court to order Margaret Jackson to exhibit accounts of her administration for the “first term after the expiration and every twelve months thereafter as is by law required.”

March 19, 1892 – Isabelle Owens again petitions the court to demand that Margaret Jackson give a formal accounting of her administration of the George Jackson estate.  The sheriff has unsuccessfully attempted to find Margaret Jackson inPeoria County onMarch 18, 1892.  Owens believes Margaret is now in Stark County and petitions the court to command the sheriff ofStark County to notify Margaret that she must appearApril 18, 1892 before the court to show cause why she shouldn’t exhibit accounts of her administration.  The citation is issued.

April 18, 1892 – Margaret appears in court and is ordered to sell all remaining personal property at a public sale scheduled forMay 28, 1892.

May 2, 1892 – Above petition is filed.

May 28, 1892Sale is conducted at the public well at the corner ofMain and Walnut Streets, Village of Princeton, IL.  Exactly $296.00 was realized from the sale of four mares, one parlor stovepipe, a truck wagon, and a farm roller.

December 1, 1892 – Report of the Account of Margaret Jackson, administratrix of the estate of George Jackson is filed.  She itemizes receipts from the sale conducted in December 1889 and the one held May 28, 1892.  She also itemizes what had been paid out.  She respectfully requests to be released from her duties as administratrix.

We wonder what happened to the $4,000 bond posted back in April of 1889 and whatever happened to the $15,000 worth of farm land? 

Mention is made in the Jimmie Jackson case that "by warranty deed dated15 FEB 1890, Margaret Jackson deeded two and one half acres off the east side of said tract on sec. 2 to Simon Cox."  The 1900 census indicates that Margaret's farm was mortgaged.

Margaret E. Colthar

Wife of George Jackson

Margaret Colthar was born in December 1832 in Ohio; married George Jackson03 JUL 1858 inStark County,IL; and died sometime between June 1900 and 1902.  We expect that Margaret was buried atFox Cemetery with her husband and family but no marker has been found.

Margaret Jackson is listed as 26 years old in 1860 census for Akron P.O.,Akron twp., Peoria Co., IL.  The 1900 census further indicates that she was born in DEC 1832 inOhio.

Large number of Colthar families in Clermont Co., Ohio -- but have not been able to connect Margaret directly with any of them.  DaughterLydia's death certificate indicates that mother Margaret Coulter was born in Akron (Summit Co.) Ohio. Checked censuses for Colthar, Coulter, and Coalter families there in 1850.  Could not find one with a daughter Margaret about the right age.

Have searched Stark Co., Marshall Co., and Peoria Co., for a record of the death of Margaret Colthar Jackson (theJacksons lived in the corner where these three counties meet.)  No luck.  Marshall Co. recorder explained thatIllinois did not require the registry of deaths until 1916. Very few records before that date.

Margaret died between1 JUN 1900 (when she was listed in the federal census) and16 JUN 1903 when she was listed as “deceased” in the Jimmie Jackson land case.

Only other Colthars in Stark Co. were John and Sarah Colthar and their daughters Mary and Phoebe.  John was born about 1819 in Ohio, according to the 1850 census for Stark Co.,Illinois. There is a marriage record for a William Colthar and Sarah E. Bullman,

31 JUL 1842, inMacoupin County,IL.  William is NOT John, however.

We believe Margaret was related in someway to John -- possibly they were brother and sister -- but we cannot prove this. ( Illinois marriage licenses, in addition to George Jackson and Margaret Colthar, list the marriage of a Mary J. Colthar to William Boyd on 5 JUL 1865 Stark County.)

Margaret is listed as Margaret Colthar on her marriage certificate. She is listed as Margaret Coulter on her daughter Lydia's death certificate.   Margaret's maiden name is listed as Coalter in son James' obituary.   A maiden name for her mother is not listed in daughter Harriet's obituary.  Daughter Sarah Bell is merely listed as "daughter of George Jackson" in her obituary.  And on youngest daughter Margaret's 1946 death certificate, Margaret is listed as Margaret Ann Coulter.

I.          George and Margaret had the following children:

            1.         Lydia5, born 1 AUG  1856, inOhio (step-daughter);

            2.         Harriet5, born 19 DEC 1859;

            3.         James5, born 18 MAR 1861;

            4.         Nelson5, born 1862;

            5.         John C.5, born Mary 1864;

            6.         Elizabeth5, born 1865;

            7.         Sarah Belle5, born9 OCT 1866;

            8.         George Washington5, born NOV 1868

            9.         Thomas T.5, born 1870;

            10.       Charley5, born 1878; and

            11.       Margaret J.5, born 4 FEB 1881

Lydia Colthar Jackson

Step-daughter of George Jackson

Lydia was bornAugust 1, 1856 according to her death certificate.  The certificate also states that she was born inAkron, Ohio.  I think perhaps this birthplace is in error.  Lydia's mother Margaret Colthar was born inOhio, but I believe the county to be Clermont Co., where a number of Colthar families are listed in the censuses.

After her marriage, Margaret and her family lived in Akron township,Peoria County,Illinois.  Lydia was born in 1856 and her mother married in 1858 -- but I still believe Lydia was born inAkron --Illinois.  Furthermore, a John A. Colthar is listed in the History of Stark County, Illinois as joining a "secret society" in 1850.  I believe John A. Colthar to be the brother (or other relative) of Margaret Colthar --  making their arrival in Illinois sometime before 1850.

Lydia, 14, is listed as eldest child of George and Margaret Jackson in 1870 census forAkron twp., Peoria Co., IL. Lily, 23, is listed as eldest child of George and Margaret Jackson in 1880 census.

Lydia/Lily marries first, Samuel B. Danley,17 SEP 1873, in Stark Co., IL, and has at least four children, the fourth, a female, born 29 JAN 1880 at Valley, Stark Co., IL; marries second John W. Crandell of Peoria, Peoria Co.,16 JUL 1889.  Lydia was 33 at the time; and John was 41.  Lydia lists her father as George Jackson and her mother as Margaret Coulter on her second marriage license.  Being that Lydia always lists her birthplace as Ohio and George and Margaret were married in Illinois when Lydia was about one year old, it is probable that George is not Lydia's biological father.

1 JUN 1880 census, Valley,Stark County: Danley, Samuel D., 30, laborer, born NJ;

Danley,Lydia, 24, born OH (both parents listed as born OH); Danley, Irvin J., 6; Danley, Walter C., 4; and Danley, Matilda S., 2.

Brother James' obituary in 1936 indicates that James is survived by sister Lydia Crandell of Castleton,Illinois. Sister Harriet Mayborn's obituary in 1945 also indicates that Harriet is survived by sister Lydia Crandell of Castleton,Illinois.

However, when Lydia Crandell petitions to amend the Jackson Land Case in 1898, seeking to include herself and claiming some financial interest in the case, the complainants (her brothers and sisters) deny she has any interest of any sort in the proceedings.

A "Proof of Heirship and Certificate of Evidence in the Matter of the Estate of Lydia Crandell, deceased" was filed2 MAY 1949 in the Stark County probate court.

Alma R. Smith, deputy circuit clerk for Stark Co., wrote in 1995 that she had found that a conservatorship had been opened for Lydia Crandell on9 JUN 1947 upon her admittance to the (Peoria)State Hospital inBartonville,IL.  Alma provided the "Proof of Heirship" document, as well.

In addition to listing many heirs, the "Proof of Heirship" states:

Lydia wrote a will dated 1 MAR 1944.  (Brother-in-law and sister John S. and Margarette Olson of RFD #3, Peoria,IL, were the witnesses.) Lydia died6 MAR 1948 (at about 92 years of age.) Testimony in the heirship matter was taken2 MAY 1949 and entered into probate. The document also states that Lydia and her first husband Sam Danley were divorced.

A death certificate was obtained for Lydia Crandell from Peoria Co., IL. From it, we learn thatLydia was born1 AUG 1856 atAkron,Ohio.  She was the daughter of Margaret Coulter, born inOhio, and George Jackson, born in England. Immediate cause of death was senility with dementia.

Lydia was buried at the Toulon Cemetery,Toulon,IL.

Names of descendants of Lydia Jackson Danley Crandell contained in Proof of Heirship and Certificate of Evidence filed in Stark County Probate court,May 2, 1949.

Lydia married Samuel B. Danley 17 SEP 1873 atStark County.  Danley was born about 1850 in New Jersey. The couple was divorced. Descendants say thatLydia “walked the streets to find someone to help her raise her children.”  Their children were:

            A.        Irvin J., born about 1874; died prior to the filing of  "Proof of Heirship in the Matter of the Estate of Lydia Crandell", in 1949.  Document says that

                        Irvin died without descendants.

            B.         Walter Karr, born 9 SEP 1876 at Stark County; married 31 DEC 1911 at                              Bay City, TX Virgie Amelia Ohleson, born7 MAR 1894 at Saronville, Clay County, NB, died7 FEB 1987, atBaytown,TX. Walter died22 AUG 1957 atHouston,Harland County,TX.  After his parents’ divorce, Walter was placed under the guardianship of  Joseph E. Mott of Peoria, Illinois,15 SEP 1881.  Walter worked as a pump engineer on theBrazos River to control water to the rice fields. The Ohleson family moved toTexas from Nebraska and tried to raise rice but with failure. They opened up an restaurant in or near Bay City, TX. This is where Walter met Virgie Ohleson. Virgie's family  moved back toNebraska. Virgie felt that she needed help with her other two small children as well with her new born. Then she return back to Texas to reunite with her husband.  Walter and Virgie were the parents of:

                        1.         Sadie Bell, born 17 NOV 1912 at Bay City, Matagorda County, TX; married 27 AUG 1932 at Lake Charles, LA Robert Watt Cornelius.  Robert was born25 JUL 1905 atPittsburgh,PA and died4 MAR 1957 atHouston,TX.  Sadie Bell and Robert were the parents of:

                                    a.         Shirley Jeanett, born 3 OCT 1933 at Houston, TX; married 8 MAY 1954 at Houston, Warren Douglas Young.

                                    b.         Jack Wyatt, born 23 AUG 1936; married10 JUL 1959, at Houston, Martha Rae Andrews.

                                    c.         Don Wayne, born 20 OCT 1947; married firstNancy Tomacek; married second Clara Bell Simmons  28 MAY 1984; and married third Vanessa Mae Barnard.

Sadie Bell married second Carl Lanford and thirdQuincy  Dorrough.

                        2.         Irvin Joel, born 6 APR 1915 atBay City, TX; married Myrtle Viola Monk.  Irvin died in APR 1959 atHouston.  Irvin and Myrtle were the parents of:

                                    a.         Irvin Joel Jr., born 5 JAN 1938;

                                    b.         Charles F., born 4 JAN 1940;

                                    c.         Karen (twin), born 9 MAR 1945; and

                                    d.         Sharon (twin), born 9 MAR 1945.

                        3.         Walter K. Jr., born 9 SEP 1917, born9 SEP 1917 inNebraska; married Jeanett; and died 28 APR 1971 atHouston.  Walter and Jeanett were the parents of:

                                    a.         Walter K., III.

                                    b.         Daughter One;

                                    c.         Daughter Two.

                                    Walter married second Georgie Henderson Stephenson.  Walter and Georgie were the parents of:

                                    a.         Stephanie Nell, born 8 FEB 1948.

                        4.         Mercedes Genell “Sweet”, born 13 AUG 1923 at Bay City, TX; married Curtis Lincoln Quinton; and died 12 OCT 1943 at Houston.  “Sweet” and Curtis were the parents of:

                                    a.         Paul Marquis, born 17 SEP 1944;

                                    b.         Susie, born26 NOV 1948;

                                    c.         Timothy, born 31 DEC 1950;

                                    d.         Darla Gay, born 19 OCT 1955.

            C.        Mathilda Sarah, born about 1878 atStark County,IL.  Sarah married Fred Schiebel.  She is mentioned in her mother's "Proof of Heirship in the Matter of the Estate of Lydia Crandell" in 1949 -- as having died prior to her mother.  Of Sarah's eleven children, ten are living in 1949.  Her son Paul Schiebel has died, having never married nor having children.

                        Matilda Sarah and Fred were the parents of:

                        1.         Paul, above;

                        2.         Mary Ellen McDaniels

                        3.         Frederic S. Schiebel

                        4.         Louis L. Schiebel

                        5.         Catherine Schiebel Lasiter

                        6.         Rose Schiebel Martin

                        7.         Amy Schiebel Cook

                        8.         Danley K. Schiebel

                        9.         Jean J. Schiebel

                        10.       Gioja Schiebel Prock

                        11.       Dorothy Schiebel Brooks.

            D.        Daughter, born29 JAN 1880; died in infancy.  Mentioned in "Proof of  Heirship in the Matter of the Estate of Lydia Crandell" papers.

Lydia married second16 JUL 1889 John Wesley Crandell, who died before 1949.  Lydia and John Wesley were the parents of:

            A.        John Wesley Jr. is mentioned as having died prior to his mother in the "Proof of Heirship in the Matter of the Estate of Lydia Crandell" in 1949.

                        John Wesley Jr. had married and had two children:

                        1.         Harold W.; and

                        2.         Bernadetta, who married a Mr. Tomes.

            B.         William is listed as living in 1949 in the "Proof of Heirship" papers.  He may have married and had children, but this was not mentioned in the document because he was one of the three living sons of Lydia mentioned in her will.

            C.        Moses also was living in 1949 and was one of the three living sons mentioned above.

            D.        Leoria is mentioned in the 1949 "Proof of Heirship" papers.  She died prior to her mother -- in fact, many years prior.  Her only child, Walter J. Malamphy of Castleton,Penn Township,Stark County,IL, is the person filing the document.  He indicates that he is a grandson of Lydia Crandell, his mother being Leoria Crandell Malamphy who died when Walter was about two years old.

                        1.         Walter J. Malamphy.


Harriet Jackson


Harriet was born 19 DEC 1859 atStark County,IL; married James Mayborn, born 1850 inNew York and died 1937.  Harriet died 12 DEC 1945 at Hollenberg,Washington County, KS. She is buried in theLanham Cemetery,Lanham,NB.  Lanham is a complicated town. The town ofLanham sits right on the Kansas-Nebraska border.  Half of the city is inGage County, NB, and the  other half is inWashington County,KS. But, the cemetery is on the Nebraska side of town.

Harriet was 11 in the 1870 census forAkron Township,Peoria County,IL. She was 21, listed as a seamstress, in the 1880 census.  Harriet is referenced in her brother James' 1936 obituary as James' sister Hattie Mayborn ofHolenberg, Kansas.  Brother James also names his daughter Harriet. Harriet's sister Margaret also names a daughter Harriet.

Obituary:  Washington Republican, 1945

Mrs. Harriet Mayborn died at her home in the Hollenberg community Wednesday 12 DEC (1945) at the age of 85 years, 11 months, and 23 days.

Funeral services were held at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Wilms, and at the Christian Church inOdell,Neb., conducted by the Rev. Wayne Green, pastor of the Beatrice Christian Church.  Interment was made at the side of her husband in theLanham Cemetery.

Mrs. Harriet Mayborn, daughter of George and Margaret Jackson, born in Stark Co.,Ill.,  19 DEC 1859.  She was one of a family of twelve children -- seven boys and five girls.  While living inStark County,Ill., she was married to Mr. Mayborn and they moved to Coin, Iowa, where they made their home for five years.  Following this they came to the Hollenberg community where she has since made her home.

Mrs. Mayborn became affiliated with the Christian Church inLanham, Nebraska.

Surviving her is a son, James Mayborn,Billings,Montana; two daughters, Mrs. Cora Wilms and Mrs. Hazel Boettcher, both of Lanham.  Grandchildren are Calvin and Harriet Wilms, Alfred Boettcher of Lanham; and Mrs. Roy Carlson of Billings,Montana.

Also surviving are two sisters and one brother, Mrs. Lydia Crandall of Castleton,Ill., Mrs. Margaret Olson ofPeoria,Ill., and T.T. Jackson of Dupont,Colorado.

1900 Census:  J. Mayborn, b. May 1850, age 50, married 21 yrs., b. N.Y.; Harriet, b. Dec. 1860, age 40, b. Illinois; Henry (James H.?), b. Feb. 1880, age 20, b.Iowa.; Cora Bell, b. Jun 1889, age 10, b. Nebraska; and Hazel, b. Apr 1891, age 9, b.Kansas.


settlement, estate of Harriet Mayborn, deceased.


            A.        James H. Mayborn, son, Billings,Montana

            B.         Cora B.Wilms, daughter, Odell,Nebraska

            C.        Hazel D. Boettcher, daughter,Hollenberg, Kansas;Lanham Cemetery records show George F. Boettcher, born 1891 (no death date) and Hazel D. born 1891, died 1966; married13 SEP 1916;


Each child was born in a different state. The Mayborn's owned 160 acres of land inIndependence township, 1-5-Sec. 6.  He bought it in 1882.  In 1924, he sold it to his wife for $1.00.  It was sold by her heirs in October, 1949. An Alfred Mayborn also owned land in Sec. 6.  Alfred was probably James' brother. 


James Jackson


Obituary: Princeville (IL) Telephone,July 23, 1936, p. 1, col.6

James Jackson Laid to Rest Thursday

Was 75 Years of Age; Had Been an Invalid

Since Last November

Funeral services for James Jackson, who passed away Tuesdaynoon, July 14, at the Seven Oaks sanitarium in Princeville following an extended period of invalidism resulting from a stroke of paralysis sufferedNovember 20, 1935, were held at the Tretheway Funeral Home in Princeville last Thursday afternoon at2 o'clock, in charge of Rev. J.C. Craine, pastor of the Princeville Methodist Episcopal Church.  Interment was in the Schiebel cemetery west of Stark Hill.

James Jackson, son of George and Margaret Coalter Jackson, was born inPeoria County,Illinois, March 18, 1861, and died at Seven Oaks Sanitarium inPrinceville,Illinois,July 14, 1936, at the age of 75 years, 3 months and 26 days.  He was one of a family of seven sons and six daughters.  He grew to manhood on the farm where he was born.

OnDecember 21, 1881, he was married to Miss Emma Schiebel, and to this union five children were born.

His wife died onJune 2, 1904, and onJuly 20, 1913, he was married to Mrs. Marie Phipps.  To this union four children were born.

He is survived by his widow; three sons, Floyd of Pekin, Ill., Fred of Princeville,Ill., and James of Peoria, Ill; and by two daughters, Mrs. Maude Rogers and Miss Harriet Jackson ofPeoria,Ill.  He is also survived by three brothers, G.W. Jackson ofEdelstein,Ill., Thomas Jackson of Rapid City, South Dakota, and Henry Jackson of Dunlap, Ill., and by three sisters, Mrs. Margaret Olson ofPeoria,Ill., Mrs. Lydia Crandall of Castleton, Ill., and Mrs. Hattie Mayborn ofHolenberg,Kansas.  These, together with two stepdaughters, Mrs. Evelyn Shacklett of Dahinda Hill, and Mrs. Eleanor Holt ofIowa, and five grandchildren, besides numerous other more distant relatives and a wide circle of friends remain to mourn his departure.

About 32 years ago, Mr. Jackson came to Princeville, where he engaged in the grain and coal business until his retirement several years ago.  He was a member of the Masonic order and generously supported the church and other benevolent movements in the community.

James was buried in theSchiebel Cemetery,Essex township,Stark County,IL.

Children of James and Emma (Schiebel) were:

A.                 Infant Jackson, born 10 APR 1884; died at birth;

            B.         Maude R.; married Mr. Rogers; couple had one son:

1.         Kenny, who marriedFlorence;

            C.        Mamie B., born 29 DEC 1890; died 8 APR 1905;

            D.        James F.

            E.         Fred M., born24 JUL 1899; married Florence Friedman; Fred died 26 MAY 1979 andFlorence died22 JUL 1982.

                        Children were:

                        1.         Donald F., born 9 JUN 1921 at Princeville, IL; married Helen Huggens; died14 OCT 1978 atPrinceville,IL.  Couple were the parents of:

a.         Cynthia who married Dale Endress.

2.         Ralph.

F.         Floyd J.

James married Lynna Marie France on31 JUL 1913 atPeoria,IL.  Lynna Marie was born 20 APR 1887 atGolden City,Lincoln township, MO; and died18 OCT 1968 atJoplin,MO.  She is buried atMt. Hope Cemetery,Webb City,MO.  James and Lynna Marie had the following known children:

            A.        James France Jackson, born 11 JUL 1913 at Princeville, Peoria County, IL; married Anna Mae Dargel; born 15 JUL 1914 at Peoria and died 25 AUG 1982 at Anchorage, AK; James died 14 NOV 1992 at Banning, Riverside County, CA.  Daughter Sandra Lou Jackson obtained copy of her father's death certificate in April, 1995.  From it, she learned that he  had died14 NOV 1992, at the age of 79 years.  He was married to a woman named Eva Ann Perkins.  They resided in Banning. He had been the manager of the Levitz retail furniture store, and had been in that line of work for 40 years.  He had twelve years of education.

James had died at the Cherry Valley Health Care convalescent hospital, in Banning.  Cause of death: cardiopulmonary arrest, due to metastatic lung carcinoma (six months). Also chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  James was cremated with remains buried at San Gorgonio Memorial Park, Banning.

James and Anna Mae (Dargel) had one daughter:

1.         Sandra Lou, born 19 JUN 1936 at Peoria, IL; married 31 DEC 1954 at Chicago Lloyd Neal Swain, born 15 FEB 1929 at West Frankfort, IL and died 22 DEC 1990 at West Frankfort. Sandra Lou (Jackson) Swain is a family historian.  We met by mail in the summer of 1994.


            Sandra Lou and Lloyd were the parents of:

a.                   Michael Lloyd, born 13 DEC 1957 atWoodstock,IL;

b.                  Susan Elizabeth, born 30 DEC 1962 at Carbondale, IL; married 17 NOV 1984 Richard Carle Strubbe at San Jose, CA, born 26 APR 1950 at Evanston, IL.  Susan and Richard were the parents of:

(1.)             Jason Richard, born18 AUG 1983;

(2.)             Nicholas Wayne Ryan, born28 JUN 1985. 

c.                   Neil Dwain, born27 SEP 1955.

Sandra Lou and Johnny Leroy Ham of Popular Bluff, MO., were the parents of:

            (1.)       John James Swain, born4 MAY 1967 at Sacramento, CA.

B.         Harriet, born DEC 1919 and married Mr. Gregory.  The couple had the following children:

1.         Don,

2.         Charles,

3.         Karen, who married Jack Young.


Nelson Jackson


Nelson was born about 1862 and died about 1864.  Grave marker atFox Cemetery, Valley Township., Stark County, IL:  Nelson Jackson, died 1864, son of George and M.A. Jackson.  (Notes regarding cemetery inscriptions indicate that he was probably  about two years old.)


John C. Jackson


John C. was born in MAR 1864 and married Alice Mae, born NOV 1873, both inIllinois.  John C. Jackson is listed in 1900 census for Radnor twp., Peoria Co., IL, with wife Alice, and brother Henry Jackson, b. NOV 1873, and one Mabel M. Potter, born 1888, inIllinois.  Mabel would have been 12 and maybe a relative ofAlice.

John C. also listed 1920 census for Dunlap Village, Radnor Township, Peoria County, IL with wife Mae (same as Alice, I believe), 47;  and daughter Ruby, 18, and son Merle, 11.

John C. says father b.England and mother b.Ohio. John C. is primary player in Jackson heirs land suit (1898-1903).

So John C. and Alice Mae are the parents of:

a.                                                       Ruby, born about 1902;

b.                                                      Merle, born about 1909.


Elizabeth Jackson


Elizabeth was born in 1865 and married Alexander Smith.  She was five in the 1870 census forAkron twp., Peoria Co., IL.

Husband Alexander Smith is listed in the 1903 Jackson Land Claims settlement. I could not find the correct Alexander or Elizabeth Smith inIllinois soundex for 1900, 1910, or 1920.


George WashingtonJackson


George W. was born in NOV 1868, married Blanch.  He was two in the 1870 census for Akron twp., Peoria Co., IL.Washington, 11, is listed as a child of George and Margaret Jackson in the 1880 census forAkron twp., Peoria Co., IL.

George W. Jackson, 32, (b. NOV 1868 inIllinois) is listed as head of household in the 1900 census for  Hallack twp., Peoria Co., IL. with: Blanch, wife 24, b. AUG 1875 inIllinois; Ray, son, 4, b. MAY 1896; Roy, son, 1, b. 1899.

Wife's parents Thomas Staples, 63, head; and Sarah Staples, wife, 51, are living next door.  We know that the Staples are George's in-laws because the 1920 Princeville,Peoria County,IL census lists Sarah Staples, head 71; Roy Jackson, 20 grandson, serviceman, telephone company.

Roy was living in two places, actually.  Also in 1920 census: Washington Jackson, head, 51;Lena, wife, 43; Roy, son, 19, lineman, telephone company.

George's brother James' 1936 obituary indicates that James is survived by a brother G.W. ofEdelstein,IL.  Map indicates that Edelstein is located in northern Peoria Co., but could find no references to it by name in censuses.

As we have seen, George Washington and Blanch were the parents of:

            A.        Roy, born 1899 inIllinois.


Thomas T. Jackson


Thomas was born in 1870 inIllinois; married Maude F., born in 1899.  Thomas was 10 in the 1880 census forAkron twp., Peoria Co., IL.  Thomas R. Jackson, 23, farmer, listed in 1920 census for Radnor twp., Peoria Co., IL, with wife Maude F., 21.  Brother James' 1936 obituary indicates James is survived by a brother Thomas of Rapid City, South Dakota.  Could not find an appropriate Thomas Jackson inRapid City in 1920 census. Sister Harriet Mayborn's 1945 obituary indicates that Harriet is survived by a brother T.T. Jackson ofDupont,Colorado.


Henry Jackson


Henry was born in NOV 1873 inIllinois.  He is age four in the 1880 census, Akron twp., Peoria Co., IL. Henry is living with brother and sister-in-law John C. and Alice Jackson

in 1900 census, Radnor twp., Peoria Co., IL.  (b. NOV 1873)

Henry, 36, is listed as head of household in 1910 census, Peoria Co., IL; wife, Ida, 33. Henry, 46, is listed as head of household in 1920 census, "outside Dunlap", Radnor twp., Peoria Co., IL (father b.England; mother b.Ohio), with wife, Ida, 44; daughter, Jessie, 17; son, Harry, 9; and son, Harold, 6.

Henry, "ofDunlap,IL", is mentioned as surviving brother James in James' 1936 obituary.

Through  an undated clipping in the scrapbook of my grandfather, James Leroy Shullaw, son of Frank and Sarah Bell (Jackson) Shullaw, we learn that Frank and his wife had traveled to Stark to attend the funeral of Mrs. Shullaw's brother's infant child.  The baby died at Dunlap of "congestion of the brain."  Henry Jackson, father of the child, had lost his wife just a few months earlier at their home in Iowa.  Jackson had brought the body of the child back to the home of his mother for burial.

Sarah Bell (Jackson) Shullaw died in 1904.  Henry was living with his brother John in 1900.  The child's death had to occur between 1900 and 1904.

Since Ida Jackson was very much alive as late as the 1920 census, it would appear as though she was the second wife of Henry Jackson, the first Mrs. Jackson having died inIowa. Henry's daughter Jessie, age 17, in 1920, had to have been the daughter of the first Mrs. Jackson; sons Harry and Harold, the sons of the second Mrs. Jackson (Ida).

One of the two mystery children's grave markers at the Fox Cemetery, "JJ" or "H.G.R." may have been the infant child of Henry and his first wife.

Henry and first wife were the parents of:

            A.        Jessie, and

B.         Unknown infant.

Henry and second wife Ida were the parents of:

c.                                                       Harry, born 1911; and

d.                                                      Harold, born 1914.


Charley Jackson


Charley was born in 1878, married Annie. He is listed as age 2 in the 1880 census for Akron twp., Peoria Co., IL. Charles Jackson, 31, is listed as head of household in 1910 census for Peoria  Co., IL.  Wife Annie, 29, and brother-in-law Thomas Baird, 18, also in household.  Charles did not survive brother James, in that he was not mentioned in James' 1936 obituary.


Margaret J. Jackson


Margaret J. was born4 FEB 1881 atAkron Township,Peoria County,IL. Married at least twice; and died 17 AUG 1948 at Bartonville,Peoria County,IL.  She is buried in theSpringdale Cemetery,Peoria city. 

Margaret is listed in 1900 census for Valley twp., Stark Co., IL.  She is listed as 22 years old, b. FEB 1888 (sic), living with her mother Margaret, 67, now a widow.  Also listed is Roy Jackson, five months (5/12ths), b. DEC 1899, grandson of the older Margaret.

Roy is the son of the younger Margaret.  The older Margaret is listed as the mother of 12 children, 11 living; and the younger Margaret is listed as the mother of one child, one living.  However, the younger Margaret's son Hermie Vance Barler was born December 1899, making me wonder about littleRoy maybe being Margaret's brother George's son Roy.  But then why wasn't Hermie listed in the household.  Margaret may not have yet married Hermie's father Fred Barler.

I believe that Margaret's age was listed inaccurately in 1900.  First of all, she would only be 12 years old, should she have been born in 1888, as stated.   She is not 22 years old either, but rather just 19.   The 1920 census confirms this -- listing Margaret (now the wife of her second husband John S. Olson) as 39 years old.

Brother George W. Jackson also had a son named Roy Jackson, age one, born in 1899.   Sister Sarah Belle (Jackson) Shullaw also has a son named Roy (James Leroy), born in 1895.  It's a popular name in this family.

Margaret is listed in the Jackson Land Case of 1898-1903 as Margaret Barler.  There is a news clipping from the Wyoming Post-Herald, saved by Roy Shullaw, referring to a relation named Barler:


            -- While picking cherries, Monday, Mrs. Fred Barler, of Duncan, a sister of

            Frank Shullaw, met with a serious accident.  The ladder on which she

            was standing broke and Mrs. Barler fell several feet to the ground,

            breaking her right ankle and fracturing one or two ribs in the left side.

            Medical aid was called and Mrs. Barler was made as comfortable as


(Frank Shullaw had three sisters, none of whom married Fred Barler. This is a sister-in-law of Frank's, a sister of wife Sarah Belle Jackson Shullaw.)

Margaret is listed in her brother James' 1936 obituary as Mrs. Margaret Olson ofPeoria,IL. Margaret is also  listed in her sister Harriet's 1945 obituary as Mrs. Margaret

Olson ofPeoria,IL. John S. and Margarette Olson, RR #3, Peoria,IL, witnessed the will of Lydia Crandall on1 MAR 1944.  Lydia would have been Margaret's oldest sister.

Margaret's certificate of death lists her birthdate as 4 FEB 1878. Odd that she was not listed in the 1880 census.  I still tend to think she was born in 1881.  Margaret died in 1948 after a two to three year fight against breast cancer.  She also had an abdominal hernia.

On her death certificate, Margaret's mother is listed as Margaret Ann Coulter, birthplace unknown by informant son-in-law John S. Olson.

Informant Cindy Eberle ofWyoming,Illinois, indicated that her great uncle Swanie Olson was married to Margaret Jackson Barler Olson. Cindy's grandmother remembers Margaret, said she worked for a state hospital inPeoria, Illinois; Cindy's grandmother used to bowl with Margaret Olson's granddaughter Betty Steele.

So, for the record, Margaret J. may have had a son before marriage:

            A.        Roy, born 1899.

Margaret and first husband Fred Barler (married about 1901 and divorced) were the parents of:

A.                 Hermie. World War I Draft Registration date: Hermie Vance Barler, born 9 DEC 1899; Employed by Batholomew Co.,Peoria,IL; Registered9/12/1918; nearest relation:  Fred Barler, Stark IL (who we know is Hermie's father); description:  Short, slender, leight hair, grey eyes.

            The 1920 Federal Census lists Hermie V. Barler, 20, single, born Illinois Private, U.S. Army Camp McAllen,Hildago,Texas.

            The 1930 Federal Census for Limestone Township, Peoria County, IL, lists Herman Barler (census taker apparently didn't like "Hermie"), age 30;   employed as "window trimmer", born about 1900 (9 DEC 1899), Illinois; stepson of John Olson, 46, steel mill worker, Limestone township, Peoria, IL; son of Margaret Olson, 52, born Illinois, father b. England, mother b.Ohio.

            Social Security Death Index: Hermie Barler, b. 9 DEC 1899;  d. Dec 1954;

            Social Security registration through Railroad Board.

B.                 Miles, born1 OCT 1902 in Princeville,Peoria County,IL; died  JUL 1974 atDuncan,Stark County,IL.  Information from Cindy Eberle of Wyoming, Illinois, via Sandra Jackson Swain, indicates that the son born in 1902 was named "Harry".  The 1920 Soundex forIllinois indicates that the name was "Miles".  Could be Harry Miles or Miles Harry -- or there could have been a Miles and a Harry.  The 1920 census for Valley township,Stark County,Illinois lists John L. Barler, 45 (mail carrier, rural route); Winifred, wife, 36; Harry M., son, 17; Bessie M. daughter, 14; Mildred, daughter, 12;

            It would seem that Harry M. was the son of John L. Barler, not Fred. The 930 census forEssex Township,Stark County,Illinois lists Harry Barler, 27, (general farming, laborer); Emaline, wife, 29; Bernice, daughter, 8; Ilene, daughter, 5.

Miles is the son of Fred.

C.                 Harriet, born about 1905 in Illinois; married a Mr. Steele; became mother of:

            1.         Betty.

D.                 Hazel, born about 1909 inIllinois.

Margaret J. and husband John Swanie Olson had no children, but they are listed in the 1920 Soundex living at3603 South Adams Street, Peoria,Peoria County,IL: John S. Olson, 35, b.Ill; Margaret Olson, 39, b. Ill; Harriet Barler, stepdaughter, 15, b. Ill; Hazel Barler, stepdaughter, 11, b. Ill; and Miles Barler, stepson, 18, b.Ill.

John S. Olson was also executor of sister-in-law Lydia Crandell's will in 1944.

Sarah Belle Jackson

Wife of Benjamin Franklin Shullaw

Belle Jackson5 (George II4, James B.3, George I2, Jeffris1) was the daughter of George and Margaret (Colthar) Jackson.  It is she from whom this writer descends.

Belle’s obituary:                                    Death’s Harvest

Sarah Belle Shullaw, daughter of George Jackson, was born inAkron Township,Peoria County, IL., on the 9th day of October 1866, and passed away on the 3rd day of November 1904, a little over thirty-eight years of age.  Of her father’s family six brothers and four sisters survive her.  She passed her childhood and grew to womanhood at her father’s home.  On the 13th day of January 1892, she was united in marriage with Frank Shullaw.  At her death she left six children – five boys and one girl – the youngest an infant.  Shortly after her marriage she and her husband moved toWyoming where they have since resided. 

The little flock of children is left to a father’s tender care.  Mrs. Shullaw was a lady highly esteemed by all who knew her; kind, gentle, unassuming, honest and upright, she merited a full measure of love and respect.  She was a faithful wife, a devoted mother and faithfully bore her share of the ordinary cares and trials of life.  She was wrapt up in her children, and her most earnest desire was to guide them aright and protect them from evil influences.  Those who were old enough, neatly attired, were regular attendants at the Congregational Sunday School.  The mother was always anxious to have them surrounded by Christian influences, and by her own acts constantly kept before them a high moral standard.  A short time before Mrs. Shullaw’s death she was baptized by Rev. Sutherland ofToulon.  It was evident she had faith in a life beyond the grave.  Let us hope she has found her reward.

On Sunday, November 6th, attwo o’clock p.m., the funeral services were conducted from the congregational Church inWyoming, by Rev. Sutherland ofToulon.  The sermon was able and replete with consolation to the mourners.  The church was filled to overflowing, many not being able to get inside.  The Mystic Workers, of which order the deceased was a member, took part in the ceremonies, their closing exercises being very nice and appropriate. 

Mrs. Shullaw’s five brothers, assisted by Mr. H. Teets, acted as pall bearers.  J.M. Dunlap and wife, H. Martin and Neva Scott, with Miss Florence Walters at the organ, furnished the music.  The beautiful flowers that covered the casket, and the large number who turned out to pay their last tribute of respect, evidenced the esteem in which the deceased was held by her neighbors and friends.  As the sun was drifting toward the western horizon when life seemed so tempting and bright, our neighbor was laid away in her final resting place in theWyoming cemetery.

Frank and Belle Shullaw were the parents of:

            A.        George F., born 10 OCT 1892;

            B.         James Leroy, born 10 OCT 1895;

            C.        Melvin Nelson, born 10 SEP 1897;

            D.        Zara Ollo, born 22 JUN 1898;

            E.         Blanch M., born 5 MAY 1901;

            F.         Raymond V., born 16 OCT 1904; and

            G.        Bernice, birth year unknown.

We must follow the descendants of this family through the pages of the Shullaw story.


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