Ahmaogak-Akootchook Parish

 The North Slope Borough came into being in 1972. It was to change not only how governmental services would be delivered in the Arctic, but also how the church structure would be organized. 

The Rev. Ralph Weeks served as director of the Arctic Parish ministry from March 1, 1970 to July 1973. Ms. Mary Tener, missionary-educator for the ministry, served until the fall of that year. 

The Arctic Area Parish -- including St. Lawrence Island -- was officially formed in November 1973. It was later re-formed and renamed in honor of the Rev. Roy Ahmaogak of Wainwright.

The Ahmaogak Memorial Parish Council met March 16, 1974 to ratify action by the Yukon Presbytery to make the boundary of the Ahmaogak Parish the same as that of the North Slope Borough, including the communities of Barrow, Wainwright, Point Lay, Anaktuvuk Pass, Kaktovik, and Nuiqsut.

The name of the Parish was officially changed to the Ahmoagak-Akootchook Memorial Parish during the 1998 fall meeting of the Presbytery of Yukon. The change was made at the request of the Native American Consulting Committee to honor Andrew Akootchook who died January 26, 1951.

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