Out of Lancaster County

The Shullaw Family

My paternal grandfather Roy Shullaw of Wyoming, Stark County, Illinois was a family historian.  He collected family photographs, newspaper clippings, and county genealogical history books with references to various Shullaw people and their families.

Roy was a printer, and I say that with the same level of respect as one would refer to Benjamin Franklin as a “printer”.  In fact, Roy’s father was named Benjamin Franklin Shullaw, “Frank” to his friends.

Roy told his own three sons that “Shullaw” had not always been spelled S H U L L A W.  Different members of the same family pronounced the name differently: Roy, my father Wayne, and I pronouncing the surname more like S H O E - L O W.  Others said, S H U L A.

It therefore came as no surprise to me when my husband Chuck and I first traveled to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and found record of all sorts people named Shullow, Scholla, Shollas, and others who were obviously branches off my father’s family tree.

Some years later, I returned East and rummaging through a dusty library in Frederick, Maryland, I found the following notice:

            18 NOV 1772 Georg Huter, until now widower, residing on the Juniata River in Bedford Co., PA, and Catharina Scholain, the late Fridrich Schola's surviving widow residing here in Frederick City, proclaimed Nov 8 in the Church in the Hills, in Frederick City, Nov 15.

            Frederick, Maryland, Lutheran Marriages and Burials, 1743-1811, National  Genealogical Society, DC, 1972, by Frederick Sheely Weiser.

Frederick, Maryland borders Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  I wrote genealogist Ken McCrea about my finding and he wrote back with information on one Frederick Schola/Schollas who had purchased a 50-acre tract of land inMartick Township,Lancaster County, on30 MAR 1756.  He referred to maps with the original warrantees for the county which showedFrederick’s land located on the boundary withConestoga Township.

McCrea later found a notation in a deed book at the Lancaster Court House referencing a Frederick Shollow who paid five shillings to discharge a debt.  The document was dated15 OCT 1756.

Frederick Shouler is listed as paying nine shillings in tax in the 1757 Provincial Tax record forMartic Township. And there was a deed where Frederick Shulah of Lancaster Co., yeoman, sold the land in Martick township to John Hare on 18 DEC 1760.

Martic Township is situated in the southwestern part ofLancaster County. It was organized as a township in 1729, the organization being ratified in 1730.

The early settlers of the northern part of the township were originally from Hesse-Darmstadt, inGermany, according to county historians. According to the testimony of some of the oldest inhabitants, the northern part was settled by Matthias Kreider in or about the year 1691, but in all probability his arrival was nearly a score of years later. He settled upon the southern bank of the Pequea Creek, a little to the north of the presentvillage of Marticville.

Other settlers from the "Old County" soon followed this first pioneer.

The oldest industry inMartic Township is the iron industry, which began at Martic Forge prior to the Revolutionary War. Records are lost and no one knows exactly what year the industry was established, but it was prior to17 MAR 1737 when some land in the area was sold.

Researcher McCrea also located a tract of land that George Heuter/Heater warranted on14 NOV 1774 on Shy Beaver Creek inHopewell Township,Huntingdon County,PA.  It was near the Raystown branch of theJuniata River (nowRaystown Lake.)

(Possible First Generation)

Frederick Schola1

We believe that the Shullaw Story in America begins with Frederick and Catharina Scholla. It appears as thoughFrederick died sometime between 1760 and 1772, leaving his wife, we suggest, with two young sons, eight and nine years old, perhaps younger.  It is possible that Christophel and his brother John Schola/Shollaw were raised by a stepfather, i.e. George Heeter. Conjecture:  Frederick and Catharina were the parents of:

            I.          Christophel2; and

            II.         John2.

(Second Generation)

Christophel Shollaw2

CHRISTOPHEL SHOLLAW (Frederick1 ) was born approximately 1763.Manheim,PA,Heritage Center, microfilm:  The Manheim Weekly Planet and Rapho Banner,Tuesday, March 7, 1848:

            DIED: On the morning of the 25th in Rapho township, Mrs. Elizabeth,

            wife of Christopher Shollaw, in the 85th year of her age.  On the morning

             of the 28th, Mr. Christopher Shollaw, in the 85th year of his age.  The

             above aged couple lived together in the state of matrimony 61 years.  May

             they rest in peace.

Stophel is German for Christopher is more frequently referred to in the records as Stophel or Christophel, or Christoph.  But by 1848, his name had apparently been Anglicized as Christopher.

Stophel Shola was born approximately 1763 to a family which we believe originate inHessen Darmstadt,Germany.  Source for the Hessen Darmstadt theory is the 1870 census forLancaster County where Stophel's now elderly children, Frederick and Nalienna, are listed as having been born in Hessen Darmstadt. This would be an error, in that they were both born in Pennsylvania, but it is a good bet that their parents were born in Hessen Darmstadt. 

We remember that Frederick Shola, above, had settled in Martic township inLancaster county as early as 1756 and that a history of that township states that the early settlers in the area had immigrated from Hessen Darmstadt.  We also know thatFrederick died prior to 1772 when his wife Catherine re-married one George Huter.  Stophel would have been quite young when his father died (if, indeed, Frederick and Catherine were his parents.)

Stophel matures and joins thePennsylvania militia.  He is listed in 1792 as a member of the militia under the command of Capt. Martin Spicklers of 4thCo., 3rd Batt.,Lancaster County (Pennsylvania Archives, sixth series, Vol. 15, page 341 and 342).

Stophel also appears in the 1807, 1810, 1818, 1825, and 1832 tax records for Rapho Township, Lancaster Co.  His family name is spelled Shallo, Shouly, Showla, Shollaw, Sholah, Shola, and Shollah in these records.

In 1800, we find Christopher Showlaws ofLancaster as head of a household with a wife and ten children. 

In 1810, the Christopher Shollas family consists of a wife and seven children at home.

In1840, Stophel was an elderly man and is listed as head of household in the Rapho township census.  He is working as a laborer even at his advanced age of somewhere between 70 and 80.  His family consists of a boy under five; a boy between five and ten; two women between thirty and forty (Susanna and Nalienna); a woman between 70 and 80 (his wife Elisabet); and himself.  (The two young boys are thought to be sons of daughter Susanna.)

Stophel's wife was Elisabet.  Her maiden name may have been Hiess. 


Records at theLutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, Lancaster,PA, show the marriage of  Christoph Scholtz and Elisabet Hiess on23 JAN 1787. Later, the same records show the baptism of Barbara Scholla, daughter of Christoph and Elisabet, on1 JUN 1788.

I believe that these Christoph and Elisabet Scholtz are actually Christoph and Elisabet Scholla. The item from the Manheim Weekly Planet and Rapho Banner indicates that Christopher and Elizabeth Shollaw had been married 61 years, making the 1787 marriage above a match.

The couple to the best of our figuring had the following children:

A.                 Barbara, born24 OCT 1787;

B.                 John, born 1788;

C.                 Frederick, born5 FEB 1790;

D.                 Peter, born 1792;

E.                  Nalienna, born 1801; and

F.                  Susanna, born 1801.

John Shollow2

John Shollow (Frederick1) is listed in the firstUnited States census of 1790, in Dauphin Co. PA, adjacent to Lancaster Co.  This John Shollow is too old to be Stophel's son John born about 1788. We believe John is Christophel’s brother and a son ofFrederick above.

In the1790 census, John was married with one son under 16 years of age and two daughters. John came to Dauphin county by was of Jonestown of Bethel (Lebanon County).  (Page 96 of a 1790 census government book (published 1908) with previous locations for persons listed.)

My thought is that Christophel and his brother John may have gone to theJuniata River area with their mother and step-father as children, but as soon as they were old enough, they set out to return toLancaster County.

(Third Generation)

More About the Children

of Stophel and Elisabet

A.        Barbara3 (Christophel2, Frederick1) Barbara was baptizedLutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, Lancaster; and married Johannes Schneider18 NOV 1811 at same church;

B.         John3 (Christophel2, Frederick1) Stophel and Elisabet’s son John married Susanna Marcibeck. John was a tailor.  He bought property in Rapho Twp.,Lancaster County in 1814 and sold it again in 1817. In the 1830 census forRapho Township, John and brother Peter Shollow are listed as living next door to one another.  John is between 30 and 40 years old, has a wife, three boys and four girls.  Peter has      one male under five years (Jacob), and three females in his household.

            In the 1850 census, John is 62 years old, is still a tailor, owns $600 in real estate, and his wife Susanna is still living. He dies between4 NOV 1858 and 24 FEB 1859. 

            In his 4 NOV 1858 last will and testament, John bequeaths to his daughter Elizabeth and son-in-law Henry Server, the sum of $75; to his two grandsons, the issue of his son Aaron, the sum of $15; and the remainder to his son-in-law Jacob Starck.

            Children of John and Susan:

            1.         Elizabeth4, born 3 DEC 1814; baptized at Zion Lutheran Church, Manheim, Lancaster Co., PA; married Henry Server.

            2.         Aaron4 married Miss Barbara Ann Kline ofEast Hempfield, PA, on23 MAR 1848. (Manheim,PA,Heritage Center, microfilm: The Manheim Weekly Planet and Rapho Banner,Tuesday, April 4, 1848. The couple's two sons are mentioned in Grandfather John Shollow's will, leading me  riginally to think that Aaron had died prior to the death of   his father.  However, there is a listing for an Aaron Shullow in the 1860 federal census for Manheim, Lancaster Co., PA, age 35 (born abt 1824), living in the household of Isaac Powl.  Roll: M653_1124; page 347.  Perhaps there is another story.

            In the same census there is a John Shollow, 35, and wife Sarah, 30, living in East Hempfield, Lancaster Co., PA. Could Barbara Ann have died and John re-married? Or could there have been a divorce.  No children listed in household of John and Sarah. However, also in East Hempfield, Lancaster Co., PA, there is an Elizabeth Kline, 64 (b. 1795 in PA); and  two children in her household, Clarence Kline, age 9, and Ephemia Shollow, age 3 (b. 1856).  I wonder if Elizabeth Kline is the mother of  Barbara Ann Kline Shullow and if Barbara Ann and Aaron are the parents of Ephemia.

3.         Julienna4 married Jacob Stark 30 JUL 1846 of Harrison Twp., at theLutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, Lancaster,PA. Jacob’s father-in-law, John Shullaw bequeaths the largest portion of his estate to his son- in-law to pay off debts and funeral expenses.  Jacob Stark is made  executor of estate. Jacob is directed to apply $15 toward clothing  "for my two grandchildren."  Two grandsons, issue of son Aaron, are mentioned in the previous paragraph, and it appears as though John, indeed, only had TWO grandchildren (making Jacob and Julianna childless.) Jacob Stark was also made executor of the estate of his wife's aunt Nalienna (Nellie) in OCT 1872.  Julianna was the sole heir of her aunt. Jacob Stark seemed to hold a position of respect in the Shullaw family.

4.         Jacob4.  Jacob is buried in theMetz Cemetery,Lancaster. In 1850 census, Jacob, age 17, is an apprentice to blacksmith Abraham Landis.  Marly Porter visitedLancaster in 1986 and found Jacob's grave marker:

In Memory of Jacob,

son of John and Susan Shollar,

bornOctober 4, 1831;

diedApril 29, 1852.

Aged 20 yrs., 6 mos., 25 days.

C.        Frederick3 (Christophel2, Frederick1)Frederick was born5 FEB 1790 and married Sarah Murray 6 SEP 1812 at Trinity Lutheran Church,Lancaster,PA.  and had no issue.  Sarah was born in 1787. In the 1840 census, Frederick and Sarah are listed as living in East Hempfield Township, Lancaster Co.

            In the 1850 census, Frederick and Sarah, both listed as 63, have returned to Manheim whereFrederick is a cooper (barrel-maker).  He lists himself as being born inPennsylvania in 1787, although records atTrinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster show his birthdate as5 FEB 1790.

            In the 1870 census, Sarah is gone.  Frederick now 80, has sister Nalienna (Nellie), now 68, living in his home. The brother and sister are listed as Fred Schollaw and   Nelley Schollaw, Sporting Hill post office, Manheim Borough, Lancaster Co., PA.  Father and mother of both are listed as "of foreign birth". Fred is listed as a cooper.

            The 1870 census is particularly interesting in that it lists both sister and brother as having been born inHessen Darmstat,Germany.  This is inconsistent with what is known about the family, i.e. Stophel's militia record shows he was in this country in 1792, and his eldest daughter was born inLancaster County in 1787.

            One explanation is that the 1870 census was the first one in which the question   was asked if "mother and father were foreign born".  It also asks for "birthplace". We know that the family spoke German and it could be that in questioning the 80 year old man or the 68 year old woman who could not read or write, some confusion arose.  It does, however, give us the invaluable information of where the family originated inGermany.

            Notation in "Lancaster Cemeteries -- Cheques Cemetary":

                                    Sarah Murray Sholla (wife of Frederick)

                                    buried by J. Gebhart -May 14, 1859

                                    At Manheim, Aged 71 years, 9 months, 15 days

            Marriage record found atLutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, Lancaster.

D.        Peter3 (Christophel2, Frederick1) Peter, born about 1792, married Susanna Lehnich, born 1799. Susanna was the daughter of Christina Lehnich.

            In the 1830 census for Rapho Township, Lancaster Co., Peter Shollow is living next door to his brother John.  Peter has one male under five years old (Jacob being about two years old and John not yet born), and three females in his household. (wife and daughters?) John is between 30 and 40 years old, has a wife, three boys and four girls.

            In the 1840 census, Peter, 48, and Susanna, 41, and one son are listed. (Jacob may have already been an apprentice, leaving John, about 10, the only child still at home.)

            In the 1850 census, Peter and his wife Susanna, have no children living at home.  (Jacob is married and John is an apprentice blacksmith like his cousin.) Christina Lehnig, age 56, is living with Peter and Susanna.  This is the same Christina who was sponsor at Jacob's baptism and is probably his grandmother, mother of Susanna. Or, now that I look at the ages again, possibly a sister of Susanna, aunt of Jacob?

            In theJuly 23, 1860 census, "Susan" Shollow, age 62, is living with son Jacob’s   family, Rapho Township, Lancaster Co., PA. Peter and Susan, to the best of our knowledge, had two sons:

1.                  Jacob4 (Peter3, Christophel2, Frederick1) born 5 APR 1828,

2.                  John4 (Peter3, Christophel2, Frederick1) born about 1830.

E.         Nalienna3 (Christophel2, Frederick1) Nalienna and Susanna were twins. In 1850, Nalienna, 49, was living with her sister Susanna, also 49, now a widow.  It is noted in this census that Nalienna cannot read nor write.  She never married and      lived in her parent's home until she was past 30, then lived with her sister. 

            Nelly Shollow (age 57, born 1802) is listed in the 1860 federal census for Rapho township,Lancaster County, as living alone. She died 24 FEB 1875, leaving her estate to niece Julianna, daughter of her brother John and wife of Jacob Stark.

F.         Susanna3 (Christophel2, Frederick1) Susan married a man named Snyder and had  one son named Henry Snyder. In 1850, Susanna Snyder is listed as a widow, age 49. In 2002, I found the following on the Hershey Family Tree (www. myancestralfile.com/hershey/): John Schneider, born about 1802 in Pennsylvania, married Anna Shollaw, born about 1805 in Pennsylvania. Children:

1.                  Michael Snyder4, born about 1831 inPennsylvania

2.                  Joseph Snyder4, born about 1833 inPennsylvania

3.                  Christian Snyder4, born about 1839 inPennsylvania

4.                  Elizabeth Snyder4, born about 1842 inPennsylvania

5.                  Henry Snyder4, born about 1848 inPennsylvania.

John Schneider, the father, seems to be of a Mennonite family.  The various family links were definitely in Rapho Township, Lancaster Co., PA and surroundings, as well as Ontario, Canada.  Anna Shollaw has to be ours, but the dates aren't a good match.  For instance, Henry Snyder, who we thought was the son of Susanna (Anna?) Shullaw Snyder, was supposed to be 14 in 1850.  Here he would be only two.

Naming two of her children Christian and Elizabeth would make sense, in that our Susanna Shollaw's parents were Christopher and Elizabeth Shollow.

It could also be that the Hershey researcher read the census dates wrong. Her   notes indicate that she obtained the above information from a 1850 census.

To further confuse things, in 1870, we find a Susan Shullo, 71, born about 1799, listed as living an innkeeper's Jefferson Galbraith, Bainbridge post office, Conoy Township, Lancaster Co., PA.  Perhaps this Susan is an offspring of John Shollow, the head of household listed in the 1790 census.  We do not know.

            1.         Henry Snyder4 (Susanna 3, Christophel2, Frederick1)   We do find  Henry, age 14, living with Cousin Jacob Shullaw, in the 1850 census.  He appears in the 1870 census as a "lime burner", age 35, with a wife, Maria, and children5: 

            a.         Capius5,

            b.         Lizzie5,

            c.         Harvey5,

            d.         Henry5,

            e.         a fifth child5, name not given.

                        We also learn that three of the children attend school, that Henry is eligible to vote, and that his wife Maria cannot read or write.


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