Eagle River Presbyterian Church


 The service of organization for the new Eagle River Presbyterian Church was held March 8, 1985, at the First Baptist Church in Eagle River.

The congregation soon started holding worship services in a mall. An ill-fated attempt to purchase land in Eagle River on which to build a church building resulted in years of real estate negotiations. 

Some trials and tribulations result in better decisions. The church eventually purchased their very own mall in 1991 for $480,000 and is flourishing in downtown Eagle River.

The mall provided more than adequate parking space, downtown visibility, an already-installed public address system, plus it was already built and was a good financial deal. Most of the remodelling effort was completed through volunteer labor.

Rather than focusing efforts on new building construction, the congregation consciously chose to be socially active, dedicating time and money to such projects as Clare House, a shelter for women in Anchorage; and a special prison ministry for women who wish to leave prostitution. 

A number of women from the Eagle River church, along with Pastor Ken Smith, began developing the Mary Magdalene Homes Alaska ministry in 1996. The story of the ministry is told later in these pages. 

The church is also quite pleased with the focus of the work performed by the tenants they have in their mall. The Presbyterian mall houses offices for Al-Anon and Alcoholics Anonymous.

Charter Covenant 

We. the undersigned, in response to the grace of God, desire to be constituted and organized as a church to be known as Eagle River Presbyterian Church. We promise and covenant to live together in unity and to work together in ministry as disciples of Jesus Christ, bound to him and to one another as a part of the body of Christ in this place according to the principles of faith, mission, and order of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

James D. Arlington

Kim L. Arlington

Linda Armstrong

Joy Bardsley

Carol T. Bonney

Roy L. Bonney

Stephen Bright

Nancy Bright

Grace Campbell

Tom Campbell

Gary T. Clouse

Martha N. Clouse

John Coleman

Kathryn Coleman

Kim Coleman

Jeani Crichlow

Bonnie Jo Darnell

Clifford Darnell

Dean F. Davidson

Donna K. Davidson

Georgia DeKeyser

Nancy Dobson

Warren Dobson

Jack Br adford

Cynthia T. Bradford

Joan Slack

Mark Slack

Charles E. Smith

Leigh Smith

Sharon Sue Squyer

Missi Steinreide

Kathleen Streight

Nanette Thompson

Patricia Walentiny

Sherry Walentiny

Sandra Wagenius

Sevard Wagenius

Dolly Ellen Walters

Henry G. Walters

Rodney J. Weick

Stacey Boucher

Jean McCarthy

Anthony Wayne Armstrong

Susan N. Putnam

Penni C. Kappmeyer

Larry W. Kappmeyer

Michael Spangler

Sherri Spangler

David E. Humbach

Zona Jean Humbach

Larry Knight

Pam Knight

Carolyn R. Knowles

Ellen Marie Kuzma

Joseph Kuzma

Janet E. Lester

Theresa Lierman

William J. Lierman

Jean M. Loer

Kenneth Loer

Arleen L. Marvel

Carrie Lynn Marvel

David L. Marvel

Charles Morgan

Linda Morgan

David L. Outcalt

Eric M. Outcalt

Marcia L. Outcalt

Susan G. Putman

Kathleen D. Richards

Susan S. Riess

Donald R. Robinson

Thelma Robinson

Lois H. Scott

Joyce F. Sexton

Nan Sickler

Robert U. Sickler

Julianne Simon

Robert Simon

Donna Garner

Maxine M. Garner

Stuart M. Garner

Stuart M. Garner II

Cheryl Gorton

David Gorton

Delores Hunter

Donald E. Hunter

Ronald Huntington

Susan Huntington

Bobby Jones

Joel Jones

Micaela Jones

Robert H. Jones

Robyn K. Jones

Toby B. Jones

Toni K. Jones

Barbara G. Jordan

Lee Jordan

Cyril Kiehl

Julia Kiehl

Lois Kiehl

Mark Kiehl

Ralph Kiehl

James R. King

Rosanne King

Carrie K. Klepac

John E. Klepac

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