Jewel Lake Parish


 Harold Gallwas gave a report on Westminster Administrative Commission on the Jewel Lake Parish in September of 1970. Presbytery voted to have the Commission continue for another year with some changes in its membership. The Commission's concensus of opinions seemed to be that, with the arrival of the new minister at Trinity to work with Thomas Whitehead, the new pastor at Turnagain Methodist, and the activities of a paid worker, the Jewel Lake Parish Church would be well on its way toward being a going concern.

May 16, 1971 was Charter Day for the newly formed Jewel Lake Parish -- a joint venture (union parish) between the United Methodist Church and the United Presbyterian Church. 

A document dated May 5, 1971, indicated that according to records held by the Presbytery, the following persons had been members of the Westminster congregation and now wished to become members of the Jewel Lake congregation: