Presbyterians on Other Issues

 Reunion with Southern Presbyterians

 1956 -- Presbytery affirmed "The Overture of 1956 on the categorical question on the Plan of Union, from the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America."


1958 -- Presbytery unanimously adopted a resolution in support of Alaskan statehood. 

Civil Rights

1964 -- Presbytery went on record as being in full accord with the actions of the General Assembly in expressing the belief that all men are to have equal opportunities in worship, education, employment, housing, and in all other matters pertaining to human freedom and well-being. Each member was to be alerted to the importance of supporting civil rights legislation.

 Support 1977 Discrimination Suit

 Elaine Ramos brought suit against the University of Alaska, charging racial discrimination, and had appealed to the national Presbyterian church for financial aid in the case. The Council on Church and Race had refused to act in the matter without guidance from the local judicatory. The Ethnic Minorities Committee, Mr. Samuel Simmonds reporting, issued the followed which Presbytery approved: "Not taking a position on the legal questions in this case, but believing that the church should be an advocate of justice, particularly for women and minorities, we endorse Elaine Ramos' request for financial assistance from the Council on Church and Race of the United Presbyterian Church in her search for justice through the court system. The amount should be related to her financial need." 

Cultural Awareness Promoted in 1970

A new policy was adopted in March of 1970 for new workers in mission fields: 

1. Candidates for the field shall be provided with a thorough briefing on Alaska, its people, geography, culture, weather, and problems peculiar to the area either before going or upon arrival on the field, where cultural differences pertain.

2. The candidate shall, and his wife be urged to, go through the career development program at the Presbyterian Counseling Service, Seattle, or one of the other recognized career development centers.

3. The expense of the above program will be underwritten by the Synod Department of Mission Strategy and Evangelism.

 Merger of Presbyteries Defeated in 1973

 An Overture relating to the Merger of Yukon and Alaska Presbyteries was defeated 15 to 18 in March of 1973.

Brief Statement of Faith Adopted in 1991

 David Endriss and Willa Roghair led a discussion of the Overture to adopt a Brief Statement of Faith. A ten minute caucus was held after which the statement was endorsed.

Korean Consulting Committee Established in 1995

 A Korean Consulting Committee of three persons was established in 1995. The initial members were Yon Su Kim, In Hoiy Hu, and Johnsong Won Lee.

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