Presbyterian Women Organize to Serve

 In 1947 the Yukon Presbytery requested that the women organize a Presbyterial, or women’s organization. On February 3, 1947, a meeting of 17 delegates of various women’s organizations in the Presbytery met in Anchorage to discuss the possibility of forming a Presbyterial Society. They represented Palmer, College, Fairbanks, Anchorage First, Anchorage Faith, and Wasilla.

The following message from Presbytery was read to the women:

“The spirit which prompted the above action was the growing need of a united fellowship, program and concern for the Kingdom of God in this area of the Yukon and in the world. Our women’s organizations are now functioning independently and without any common organi-zation. A woman moving from one city to another might conceivably enter an organization of completely different plan and work. Under the plan set up by the Presbyterian Church there must be a unity to women’s work such as the church sees in its Presbytery and sessions.”

Mrs. Verne Swanson of Craig, Alaska, presided over the organizational meeting. The Board of National Missions had sent her for this purpose.

The organization continues today, and Jessie DeVries of the United Protestant Church, Palmer, is currently preparing further history of its goals and accomplishments.

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