Book VI

Solomon Walter and Anna (Dieken) Lewis

The Ancestry of Claudia Irene Lewis


Pedigree Chart – Claudia Irene Lewis (O’Connell Hill)



Out of Dudelsheim

·        Luka Knauss, 1622-1713

·        Johann Ludwig Knauss, 1685-1707

·        Gottfried Knauss, 1707-1777

“Ranger on the Frontier” and DAR Patriot

·        Daniel Knauss, circe 1750-1778

On to the Ohio Country

·        Anna Maria “MaryAnn” Knauss, 1772-1831

·        Casper Ritter, abt 1724-1792

              Revolutionary War Patriot

On to Clayton County, Iowa and Flathead County, Montana

·        John Jacob Walter

·        Mary Ann Walter

First Settlers West of the Alleghanies

·        Early Lewis Men in Western Virginia

·        Samuel Lewis

On to Missouri, Illinois, and Montana

·        Albert Gallington Lewis

·        Solomon Walter “Bob” Lewis

And North to Alaska

·        Claudia Irene Lewis O’Connell Hill

Out of  Emden, Germany by way of  Minook, Illinois and on to Flathead County, Montana

·        The John Tonjes Dieken Family

                        Floro Family Notes


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